Friday, August 21, 2015

It's my Birthday!

Hello readers! This was one of my favourite photo of my duffy!
I had no idea how i managed to snap this photo of her until i was transferring the photos and realised i had this shot of her.
I was pretending to be a paparazzi taking shots of her asking her to stay still for me while trying out olm's camera.
I thought i can finally blog today about my usual birthday celebration even though i don't get excited anymore celebrating my birthday each year ever since i reach the age of 21. hahaha.
This year bf was unable to celebrate my birthday with me as he had to go overseas due to his work, and i was actually quite lazy to ask my friends out on my birthday which i don't really mind staying at home and not doing anything.
I was surprised when there was a lady who came knocking at my door in the morning and delivered this to me!

And i don't have to guess but this was from le boyfriend!
it was quite unexpected because i wasn't really expecting him to buy for me any gift etc and i love this bouquet of roses so much because its just too pretty!
There was a small postcard along with the roses, i was asking why he wrote in a way that is kind of formal because he don't call me by my name. HAHA but he told me he didn't know who will receive the bouquet of roses if its not me so in case anyone rejected the roses, the name can be used to identify that its the correct address.

spamming lots of this photos because, roses don't last or any kind of flowers, and i am not so hardworking to make it into some sort of dried flowers. so they goes into the bin.. (when they are no longer fresh and good..) even so, but i still love receiving flowers!

the curious duffy trying to sniff the bouquet of roses when she saw i was carrying this big bouquet of roses from the living room to my room. 
so i asked her to pose beside this big bouquet of roses

 too cute!

 i took these photos using a camera instead of the camera phone so the photo was quite clear!
I couldn't resist to take some close snapshot of duffy hen olm was carrying her.
she is just so cute!

as usual, my close friend khakis, Jieying and Junjie would arrange a day to bring me out and letting me have the choice to decide what i want to eat for my birthday treat!
at that time, i got the sudden urge for some hawker food, very sinful but yummy food!
so they accomodate me to the choice of the hawker centre, as JJ was working on that day so we meet up after his work at a more central area so it was easier for us to meetup, so we went to newton hawker centre. which in my opinion is kinda of overrated compared to other hawker centres.
We ordered the differnet kind of food from different stalls, the perks of eating in hawker centre is, you don't have to stick to eating just one kind of food, if you have a big group, most of the times you can ordered differnt kind of foods like what we do, rojak, otah, stingray, carrot cake, oyster and tom yum soup!
Most of the times, the food appeal is not photo/instagram worthy, but sometimes they actually taste even better than those foods you had in cafe that you would rather eat what taste good than eating food that only look nice on the surface but taste average in reality.

Both of them bought me 6 cupcakes as a form of replacement of a birthday cake!
actually hor, i don't really like cupcakes. hahaha, but i didn't want to destroy the effort they put in by getting me all these cupcakes from twelve cupcakes.
Beside, i was so full after our dinner at the hawker centre, so we decided to walk around orchard road before we found a place for us to sit down and just chilling around before we open the cupcake box to share the cupcakes! HAHAHA.
each of us had one and i was trying to ask them to take home the rest of the cupcakes but it failed!
hahahaha, i don't eat cupcakes because i find the top part which had alot of cream and i don't like any all the cream because i find that its too sweet for me.
if you guys ever read this post, please don't buy me cupcakes ok. hahaha.
times flies and we have known each other for almost 7 years since our poly days!

some photos taking before we had our cupcake eating session.
I receive another birthday cake which olm bought for me from bengawan solo.
even though its a fruit cake, but its lemon flavour.
i hate lemon. Olm couldn't find any other cake shop when she was waiting for me to finish my interview so she decided to bought this cake from Bengawan Solo. in the end i get my mum to distribute the cakes to her colleagues because i don't eat this lemon flavour cake and it would be wasted if no one eats it and it had to be thrown away.
On another separate day, had to merge
and another day with Michelle gf fr my birthday celebration,
i managed to reach her workplace safely with the aid of GPS and we drove ourself to westgate because she rarely goes there, went the wrong way and we ended up like taking a longer route to reach there, cos i have never drive before from amk to jurong. so have to follow the gps to bring me on a longer route!

 my birthday present, she would always ask what i want, but i can't think of anything because i don't lack of anything, so its up to her to buy anything she find that i would use!
and i have to say, i love this DKNY bag that she buy for me!
i was using it the next day!
and we went to had our dinner at this korean restaurant in westgate, i can't remember the name so i called it a restaurant, first time trying and apparently they help u to cook all the ingredients and u can request for extra ingredients like adding cheese/noodles etc.
not bad!
bf wanted to go hai di lao for my makeup birthday dinner treat, i really regret not going and choosing to eat at his house nearby mall, this stupid chicken up restaurant.
i can still remember how we was waiting outside and the mgr told us to wait for 5min before seating us, we get it, but he keep coming out whenever we thought its ready to enter to tell us to wait for awhile more.
so it has been like 2 to 3 times we get up from the waiting seat and wanted to go in only to have him informing us to wait alittle bit.
and i can still remember the expression the bf has when he say, one more time he come out just to ask us wait he is going to fuck him upside down. damm funny.
i mean, you say once is enough la, u keep coming out and we thought we can go in but was cheated in a way makes us feel like an idiot.
and i wanted to try initially because yuna say its was reasonable and nice for this restaurant,
but maybe its different views but this restaurants sucks big time for me!
i don't really get how kimchi fries can cost $18.
and 4 pieces of this pathetic looking chicken can cost $20
and this mini bingsu add total bill of $50 plus
i should just go hai di lao! even if the bill might be $200 but at least the superb customer service and the food make me feel its still worth it.
i feel that i was practically eating rubbish because its not special or anything unique compared to other restaurant,
i think KFC chicken taste even nicer than this and it does not cost a bomb at all!
i went to buy a fillet o fish burger for bf afterthat because it was not full for him.
so i strongly discourage anyone visiting this chicken up restaurant that is just not worth to try. waste money, waste calories. my stomach feel funny the next day, probably because it was too spicy,
horrible experience that i won't ever visit again.
their bingsu is not exactly nice too, thank god i ordered the mini one!

we went to another place sometime ago, called nunsongyee , the address that i pasted it below for bingsus! and this is so much nicer! and 2 person could actually share one bowl cos its quite big!
 Nunsongyee 눈송이
45 Burghley Drive #01-04, Singapore 559022 (15-20 min walk from Lorong Chuan MRT)

we went by car, because i think its quite far if you want to walk/take bus,
will want to visit it again next time!
so that pretty sum up my simple birthday celebration that was break up in different days.
can't be bothered to celebrate birthdays anymore.
getting older and there is no way of going back.
till then!