Sunday, August 17, 2014

Xavial's 25th birthday celebration

Hello readers!
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We was celebrating Xav birthday this time round and decided to watch a movie 'Lucy' before having our dinner this time round at Hai Di Lao at clarke quay!
It seems that Hai Di Lao is trending as i saw so many of my friends instagram Hai Di Lao, so we went to try it out as well!
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We met during lunchtime first and had our lunch at astons, i went to buy a cake as i realised our birthday celebration so far dont really had a cake,
so i thought of getting one for xav this time round!
 photo 10623357_10152663524987630_5364649429710859689_o_zpsa2847427.jpg
It was chocolate truffle, yummy!

 photo 1959423_10152663524607630_649101786781397414_n_zpsc5a1288f.jpg
The birthday boy art work.
After that we went to watch 'Lucy' at cineleisure before heading to Hai Di Lao.
We tried to book reservations in advance but it was full and since we ended the movie around 5, it was about 5.30 when we reached the outlet and we was served without having to wait.
It was so hard trying to book the reservations and there were be a long queue if you come after 6pm.
The waitress seated us and provided very good customer service, she started by introducing to us the menu and explained to us to call her when we are ready to order, before that we could view the menu through ipad.
We top up additional to get free flow of drinks and sauce that you can customise yourself.
The soup is good!
But i don't really like the Ma La flavour and prefer the chicken soup.
Ma La flavour is too oily and not to my liking.
 photo 2014-08-21181923_zps44b9af07.jpg
This was what we ordered!
 photo 2014-08-21181957_zps877d3726.jpg

 photo 2014-08-21181920_zpsd10eff92.jpg
the staff was so attentive and even provided us ziplock for our phone so it won't get oily when we are eating, and even get a chair for me to place my LV bag and using a cloth to cover it as well!

 photo 2014-08-21182019_zpsb9d00846.jpg
They had some free manicure services at the waiting area, but apparently you need to book an appt in advance, beside that they had some chess or games to play while waiting to be seated, the queue was was so long!
I was glad we went earlier to avoid waiting for so long!
 photo 2014-08-21194416_zps3449cd15.jpg
Our bill.
photo taking after our dinner!
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 photo 10593061_10152663525507630_4885900992836277038_n_zps00fcbc82.jpg

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We went to cafe iguana that is located beside the jumbo seafood restaurant in clarke quay as xavial was telling us they had good margarita!
we ordered desserts again!
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Xav was asking me to teach him to take selfie as i could take selfie that doesn't look like me at all. haha we was imitating yuna's selfie at the cafe after she had to left early.
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hahahaha. such entertainment.
till then!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

OLM 21st birthday party at Treehouse Villa at Changi

Hello readers!
It was my sister having her 21st birthday party and this time round we managed to book the treehouse villa with the help of my cousin again.
We booked the 3 bedroom villa this time round instead of the 2 bedroom villa that i booked previously!
It seems they only have two unit of three bedroom unit for treehouse villa and they are named as Bagus 1 and 2!
 photo 2014-08-01143202_zps027ac5e3.jpg
We was there early but the check in time was 3pm!
We was browsing around while the staff were still cleaning up the unit.
 photo 2014-08-01143509_zpsd72858c0.jpg
This was their outdoor jacuzzi that i feel its not very safe if you are looking to soak yourself naked in it, because anyone could move the divider even though the correct way is to enter by the bathroom door.
 photo 2014-08-01143447_zps1034eda6.jpg
The kids was playing with water in this tub during the party.
 photo 2014-08-01143220_zps8a2d3607.jpg

 photo 2014-08-02144216_zps4ab893aa.jpg
It looks about the same as the one with the 2 bedroom villa, just a different setting,
 photo 2014-08-02144237_zps88b70a82.jpg
I had to emphasise that its important to ensure your doors are locked at all time as i remember on the day of the party, i was accompanying dad and mum out, dad was smoking at the backyard and he forgot to lock the backyard door and we was heading out when olm came down, and she mentioned that she saw a suspicious man open the backdoor and she was asking him something like 'yes'?
and the man merely closed back the door and disappeared after that!
So, its good that she was present in the villa because we won't know what he would do if lm didn't saw him coming in.
The party started in the evening, and it was getting crowded!
couldn't really take a nice photo because i was so busy throughout the party trying to entertain the other guests.
 photo 2014-08-02212917_zpsb7af1f47.jpg
It was very packed and olm had too many friends that most of them had to stand or mingle outside of the villa even though its two storey.
i invited my friends for the party and was trying to host them. I was doing check on the buffet catering and bbq as she ordered for 50pax buffet but the food runs out fast so i ask dad to start the bbq earlier so that there were others who did not get a chance to eat the buffet can eat the BBQ foods as well!
This was her birthday cake! similar to mine but hers was in purple.
 photo 2014-08-02175207_zps82023950.jpg
Her gifts that she received from all her friends!
 photo 2014-08-03112926_zps0f541fb5.jpg
I was more excited to help her unwrap all these present with qianci the next morning.
I only slept at 2.30am after the party ended.
My glass of moscato before i head to sleep!
 photo 2014-08-03020702_zps46b2e9a4.jpg
Some fruits tarts that we ordered together with the birthday cake
 photo 2014-08-02174043_zps07f4c1ed.jpg
ending off with a selfie!
happy birthday olm! till then.
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