Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recommended Optical Lens Shop

Hello readers! I was looking for a optical lens shop that would sell my monthly contact lens at a cheaper price because most of the shops sell at a higher price so i was sourcing around and i found this shop!
It is not a paid advertorial but i just wanted to help this cute chubby uncle to promote his shop because this is the cheapest lens that i found he is selling among all the other optical shop!
He is very friendly too.

I used to pay at my usual optical shop for my contact lens at $22 per pair because i had astigmatism so the price was generally higher than those who have normal degree,
so when they stopped selling, i had to find another shop to supply my contact lens, so most of them quote me $150/160 for 6 mth supply and at that time i was using the cheapest brand which was the baush and lomb which was first introduced to me when i first started using contact lens and i have been using this brand since secondary school. But quoting me $150-$160 per month would cost me about $25 per pair, so instead of finding cheaper lens i have to pay an extra few dollar more and if we are looking at long term usage, the cost difference and the location that i have to buy is not exactly near as well, some of the shops was quoting me $190 for 6 box which was crazy!
I refused to believe that i can't find a cheaper contact lens so i went to lots of different shops and finally i found this shop at yishun, it was quite random when i just walked in and ask them for the price, it only cost me $110 for 6 months!
So instead of paying the extra few dollar more, i managed to save a few dollar as i found a shop that sell $18 for a pair!
and for normal degree lens is only at $10 per pair! Thus i went to check my eyesight and the uncle was very friendly and they have lot of other contact lens in their shop and different brands which i asked for their enlarged lens, and its only $25 per pair for that.
So i decided to bought the enlarged lens to try as well!
so if anyone who is interested to know the place to get cheaper contact lens, this is the place you should go to!
till then.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jieying & Junjie's birthday celebration!

Hello readers!
This was a post to celebrate both Jieying and Junjie birthday,
we was supposed to go for a picnic at pasir ris park but it has been raining for the past few days and they was wondering if it would rain when we was going for a picnic but i assured them it should be fine! But. it really did start raining and a heavily one somemore!
But we continued our usual plan just that it was in a shelter while thinking where to go next.
We bought this cuet standing dog balloon for jieying so she can walk the dog and halfway when it was raining so we had to run to the shelter,
we give her an option to choose her own birthday present and she choose a casio gold watch which looks nice on her!

And we forced her to take a photo with the dog.
she is getting prettier when i look back at the photos we took like few years ago,
back then she was wearing glasses and now she wear contact lens already!
As the rain don't seem to stop at all, so we decided to go bowling at Safra Tampines!
since there is a bus to go directly to safra from downtown east.
The bowling floor is so shiny and its so easy to hit strike! They did a good job in polishing the bowling lane.
Changed our shoes for our bowling session!
they had the soccer table and we play this too!
After that, we went to tampines interchange where they had a few shopping centre to have our dinner!
and we had nandos for dinner!
I love the food especially when you can choose the spicy level!
This was our ordered drinks.
And the food that we had ordered!
photos again while waiting for our food.
This was the first choice they had nandos so it was a wise choice to dine at nandos!

On another separate day, i booked a reservation for three at the merchant court, ellenbourough cafe because i had brought Michelle previously for her birthday dinner and i thought i can bring them here again since the food was quite nice!
Earlier, Jiayee told me they have some crab feast and i didn't take note until when we went there, there was alot of different variety of crabs cooked in different sauce such as chili crab, black pepper, salt baked crab, crab pisque, crab claw and so on.
This time round i didn't take any photos because it was pretty much the same, we was feeling so full after the buffet dinner and decided to take a walk from clarke quay to raffles places which makes us feeling so much better after that.
We bought a crumpler bag for JJ as his present!
We took a photo when we reached raffles place after the walk.

after that we took a rebound train so that we have seat in the train!

so here wishing a happy 20th birthday to two of my beloved friends, here wishing you all the best and stay in touch!
till then.