Saturday, March 25, 2017

A compilation of my gatherings with JJ,JY!

Hello readers! This post shall be a combination of our several gathering. This was taken like last year during xmas outside Plaza Singapure! Oops. Hahaha in fact its already november by the time i decide to write this post dated in Mar, i have all these photos to help me recap what we have done. 

We arranged to meet up as i prepared xmas presents for them and they was so surprised to receive the present. Hahahaha. 

Our dinner in Plaza Singapure, we had korean cuisine at the basement level.

On another separate occasion, we went in JB for some cheap shopping and food since the exchange rate is 1 sgd to 3 ringgit. We had Arashi for our lunch follow by desserts!

We was shopping at KSL, JY bought her contact lens while i got myself a brand new glasses! They can do the eyecheck for you on the spot and takes about 1hour to get it done so you doesn't have to go back again to collect the glasses.

I did my glasses from this shop in KSL.

We try playing the claw machine and took us awhile before we finally caught two of these toys!
 Ayam Penyet at City square for our dinner!

 Love this almond chocolate tart that can be found in city square mall!

I remember at that time, i happen to chance upon news of zoo-themed inflatable playground at the float, and there were a promo for bulk purchase of 4 tickets so i asked them if they want to go and check out this zoo-theme playground since we have never attend any events like this before.

The weather was pretty good when we reached the float, however, halfway it started raining though that didn't stop us from having fun in the playground!
 There were many kids, but we couldn't care less especially when our heart is still young too! hahaha
 Initially, it took us quite awhile to learn how to adjust and balance ourselves because the kids was having so much fun inside and we had to pick ourselves up because they was bouncing so hard!

 Look at the sky when it became gloomy, rain is coming!

 We lift the rainbow as the kids was trying to make it lie flat on the ground, i remember we was trying to see who has the most strength by playing along with the kids to lift it up while they are trying to bring us down.
 JJ special stunt. It's really not easy to balance in this inflatable playground hahahaha.
Even though JJ was regretting when he realised this is the event we are attending. Hahahah

Dinner time!

Ending this post with all the funny selfie taken with JY and Jeremy~
Till then.