Sunday, May 20, 2012

Diploma attained in Republic Polytechnic. Graduation Ceremony.

Hello readers! I have been so busy with my job but still make it a point to apply leave to attend my graduation ceremony with my fellow friends on our achievement of attaining a diploma! 15 May 2012 was the actual day of my graduation ceremony. I still remember how i hated RP when i first get to know that i have been posted to RP. But i guess embracing change and learning while growing makes me a better person during my times in RP. It has unleash the potential that i never realised i had in me.

During my 3 year of studies in RP, it was one of my best beautiful memories that i had throughout my whole schooling period.
I was very quiet back when i was studying since kindergarten to secondary school. My report book comments from the teacher would be, shy, quiet, reserved. Like to daydream in class, need to interact more with others etc. I didn't give trouble to teachers because most of the times i would daydream during classes, and living in my own world. Hahaha. i guess most of the times i like to observe before i react. When i start studying in RP, it was a real challenge for me to step out of my comfort zone, to mingle with others, meeting new people and it has changed me as an individual because we are assessed based on our daily interaction with classmates, working as a team and doing presentation every single day and reflecting what we have learn everyday after the lessons by submitting a RJ @ 2359hrs. Haha, those were the days.

I was very resistant at the start, as i thought this would affect me because i was a quiet person and we are so used to working hard for your own grades and rarely you are required to even work in teams. However we had to as we studied in RP. It's not necessary a bad thing but i didn't know it was so much easier when we had this 'warming up' session for us in RP to prepare us when we step into the real working society.

I have changed since then, i learn how to initiate conversations, how to get the team work and dealing with the black sheep that you will find in every team and using both ur IQ and EQ to handle those people, learning how to do presentation and not resisting them. All these valuable experiences are so important to me that i am glad i have acquired during RP because it benefit to me so much when i started working. 

Of course, i had so much fun knowing lots of friends, i was fortunate to be in the same class E35E during my 1st year, a very close clique with Amin, Erdie,Ziwei, Iqbal,Aizat, Lesden, MTLW, Zolene and Malcolm. We had many beautiful memories with chalets, gatherings etc and even though i rarely stay contact with most of them except Michelle, i just want to say i am happy to know you guys and hoping everyone is doing good after we have graduate!

I also get to meet my current clique which i name as Earlgreymilkteawith3Js because i got closer with them like Junjie, Jieying, as we was working on an entrepreneur development program during my sem 2 in year 1. Things changed as well when i started taking on a part time job during my 2nd year and somehow its hard to find close friends because i was getting busy. 

With this graduation ceremony, it marks the end of our studies in RP. I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet every single one who has crossed path with me. Everyone will have their own goal and objective to work on, even though i can't figure out what's mine yet. But i hope working in my current job in the hospitality industry will probably allow me to figure out what i want in future.

Shall end for now.
Till then!