Friday, July 6, 2018

Staycation at Oasia Hotel Downtown Tanjong Pagar

Hello readers! I am here to update my blog again! July is a month of feasting because there are so many birthday treat for me! Haha, i been putting on weight steadily due to lack of exercise but eating more! That's horrible, and you guys probably can tell based on the food photos that i am posting here. 

Days before my birthday, i had mookata treat, lunch treat and family dinner and many cakes! 

My birthday cake~

Every year on this day, i will have a strong sense of gratitude towards my family and close friends around me, i feel that i am very fortunate and blessed for whatever i have.  

Thank you to every single one that plays a part in celebrating my birthday, be it a simple dinner treat or a presentation of a birthday cake to even a simple birthday wish message. To me, showing gratitude is a good way a person can be contented and be happy with their life. Everyone lead their own life, actions can change a person life but without gratitude, nothing is enough. 

For the past few years, i would travel overseas with Jeremy for my birthday celebration trip. As you grow older, 'birthday' is just another occasion to celebrate by doing what i enjoy, travelling! But this year, we postpone our overseas trip to one week later because Jeremy can't go overseas due to work commitments.

I remember the night before, i came home around 10plus and i was tired. Just when i was ready to settle in my bed but Jeremy refused to let me sleep. He told me i cannot sleep because it's my birthday in an hour time and he wants to be the first one to wish me happy birthday which was very funny and unlike him. I told him 'but i am tired, i going to sleep liao' and i suggested to him to set alarm clock then he can wait until its 12.00am before he wake me up, but he knows its unlikely i would wake up so he was disrupting my sleep and really dragging me to wait till its 12.00 before he presented my birthday gift to me! A gold pair of earrings! Love it! Haha
It was a very impromptu decision when i received an email on this birthday treat for me that if we stay in any of Far East Hospitality hotel groups, they will be able to upgrade me to club room with all the executive lounge benefits. So it came in handy since i didn't had any idea what to do on my birthday too and we decided to have our first staycation in Singapore for this year at Oasia Hotel Downtown! 

Located in downtown Tanjong Pagar, Oasia hotel downtown unique and impressive facade has differentiated itself among other buildings surrounding it. This hotel is 27 storey tall and provide beautiful rooms in the heart of Singapore central business district, located less than a minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT. Very convenient getting around to the city and plenty of eateries nearby too.
The check in lobby is located at level 12 instead of the ground floor as directed from their concierge staff. 
The lobby is nicely decorated with fairy lights and its soothing music and its atmosphere exude a sense of calmness. The empty patch of green grass area conduct complimentary yoga workout for its hotel guests every sunday. In our room, we found one yoga mat provided for us too.

We were trying our luck to check in early and since its a birthday treat promotion, for me to indicate during my reservation, the room should be pre-blocked in advance already. So we did manage to check in early! For club rooms, we had to take the lift to the club floor level and took the lift from the other side that is specified for club rooms only.
Our room and it's beautiful! This hotel is designed by renowned architecture firm WOHA and i love the overall design of this hotel especially the club floor level!
I love their 55inch tv and would consider buying one to put in my new home soon! Haha

The wooden sliding door can be open from the right side of this bed, and it lead you directly to the bathtub area!

I thought it was a very creative utilisation of space as the bathroom has a bathtub and a standing shower by the side. Maybe you can't see it from the photo but it fits just right for a person to shower before soaking in the bathtub without feeling the constraint of space.

There's some reflections from the photos that i took as this was our view from our room.
Facing exactly the club floor infinity pool!

After we check in, the guest relation manager came to our room and handed me a cake and card as a gesture from the hotel. Thank you for the cake, i was pretty surprised this cake taste delicious because the chocolate is rich and crunchy inside. hehe.
They have a handy phone for their guests.
TWG tea provided in this hotel too.
We went up to level 27 to check out their rooftop pool and i love the swings by the pool! 

The colorful swings.
We started to explore their club floor, for many hotels around the world, a club room is a room that is located on a higher floor with access to the club lounge and its benefits such as breakfast, all day refreshments and cocktail reception included. I have stayed in several hotels with club floor access and benefits but in Oasia Hotel, their club room offers a completely different experience from other hotels offering.

For executive club lounge access, many hotel have it on one of the level with rooms located on the same level but it's different for Oasia hotel downtown. Their club floor level is an entirely new level of club lounge access provided to club room guests. The club floor level has a infinity pool exclusive only for club guests and there were plenty of living spaces for club guests to soak in the breeze and view instead of being confined in a typical executive lounge. They do have a room for guests to take the all day refreshments but isn't it wonderful to be able to chill at the club floor without any disturbance, privacy, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. Their hotel policy has highlight that club rooms and club facilities are not child-friendly so they do not encourage children below 12years to access. So no worries for any rowdy kids making a ruckus on the club floor level. So i guess it is recommended only for couples or business travellers.

Some refreshments from the executive lounge.
We went for our late lunch at the nearby eateries, initially my plan was to visit the arteastiq for a painting session, but eventually decided to head back to our room to enjoy movie and i get to soak in my bathtub. Hahaha. 

It was so comfortable that Jeremy fall asleep, after his nap, we went down to the club floor again for a swim. we are really leading the lifestyle living. Hahaha

There were not much guests swimming in the pool but i guess i know why, the water is so cold! I don't get it, does most hotel pools don't install some form of heater for the pool nowsdays? I always thought its only Malaysia hotels because most of the hotels i stayed in Singapore are not as cold as the one i swim in Malaysia hotel. It doesn't help even when there are sunlight shining in. hurhur

On the same club level, they have this beds located by the pool but surrounded by the greenery.
Took some photos first before we went down for our swim!

After our swim, we get changed and getting ready for our cocktail reception. The cocktail reception starts from 6pm to 8pm. Some canape that we took during the cocktail reception

As the club lounge is not very big in size, and we saw other club guests taking their drinks outside so we know that we are free to grab a seat outside on the club floor and order our drinks. Most of the guests don't hang inside the lounge but choose to sit by the poolside enjoying the breeze. So for us, we choose to sit outside nearing the pool and it was so comfortable that we hang around there until it was close to 9pm just chilling.The atmosphere is really good. 
We do remember to take some photos. Haha
Not much people after the cocktail reception, but i thought it would be better if their cocktail reception menu can be improve with more selection of drinks. The menu has limited selection and not to my liking especially i usually drink cocktails instead of wines or beers.

Heading back to the hotel after we decided to play darts nearby, it was the first time we play darts together. Yay and apparently my skills is better than him. Haha, the next morning, we woke up late so it was already 10am by the time we went down even though we went down at 10am for the breakfast.

Back at home for dinner that day, another feast to celebrate my birthday!
And on Sunday, another dinner. Tell me how to not get fat. hurhur. do one hour cardio workout not even enough to burn calories for any of the meals. Haha
And this summarise my celebration birthday post for this year!
Excited for my Phuket trip. will update till then!