Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tiger Brewery Tour / Dinner with sisters/brothers for my wedding!

Hello readers! Due to our work, we organised an event and invited participants to join us for the tiger brewery tour! It was also the first time i went to their main HQ to learn how beers is being produced and understand its origins.

So now you guys where to head to if you are finding something to do in Singapore!
This was the lobby or the start of their tour presentation.
We went early to check everything that we had requested is prepared for us before the event.

There is a tour schedule which you may want to check on their website before heading down.
Click Here to find out more.

While waiting for our guests, we take a few funny selfie!

The area where we are hosting our guests for free flow of beers and catering food at the back of the lobby.
We liaise with the vendor with the package that we book that includes the free flow of beers. They are tiger draught, heineken draught, strongbow cider, desperados tequila flavoured beer and erdinger dunkel weissbier.

We ordered each to try but our favourite is the strongbow cider! This! 

It was change to another flavour when they run out the red ones.

There are pool table and darts machine for visitors to hang out in the pub after the tour.

Anyway the address to visit the Tiger Brewery Tour is
459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim S(639934)
To sign up for the tour, it will be $18 for adult and $12 for children.

After the event, i went to meet up with my sisters who has been great helpers during my wedding to thank them for helping me on my wedding! I was sourcing for any good foods around and thought of trying this chops grills and sides : giant XXL platter in Amk.

Address : 727 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 s(560727)

It was challenging to get everyone out for this treat so eventually we proceed with one of the dates where majority could make it.