Saturday, August 26, 2017

Junjie Graduation Ceremony

Hello readers! Recently Junjie has graduated from University of London achieving his degree of management with marketing! We hold the same degree title but he started at a later stage and was studying part time while juggling a full time job. Initially, he told us he might not want to go for his graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony is held at Fullerton hotel. The graduates will need to pay $80 per pax. But we was encouraging him to go for the ceremony, i mean it's also considered one of the milestones in his life! Even if it cost $80. But we will only join him after the ceremony because i know how boring it is to listen all the professor giving speech. Haha

So before the day of his graduation ceremony, Jieying and I were discussing what to get for his graduation gift. Instead of bouquet of roses or bouquet of soft toys which is pretty much the norm, i decided to go for something different. Hahaha. Something that will differentiate him from other graduates. Even if he is not the top student, but i could guarantee he is the only one receiving such bouquet on that day!

I called it the Bouquet of snacks. I was sharing with Jieying this idea of how we can DIY a bouquet of snacks and present to him on that day. He will be shocked but at the same time, good for photo-taking and practical because he can eat those snacks after that.

So i started creating a list of possible snacks that we can buy, carefully selecting the snacks size so that it could fit into the bouquet. We started buying the items separately before arranging to meet at my house to wrap the bouquet together. I had all the necessary wrapping materials with me.

In the initial stage, it didn't go too well because i didn't realised we bought too many snacks and something was just lacking as we try to use sticks and tape the snacks up. Lm came in halfway and try to rescue our bouquet. We tried stuffing the base with newspaper and it was still not right until i thought we could add the transparent wrapping paper over the white wrapping and the idea is there, but it look not very well done la. But i guess it's the effort that count right? Hahahaha, we spend few hour finally getting this bouquet done! Jieying suggested to get additional baby breath to add on that will complete the look.
And she was right, the baby breath really makes a total difference of the finishing look,
We arranged to meet earlier so that we can take a grab together to JJ graduation ceremony at Fullerton hotel. We were early so we begin to take some photos while waiting for him to come out of the ballroom.

Jieying went to get some balloons for him too!

After the photo taking, we went to take a peek at the ballroom, while trying to identify JJ from his seat. Among all the graduates, we were able to identify him when we text him to turn around and spot us at the back! Hahaha.

Reception were served and we finally handed him the heavy bouquet of snacks to him before taking more photos with him.

Congratulations on your graduation! We even had time to film boomerang shots!

As Jieying had to attend one of his friend's wedding dinner, so we didn't went out to celebrate together, so we were sending JJ off as he was finding a grab to bring him home as he doesn't want to carry this huge bouquet of snacks to take a train. He manage to get a bmw driver to pick him up and he told us that the driver was asking if he won some lucky draw when he saw he was carrying this big bouquet of snacks.

This was a compiled shot of us obtaining our degree~

I shall end this post for now.
Till then!