Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Medical Examination

Just before i am due to start work at my current workplace, which i told them i could start work on the 5th of Nov when my last day at the ex company was 30 Sep, i had to pass the pre-employment checkup which is quite common in many organisations. And i guess no one will beat my record of heading down to the clinic for total of 6 times just to get the 'certified fit' from the doctor to pass the pre employment checkup.
The first time, they told me i need to get the x-ray paper with the 'certified fit' stamp on the x-ray before i can do my pre-employment checkup as i mentioned to them that i had my x-ray done just 1 month ago from the ex company.
So, the first time, they don't allow me to do until i get the certified true copy from the raffles medical, which i find it silly because i have worked in a clinic myself, and i know how the clinic assistant should be more flexible, so i got no choice but to head down to raffles medical, which was located at raffles place somemore, and my current workplace is located at the west!

So, after i went down, specifically instructed the clinic assistant to get the dr to endorse on the x-ray result even though usually no signature is required just in case they are so inflexible and i have to come down one more time.

So, i went down the second time, and got a number for me to do my medical checkup.

its not the first time i did a medical checkup, and i roughly know the process of the medical checkup.
so the staff did not even bother to retake for me the height and weight since i told them i just had my height and weight measured one month ago, so they simply filled up the form.
Everything looks fine until i was supposed to go for a urine test, a urine dipstick, the funny thing is the nurse does not perform the test for you.
later on, i get to realised that i should just add plain water into the urine if it was so troublesome for me to pass the test in the first place.
which i didnt and that cause me to be delayed and unable to start work on the stipulated date.
i remember when i came out of the toilet, the nurse was about to go off, and when she saw the urine dipstick, she asked me whether i am having my menses,
it was exactly the last day of my menses, and she told me its unacceptable cos there are blood according to the urine dipstick analysis of the colour.
so she called me to go back 5 days later.
so i went back.
the 3rd time, and before that i went to another clinic and asked the dr, and he told me everything is normal and that it was kinda of normal if there was some blood content according to the urine dipstick la.
but when i went back to the clinic that i had to allow the dr to pass me since i am doing it halfway already, the nurse told me that there is still blood in the urine, thus ONCE AGAIN unacceptable.
so she ordered me to do a URINE FEME test.
all the time when she is not a doctor.
but then, the doctor is an asshole itself, which i will also explain later.
so usually all these is not covered by the doctor, so i paid for myself because they expect me to wait like more than 2hrs for the HR pending approval.
which i rather pay than waste 2hrs of my entire lifetime sitting there waiting.

so i went back the 4th time for the review,

and the dr told me that there is still blood in the urine based on the report,
and he was telling me that he is suspecting of either, kidney stones, infection,
when i already mentioned to him that i DOES NOT have any symptoms at all.
its funny when i told him that i have no SYMPTOMS and he can tell me, he has patient that has no symptoms but they still got the medical illness.
lost beyond words.
i was getting pissed off going down for the 4th time, and its kinda of not convenient for me to reach the clinic each time wasting 3hrs and more just waiting there.
i was even more pissed when they actually missed my turn.
ask me to go down early and i had to wait for so long!

so this time, he recommend me to go for ANOTHER further test

which is the urine phrase contrast and some of my doctor friends told me that this is actually a useless test, which they say usually if there are any symptoms, they will straight away refer to do ultrasound kub. ( kidney, ureters bladder)
but i don't really have an option, imagine all the while u are fine and this dr tell u that you are probably sick in some way, when who else but you knows your own body the best?

i feel that he was trying to make me pay and in a way earning $ for the clinic, at least to me,i feel thats the case because what the fuck does he even thinking when the patient told u that she does not experience any symptoms, and wtf do i have to lie if there is really nothing wrong with my body?

i even asked him that, could it be a cause of intense exercise workout because i used to exercise very frequently and the day before the test i was doing a high intensity workout.
and he could tell me like 'possible'
which makes me wonder, am i the doctor or you are the doctor?
he does not even bother to explain to me the possible causes for the blood in urine,
even though the report shows very clearly everything is normal just for that goddam blood content,
there is no even visible blood seen from the urine,
my urine colour is even as clear as plain water, and just because the indicator and u think im not ok,
its quite ridiculous.
he was scaring me and affecting me in a way when he told me that he suspect that i have small kidney stones.
and i almost believed because initially he told me other causes was kidney infection/cancer/ whatever shit.
so this was the 5th time that i went down by then,
which he recommend me to go for an ultrasound kub and xray kub.
i was getting real irritated that i called the HR and told the guy that this stupid dr is making me to do so many tests and if i still cannot pass,
i am going to switch to another clinic which the HR agreed but ask me to go for further tests,
all this is paid by my own and the HR is not even covering for it.
and ultrasound kub is expensive definitely.
i spent a total of $260 for the entire checkup that was ordered by the fucking doctor.

so i was very mad and i refused to let him earn my money so i asked if he referred to me will be at which outlet, and the test code before i go back to my own clinic and asked my own dr second opinion, so based on the test results, he recommend me to go for the ultrasound and xray kub because he say its unusual, but he told me also that if the ultrasound and xray kub shows normal, he can always asked for more detailed tests because they might not be able to detect the source of the blood frm ultrasound too.

which i argued with that stupid dr that, how many times does he want me to go so many additional tests when all these costs is not borne by the company but me.
so he did mentioned that if the ultrasound shows everything is normal, he will pass me.

and so i went back to my own clinic, i rather pay my own clinic than that stupid company clinic for the ultrasound and i went for th ultrasound and xray kub.

result was normal.
Nothing abnormal.
fucktard doctor.
so by the time i went back the clinic,
it was the 6th time.
and still in the end he has to pass me because everything was normal.
i think its his brain that has those little kidney stones.
so he pass me, and later on my doctor checked with me, and he say if he can pass me after i do all the ultrasound, in the first place he should have just passed me.
and he asked me why.
and i replied 'because he is trying to earn my money'
it was like so tough trying to get in because of this stupid doctor.

so ended up instead of 5oct that i was meant to start work,

i only managed to start work on the 21 october.
the MOST difficult pre-employment checkup that i had to gone through.
the next time i will just add plain water to the urine sua, there is so many ways if u want to play cheat during the medical checkup.
because even if u do the correct way, u ended up spending alot of money even when u know there is nothing wrong with your body.

i was abit worried too when i first started work whether everything is gonna be okay because it was so hard to pass that bloody checkup.

but so far i guess as i am quite new, everyone is still quite okay to me.
lets hope i am able to catch up with my work soon!
lots of learning to be done.
shall end for now.