Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Capri Hotel @ Kuala Lumpur

Hello readers! This is a view from capri hotel that we stayed in Kuala Lumpur during our short getaway trip!
We decided to go KL mainly because Jeremy has not been there before, but i think this is probably the last time i am visiting KL as i would want to spend my time wisely to visit other countries that i have not explored yet!
We took Jetstar instead of taking a coach like how i used to when i first visit KL few years back with my friends, which was faster but to clear the customs was a horrible experience.

The counters is so slow and there were so many long queue forming at each of the counter for the customs officer to chop our passport.
It was a morning flight so by the time we reached it was about 11plus morning.

Previously i have done some research that we can take a coupon cab when we exit the airport,
Before you walked out the airport, you should be able to notice a counter that allows you to buy the coupon to take their cab.
Just tell them where you are going and they will calculate the fare for you,
We was going to Jalan Kerinchi where Capri hotel is located at, so it cost RM 75 only which was cheaper than if you were to take their KLIA Express train which they have increase the price to RM 55 and two person would have cost you RM110, which is not worth it as a coupon cab cost you only RM 75 with two piece of luggage.
The guy was having some difficulties trying to find the location and i guess this is because Capri hotel is located at a rather new area, there were lots of construction of building around the hotel, many drivers do not actually know where is this place whenever we took a cab back to hotel.
we went with one luggage each and coming back with one extra luggage because of me. heh.
It was not exactly a cheap getaway as i realised we spent like $800 during our few days of trip in KL.

The journey from the airport to the hotel takes about 45min if i am not wrong, i dozed off halfway and when we reached the hotel at around 12, the room was ready for us to check in! Initially they gave us one hotel card only, when i ask the bf to ask for one more, they told us they only had 1, oh well.  When we entered the room, i realised the room lights and aircon can be turn on by switching it instead of using the keycard.
This was our room during our stay at KL! I love how spacious it was! They had like 4 aircon vent just in the living room area!

The working desk area, suitable for business travellers on long stays!
The kitchennette area that comes with a microwave oven as well, but we hardly even use it during our stay.

Initially it was quite stuffy because the aircon was not turned on, but it was cosy and comfortable after we turn on the aircon to let it run in the room, but whenever the housekeeping came and service our room, the switch will be all turned off. tsk.
This was the bedroom area, the bed is so comfortable!

This was the bathroom area, i was quite disappointed that they don't have any bathtub, apparently only those rooms in club floor would have the bathtub or 3 bedroom apartment will have the bathtub!

They had a big pink laundry basket which was very handy on our last night when we was due to check out and went to get our laundry done at their spin room!
It was so convenient as we only need to purchase 4 token at their hotel front office which includes  the washing powder, so when we went back, we don't have to wash a basket of clothes again!

After we had a short rest, we went to Nexus Connection mall which is located just beside the hotel for our lunch!
They had lots of the bars located in this mall, but i find that the location is quite out of the way to visit other tourist attractions in KL.
We decided to had korean buffet, which bf was not enjoying and felt cheated because there is not alot of variety of food, and the whole restaurant has no one except us.
But i decided to give the benefit of doubt as we went on a weekday, everyone is probably working at that time anyway.

It happens they have this very nice big backdrop so i suggest to bf to take a photo with this big heart shaped backdrop!

After our lunch, we wanted to watch kungfu panda at sunway pyramid because they have the beanbags seat but jeremy check the wrong timing, by the time we was there, the movie was actually in the morning and it has ended, so we didn't manage to watch the movie since there were no other good movies anyway so we spend the rest of the time exploring sunway pyramid which is like any other shopping mall just that it was quite huge and bf actually prefer this mall compared to other malls that we have visited during our visit in KL!
Sunway pyramid has the iconic lion head if i don't remember wrongly, its easy to notice the moment you are entering the mall.
The hotel help us to hail a cab to drop us at the sunway pyramid.

The weather was very hot at that time, so we tried to stay indoor even though sunway 
pyramid and sunway lagoon water theme park is just located each other, i don't want to risk  getting myself sun burnt so we didn't had any outdoor activities throughout our trip.

We went to try archery tag as we was shopping inside the mall, first time trying and i am just so bad at it! 

We didn't take their afternoon tea package because it was quite pricey and i didn't want to take too much sweet stuffs.
There are two level but the afternoon tea package was at level 2. so we was seated at the first level.

After we were done, we went back to the mall to buy some snacks etc because i realised our hotel is really quite ulu, there are no convenience store nearby so its better for us to buy some food to store!
We stayed quite long in Sunway Pyramid before it was evening time and we decided to head back to the hotel as we was carrying so much stuff from all the shopping.
We was not done with exploring some of the facilities in the hotel, so after our dinner we went to check out their pool and other facilities!

This was some of the photo taken from our room view.

This was the bedroom view,

We went to check their swimming pool, apparently there were guests who are still swimming even though it was like 9 to 10pm.
I think it looks awesome to swim at night compared to daytime because of the building lights! haha

The bar is located just beside the swimming pool so for those who does not want to swim can order a drink at the bar while admiring the cityview.

I observed that they have lots of empty spaces at their rooftop area

After we was done with exploring the swimming pool section, we went into their bar and i ordered my cocktail which was good!

Not much crowd as we hang out at the bar for some drinks.
After that we visited their games room, they had the pool table, xbox, kinect, some books for kids and even a soccer table!

Besides the game room, the gym is located next to it,
 Their 24hr gym

A photo of us exercising together in the gym even though he workout more than me as i barely sweat. i was doing some squats and weights only.
die die refused to try the threadmill machine. haha

That pretty summarise our first day in KL.
The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel before we went to the hotel swimming pool!
The pool was not crowded except there were some hong kong guests who were swimming at the other side of the pool.
But i realised that the pool is quite dirty, there were quite lots of dead fly floating at the pool that i didnt stay long inside the pool.
I know the pool is dirty because i have some sensitive marks appearing on my hands after that, which i usually don't whenever i visit other pools so the pool is not clean enough.

Superman admiring the city view! HAHAHAHAHA except his cape is a towel.
We went to one level above the swimming pool and we saw some jaccuzi units!
and again, no one uses all these! haha
I find it interesting they have jacuzzi separate unit so that guests does not have to share the jacuzzi with other strangers, and they even have the curtains which you can pull down to have more private space.

There is a button to press to turn on the jacuzzi, but again its not very clean. i could see some sands inside and i think they really do not do any maintenance of these pool.
Nice to see and take photo but not really nice to use it.

The weather was so hot that i took some photo of these that we went back to our room to shower and prepared to head out!

After we get changed, we decided to visit some of the other malls that we was recommended under the tourist brochure.
We decided to visit one of the mall, which was the Kenaga Wholesale city which was a bad choice, the brochure is so misleading, it indicate one of the most recommended mall to visit, so we decided to visit that mall before going to Berjaya times square since its just nearby anyway so we alight at the nearest station which was hang tuah, the mall is basically more suitable for muslim ladies who are looking for fabric for their clothes or buying their baju kurung.
There is nothing suitable for the chinese to buy because its just alot of different shops selling different type of baju kurung.

So i wouldn't recommend anyone to visit that mall unless you are a muslim and are planning to buy your baju kurung at that mall.
we stayed for a brief 10 minutes before we left and head to Berjaya Times Square!

I missed the times spend with my clique where we visit KL together few years back,
Berjaya times square was one of the mall that i visited with my friends, and we had sushi king this time round just like what i had with Chanel, Kiwi,PC and Kangrui during our trip!

We ordered a set to share and choose the rest of the sushi on the conveyor belt.
green tea is so cheap like $1 for one big bottle!

After that, we decided to watch kungfu panda, so we went to buy our ticket before shopping around at Berjaya times square.
Even though Berjaya times square is known to be one of the largest mall in KL, i find that most of the stores sell almost similar item, like luggage, clothes and it looks like the bugis street in Singapore to me just that it has air-conditioned inside this big mall.
Cheap movie ticket!
I bought some of the snacks and we had dessert, the shop was selling all sort of dessert using mango, and i ordered this mini set to have a try of everything!
The desser is quite nice!

After that, we went to Petaling Street as everyone was telling me there is some good foods in Petaling street, but when we reached there, it was so hot that i was sweating so much and i was not raelly in the mood to eat because it was so humid and stuff as we walked inside that stretch of petaling street.
In the end, we decided to went back our hotel after a brief 20min at the petaling street.
Took some photos of the nightview again, as we bought some dvds at Berjaya times square, so we managed to watch a dvd movie while chilling at the living room sofa.

The third day, as the hotel provide shuttle bus to certain areas that we wanted to go, such as the KLCC and the petronas tower, so we had our breakfast early and took the shuttle bus before it dropped us at the KLCC mall,
this was the more higher end shopping mall with all the brands housed inside this mall, there were nothing that catches my eye since the price is about the same in Singapore,
we was touring around, bought some stuffs, before we decided to visit another mall which is at the KL Sentral.
took some photo outside the KLCC

We had lunch at KL sentral and choose Nandos!
we ordered this set and it was good as usual!
As i bought some stuffs at the shopping mall, i needed to buy one additional luggage, so, we went back to Berjaya times square to buy the hello kitty luggage that i saw previously.
Times pass so fast and it was already our last night in KL, on our way back to the hotel during the late afternoon,we saw some pasar malam when we alight at the nearest station which is the universiti station, bought this murtabak and its so good! like less than $2, bf bought some chicken wings but i forgot to take a photo of it!
We was chilling at our hotel because there were not much places for us to visit and we have been visiting so many malls that i was sick of shopping already.
I think the next time we need to have some sightseeing activities when we are planning our next holiday trip! Luckily it only started to rain when we was walking back to our hotel, we rested before we went to explore and decided to had secret recipe for our last night at KL!
As usual, not much people at the secret recipe, haha a good thing, in Singapore, people can be seen everywhere!

Initially i thought the waiter forgot my order and thought well its okay if they was not going to serve us my banana cake, but they didn't forget so we get to eat this cake! i don't really like the first chocolate that was coated around the cake, it taste like cheap chocolate. but the layer that is filled with chocolate inside the cake was nice.
After our dinner, we take a stroll around before returning back to our hotel to do some packing as we are checking out the next day,
this was the pink laundry basket that i was refering that they had in every room, its convenient in a way as we throw all our dirty clothes in this basket and brought it to their spin room to get it wash,
we came back quite late, and after the washing, we had to wait for it to be dried at the dryer machine, so by the time it was done, it was already 12plus and i was folding it to be pack in our luggage so we don't have to pack again the next morning.

The next morning, we had our breakfast before we went back to our room to get prepared to check out as our flight was due to depart at 1pm so we had to be at the airport around 11am.
Initially we thought of taking the red colour cab as it was known to be cheaper than the blue color cab that usually charges more than the red one, previously we checked with the hotel staff the rough estimation of taking the blue one but they told us it was about RM 180! so i told the bf that we going to ask them to hail the red one instead since we came by the red one which definitely wil cost cheaper than this, but when bf called them to arrange the cab for us, it was the blue one.
i was like omg. but luckily it was not the rate that the staff told us , i think it was about RM120, which is slightly more than if we took the train back to the airport, but we would still have to walk a distance to take the train and change, so its not tat bad to take the blue cab which is more comfortable and the uncle help us to unload our luggage from his cab after that.
as we reached early, we went to queue up at the jetstar counter which was a wise choice because the queue was quite long after us.
When we are done with the check in of our luggage as i bought a return check in luggage,
we went around and decided to have our lunch at one of the coffeehouse in the airport,
This is so good! the char kway teow and i ordered tom yum bee hoon, but i was so ganchiong because the food was taking so long to serve to me and we was running out of time as we need to be at the boarding gate soon that i forgot to take a photo of it, the food was so good!
After our lunch, we went to queue up and thats when it was to my horror there were a long queue forming up at every counter, everyone was queueing up to get their passport chop!
and its was so long queue that i almost thought we was going to miss our flight,
they try to open a few counter as the queue was so long, but it doesn't help.
lousy check in procedure, it doesnt help that they indicate the counter that is for ASEAN countries because the line looks the same to me. tsk.
after clearing that stage, our luggage had to go through two time of scanning and we was rushing that when we finally get to board the plane before it takes off, i was so mad that i told bf that i was not coming back anymore!
its taking so long for them to clear us. omg.
but nevertheless, it was a good getaway trip spent with bf!
shall end now.
till then!