Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chinese New Year with my colleagues!

Hello readers! A group photo of my room attendants that i manage them during our daily work on my floor 6-10. I was the youngest among them but i was thankful they didn't give me a hard time when i was managing them. Especially when they have to listen instructions to a female superior. Haha. The highest number of room attendants that i had to take care of was 13. Managing lvl 6 to 10 was the most number of floors a supervisor actually take on. Most of the other supervisors doesn't like to manage this floor because it can get pretty taxing and hard to communicate with the room attendants.

It was the chinese new year period again, our department will usually conduct a chinese new year dinner for all the chinese including all the supervisors, but because i have maintain a good relationship with each and everyone of them. So i suggested to invite them to my house for BBQ steamboat! It was not easy getting all of them to turn up at my house because everyone have different shifts and their roster is released only every two weeks so those who have been assigned to work evening shifts have to ask others to exchange shift with them. A headcount of 10 of them means there could be lesser people working in the night shift, so the assistant manager was asking me if i had invite them to my house for gathering because apparently no one want to help her to do OT on that particular day. Haha

I was working morning shift on that day but i have to stay back for extra half an hour to complete a training so we arranged to meet outside the hotel. When i finally meet up with them, i was shocked because everyone of them were carrying so many bags of goodies! All these were given from them.

Before that, i was telling them it's not necessary to get me anything because my house has alot of goodies already. They even bought two cartons of soft drinks to my house. Haha so funny, they know i love chocolates so they bought for me Ferrero Rocher and MERCI. They were following me as though we are going on an excursion trip! The journey back my house took us about 45min and they were amazed by how i go to work everyday because they were pretty shocked on the duration to get to my house and having to take a bus back from the interchange. Haha

Initially i thought it will be pretty cramped when there are at least 11 of them plus me makes it 12, but the photos look pretty fine! I was glad they enjoyed the food.

I invite my own RAs because its considered a bonding session with them and building our team work during operations, but words spread fast when others RA know that they were being invited to my house for a gathering and they were envious of them or rather those in my team. 

Even though i am their leader, but i wouldn't be able to run my floor well without their respect and support towards me. They are the ones who helped me during the operations by listening to my instructions whenever i have crazy group arrival and having my walkie-talkie ringing non-stop chasing me for rooms and our chemistry is so good when i would know exactly where they are when i am looking for them. 

The most challenging floor to manage will be this floor because everyone in this floor has an average of 7 to 8 checkout everyday. There are some contrasting differences between high and low rise floors. High rise floors have generally long stay guests, or VVIP staying in the suite floors for a couple of days or even months so they doesn't have many check out rooms compared to room attendants working at the lower floor. 

Low floor level room attendants will have to get used to the group arrivals which means the guests could be checking in on the same day and checking out on the same day too, so the room attendant need to be fast in turning over the room to clean status. Which is probably why the low floor room attendants are more resilient compared to high floors when they receive their report and i couldn't understand when i first run the high floor after i came back as a full time supervisor that the high floor room attendants could be turning over the room so slow when they had only like 1-3 check out for the day.

After the dinner, they suggested to go karaoke at party world which is the nearest from my house at civic centre. I hope they will remember the days that we have spend working hard together and will continue to work as a team when i decide it is the right time for me to go.

We hang out till 1am and they were so funny by helping me to get a cab as there were no more bus service, even pass me money for the cab fare when i reject it because i have my own $. After i have reached home, and checked my phone much later to realised there were a few missed calls before the phone started ringing again. Turns out Xianwei was calling me and making sure that i have reached home safely and another call from Yu Qun to ensure i have reach home safely because both were sitting in separate cabs. Very thoughtful of the guys. Hahaha

I shall end this post for now.
Till then!