Monday, August 31, 2015

Graduation Day, Royal Holloway, University of London

Hello readers! It was my graduation day, Royal Holloway, University of London at the fullerton hotel on 31st august.
Be prepared as i will be spamming lots of photos taken during my graduation ceremony!
Before that, i went to collect my graduation gown and mortarboard, i couldn't help it to try it on duffy! hahaha, i forgot to use hairpins when i was wearing this as i had to make sure it was not going to drop as i went up stage to collect my scroll!
Boyfriend helping me to adjust my sash because it kept falling down or just not properly aligned, so irritated with it.

our graduation ceremony ended around 3 to 4plus before it was the tea time buffet!
the buffet is really good. hehe
Nowsdays it has been hard for us to meetup with everyone busy at work, and i am really lazy to even go out even when its the weekends.

 ask the bf to make some ridiculous face and he makes really ridiculous funny expression. HAHA

 Taken with Belinda and Xueqi

 we managed to take this photo before the entire ceremony ended! too bad JY and elliott couldnt reach early else they could been able to keep one of this photo taken with them too!
i am so glad that i have finally graduated, when everyone first heard of UOL, their perception of the university was ,' very difficult to pass one!' 'its hard' but i like to assure you, its not that hard actually.
there was assignments and exams and basically its quite easy to pass, but not if you are aiming for a first class honours la, its good enough for me to get a 2nd class upper considering i don't put so much effort staying up late to study, i sleep when its time to sleep. HAHA.

anyway, i was waiting for Elliott and JY after everyone was gone because we agreed to take photos together!
they surprised me because i was telling JY i don't want a graduation bear because i would end up selling it away later at carousell, the bear that i was holding was yuna's, good for phototaking and i don't own it. HAHA
so elliott and JY plus JJ contribute together for these congratulation balloons and the teddy bear bouquet of flowers! thank you!
 I like this bouquet of teddy + flowers because the flowers is artificial so it wont die and i am still keeping as it is in this original condition.

bad lighting that make me look ugly!

I felt very blessed to have my bf and my closest friends to attend my graduation ceremony because my mum and olm wasn't interested to attend, haha
but it would also been difficult for me to hang out with my friends if they come along, so its not necessarily a bad thing.

They was taking turns to try on the gowns.
 This was actually the robing room and no one was here after the ceremony so we took the chance to take alot of photos here because the lighting is actually quite decent over here
and they got this big mirror which i can use to take a full body shot. heehee
It happens that the background gives that old school chalkboard setting, and was more than happy to make full use of it! i look so good compared to when i had my graduation in poly.. HAHA

 and welcoming the cute boy from next door, who also 'graduated' ! HAHAHA
he look really cute wearing this graduation gown!
and the tall girl Jieying! she is officially graduating soon next year! can't wait to attend hers!
JJ couldn't join us as he has classes and we met up with him after our phototaking session,
elliott has a long way to go before he graduate, but i think he is gonna be so happy when he finally graduated because he is going through a hard time for his degree, hope he can managed to graduate! so maybe this can be considered an act of motivation for him, to buck up to get to see the day when he can wear his own graduation gown!!
one of my good close guy friend that i had since secondary school, 
forever listening to my complaints and giving me opinions or at least side me in scolding the person to make me feel so much better aftertat! HAHA
because i don't need just a listening ear but one that listen and respond to what i have to say.
so thank you for being one of my closest friends that would listen to my complaints even though i may have ranted on social media. HAHA

 same goes for Jieying which we have been texting each other before i officially start work and we still do, i may not have time to meet my friends regularly, but i appreciate the contact we have when we still whatsapp each other when we couldn't meet up often.
 my genuine happy smile look!

and this is what i mean when my sash cannot stay on my shoulders!
this was taken when we tried to put the camera on a chair and use the timer effect

 become miss pageant liao. HAHA
 love the goofy photo, just like the old days when we used to take mass spam of group photos!

 and the graduation pen that JY bought for me!

 and me taking my own selfie when the rest was doing some other stuffs behind me..

After all the photo taking session, JJ was done with his classes so le bf drove us all to pick JJ before we went to chomp chomp for our dinner!
i get changed into more casual wear outfit because it would be uncomfortable for me to wear formal attire to eat at hawker centre!
and took more selfies on that day,
i don't really mind because i spend alot of effort on my makeup on that day! HAHA

I enjoyed the feeling where we ordered alot of different dishes and eat together!
even though we have the smell of hawker centre aftertat, but what mattars is the food are nice and we are happy!
no restriction of foods! yay!
aftertat, i brought them to tried bingsu! as le bf and i went there the other time with xav and xueqi which they introduce the nunsongyee bingsu located near the serangoon gardens, this is the address
 Nunsongyee 눈송이
45 Burghley Drive #01-04, Singapore 559022 (15-20 min walk from Lorong Chuan MRT)
if you guys are interested! i think driving in is much more accessible!
definitely a good place to hang out if you are looking to catch up with your friends and without being restricted, price is still decent but recently i found another bingsu store at Jcube which sell less than $10 for their bingsu, its located at lvl 2, so u guys can go check it out if you are a fan of bingsu, but the shop is more of a place for just eat and go. so
for a chitchat hang out/dating place, you might want to consider Nunsongyee!
can share the bingsu anyway since its quite a big bowl for one person to eat
my usual order, choco banana! the safest. 

forgot what i laughed so hard for.
so after our dessert time before we actually went home, there was a short going back to donning the graduation gown because JJ couldnt join them earlier. HAHA
so here we start again!

 and JJ get to experience wearing his graduation gown before he graduated in 2017! because he studied the same course as me! so its the same gown he gonna wear when he graduate! HAHA

and so that pretty sums up my graduation day spent with this bunch of loving friends!
thanks for all the balloons and flowers and making the effort to come down because i had hosted a graduation chalet back in apr, and they can choose not to come down, but they did!
 i feel super honoured/happy/blessed for you guys to be present on this special day of mine!
Thank you!
till then! will update soon about the family photoshoot that i had the next day after my graduation day.