Thursday, June 25, 2015

Date @ Stella

Hello readers! I am here to update my blog again. I wanted to visit this place called Stella that were recommended by my friend Bee Yee because it was a good place for couple to enjoy the cool sea breeze while dining just beside the sea. In terms of accessibility, car is the best option however you can always opt to take a cab to get here. It is located opposite the NSRCC so maybe we would visit this place again.
So this time round, we had the time to visit this place before Jeremy has to go overseas again. We reached there in the evening around 5pm, weather was pretty good and cooling and we request to sit at our preferred seating for dining.

We went during the weekday so i guess this place might get pretty crowded during the weekends because the carpark was full just when we were leaving the place.

It has been quite sometime since we went on a date especially he has been busy with his work and we haven't really spend any quality time with each other. I would recommend this place if you are looking for a nice ambience dining venue to hang out. 

Hahaha, comparing whose face is sharper with this shot.
After our dinner, we went to the mega Giant store in tampines. I feel like we are already a married couple and shopping for the groceries together. It was a pretty sweet moment.
I shall end this post for now.
Till then~

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The pet stop at serangoon

Hello! i am here to update my blog, this was taken last week when le bf is free and olm book an appointment with a new grooming salon not for us but for our sweetheart puffball, duffy!
usually we would bring her to the grooming salon that is nearby our house because it saves time and less hassle to bring her to the salon, but than apparently the male groomer who used to spend few hours taking care of our puffball seems to resign and what used to be all the guy groomer was gone and was replaced by all the aunties.
seriously, i wasn't that skeptical at first, but sometimes aunties just doesn't seem to be patient or probably thinking its just a job as a groomer, because the stupid auntie actually hurt my duffy!
i was the one who send her over, but mummy was the one who fetch her home and when she went to pick her up, the groomer told my mum that at her tail area, she was injured during the grooming session. no form of compensation and i went to apply some antibiotic cream for duffy myself! KNS
i was like WTFFF? i wasn't there otherwise i would have make a fuss! i mean, so many times already i bring my dog to the salon, and she always come out pretty and safe, but just changing to this auntie groomer, and the groomer injured her! my mum say she was bleeding and there was a very obvious cut at the back!
 and we spend more than our usual grooming fee, it was about $80 in total because her fur was too thick and i think they probably hurt her while they was trying to dematte her fur, 
before this, there was another dematte done by the male groomer and there was no such problem!
damm angry so thats why we decided not to bring her to that stupid salon anymore!
so olm decided to find a new salon, and she saw this salon, which is the pet stop
its at 800 upper serangoon road.
google for the postal code if you are interested to bring ur puffball to the salon,
what caught our attention was because they has a swimming pool for your puffball to swim!
and duffy has not swim before!
we was quite excited to bring her, and u can check out their website, it is indicate clearly some of the services they had, for eg, full grooming, spa treatment, and swimming session.
depending on the size of your dog, 
the price varies, duffy belong to the small breed.
so her swimming session is about $15 per hr, spa treatment is also $15 and full grooming at $40
which is quite reasonable!
le bf drive us, + olm + duffy, it actually located at the side of the road like those shophouses, and there is no carpark so u might have to park your car slightly ahead in the old shopping centre.
so when we reached, the staff let duffy to swim first before doing spa and groom.
jieying is too funny when she say my dog is having a good life than human being, and she say she want to become my house dog! HAHAHA
the other time i was just telling le bf also, duffy is living quite good,
she owns at least 20pieces of clothes, one basket of toys(i am getting her more)
get to go gaigai by cars, sat on toyota,honda, and even volkswagen car, has not even taken public transportation before. atas princess!
did spas, grooming session every few mths, everyday wake up whenever she feel likes, doesn't have to study/work, 
sleep on bed one hor, she usually like to cramp with me. so much love from the family and even bf dote her! 
to which le bf asked, so u want to become a dog also la? LOL.
but not every dog is so fortunate like her one hor! u need to be in a good family that dote you, thats why i told my bf, duffy must have done some good deeds in her previous life, so even though she is a dog, but is a pampered dog. haha
beware of this photo that i am posting below!
duffy having her rest at the platform, look so funny but cute right!
so skinny with the tongue sticking out!

half of her fur is soaked, its kinda of funny that she didnt get herself all wet so she look quite cute!
this was the video we took while she was still getting used to swimming, she look so cute wearing the life vest!

 This was when the trainer find that she is kinda of tired so last round already, remove her life vest and u see how she tried to swim to the platform and want to come up by herself! OMGGGG CUTENESS OVERLOAD. and WHY MY DOG SO SMART ONE! but she didn't managed to get up. 

Look at her! duno why she look so cute! did u guys realise she look abit fairer when she is half soaked, her mini head! HAHA

For the first time, the trainer was saying that dogs who swim for the first time are probably quite tired because they are not used to swimming rounds after rounds.
initially he asked us if duffy got any leg problem because he say she is using the front legs, but after awhile he say she is okay already, maybe didn't get used to it when she first entered the pool.
duffy is really tired on that day, after we brought her to the nex park to play, she was super tired even after the next day because she rarely exercise much, not much staminia!
so she didnt really swim for 1hr, the only thing i find it pity is we can't join her tgt to swim! otherwise i think it is quite fun!
and so i decided to get myself a bigger float and play myself with her! HAHAHA
taobao has her life vest and the mini water pool that we can jumped in to play! 
the entire swim + spa + grooming doesn't really take quite long, i think the grooming duration is quite short, maybe because her fur is not tangled this time round, we reached about 2plus but we finished left the salon about 4plus. so waiting time is still quite, the shop is quite big so there was some chairs that we can sit and wait for duffy to finish her grooming, this was her before the grooming.
She was trying to knock the glass when the groomer was away for awhile.

Duffy after groom look! she was looking up at the sensor when le bf was pointing the sensor thing, so cute one!
 cuteness overload. puffy duffy!! like a teddy bear! but a living one.

She look so happy, she is abit famous one hor, when papa and mama bring her out, there will be some stangers who asked to take photo of her. too cute i guess! plus super hyper! if anyone just call her name only, she will goes crazy mode already!
but she's abit timid, olm was putting her on this platform but she doesn't dare to walk down.
le bf trying to take photo with duffy but this duffy act yi ge don't want to see my side!
Overall, even though i read some negative reviews on the petstop and had my doubts before going, but luckily my puffball is generally safe during the grooming session and trainer takes good care of her, so i would recommend anyone who want to bring their pets for a swim as swimming is generally good for the dogs!
till then!