Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lilliputt indoor golf

Hello readers! I am here to update our experience with Lilliputt indoor golf. 
We arranged to meet at east coast park first before walking over.
We took a direct bus 966 from woodlands interchange to East coast park.
For entry fee, adult cost $19.20, student price at $16 and kids below 12 years old at $12.80.
As we hold a student card so we were still eligible for the student price. Haha
This will be the second time i went there, the first time was with Jeant. You will be required to wear socks when you enter the golf area so do remember to bring a pair of socks with you! 

There are a total of 18 stations for you to play, we receive a scorecard for each player to keep track of the number of time u take to get the ball into the hole, the winner will be the one getting the low score
The penalty will be one cup of bubble tea for the one that lose this game. I was the winner! Haha

Each station will represent one of the tourist attractions in Singapore or renowned places, for eg, Changi Airport, Singapore Zoo, the trading port, the public transportation system. I like how creative they design the golf course because it may look like kids play because it's called mini golf, but it takse some skill to hit the ball into the hole.

For eg, this station of MRT, u will have to hit the ball up the slope before the ball will drop in the train cubicle and the machine will produce the sounds of MRT announcing that door are closing before transporting the ball to another station and the ball will drop out and you will have to start hitting the ball from another angle to the hole.

We were busy taking photos in the first few stations and this game took us more than 2hours and we have yet to complete the 18 stations. Haha 

 Jieying trying to imitate JJ pose.

I went to my facebook account to retrieve the photo taken on the same chicken rice taken in 2013!
Now that it's 2015 and i still can't finish the plate of chicken rice. Hahaha

I am really happy when i have successfully shed off those extra kilo of weight because i look prettier after the weight loss. It was tough but i guess it has hit me to an extent that i really need to do something about it before i gain even more weight! With a positive mindset, i think there is really nothing that you can't achieve, only if you put ur 101% effort in it. It was not easy feat to be discipline, going to the gym, exercising and eating healthy. But i am glad that i have accomplish it and hoping those weight don't come back again la hor!

A gift from Jieying & JJ when they visit my house as we were having our cny gathering at my house.
To many more years ahead of our friendship and looking forward to travel overseas together next time!