Saturday, July 19, 2014

Post Birthday Celebration from Jieying and JJ

Hello readers!
Managed to meet up with Jieying and Junjie and they was planning a surprise to celebrate my birthday at playnation!
I thought it was going to be a normal meetup session and was puzzled when they kept asking me to meet them directly at playnation.
In the end, i realised they were at the playnation earlier and brought some cakes for me!
so funny and i was surprised because i didn't expect them to celebrate my birthday, i mean, its not the first time they celebrate for me, and as i am getting older, it doesn't mattar even if friends don't remember my birthday, but still i am thankful to have them as one of my super gam friends!
 photo 10553590_10152572125627630_8026555084723274420_n_zps328cb696.jpg
I love the chocolate cake because it was so good!
They settled my bill for all expenses so i don't have to even pay a single cent on that day. haha.
We had dinner at one of the japense restaurant in somerset.
 photo 10475595_10152572125282630_7703559082433080828_n_zps1f87c8b3.jpg

 photo 10403505_10152572125492630_997424702436163534_n_zps48bbde6f.jpg

 photo 10502090_10152572125407630_6599781691543092921_n_zpsc894db0d.jpg

I went there previously with xavial and xueqi,
i wanted to have some ramen but they insisted me to order something that is more expensive!

 photo 10552657_10152572125542630_7407297837061844665_n_zps898967f0.jpg

Shall end this post for now.
till then.