Sunday, May 29, 2016

Staycation at Marina Bay Sands! Sentosa Funfest

Hello readers! I had a wonderful staycation with love last friday, 
It was quite an impromptu decision as i was chatting with JY one day and i forgot how our conversation started but she managed to get her friend to book for me the Marina Bay Sands room!
Marina Bay Sands Hotel- checked!
Even though it has been a few years since Marina Bay Sands first opened, it was the first time i stayed over at their room, even though i went once before to attend a friend's 21st party at MBS, but i didn't get the impression that it was awesome staying there probably because there were too many people in the room, everyone was partying, drinking etc. The room was messy as well etc.
I didn't go to their infinity pool at that time because it was raining heavily, but fortunately this time round, i visited the highly raved infinity pool!
One of the best infinity pool i feel so far,if not for the fact that it do get super crowded at night.
We was driving to MBS, and apparently the carpark is not free for hotel guests, so take note it used to be $6 for hotel guest, even though we checked the carpark rates app and it was stated $6, but actually it cost $8 now for 24 hours parking, they had increased the rate, alternatively, you can choose valet parking which cost $12 and it is multiple entry for 24hours.
So we bought the self-parking $8 for 24hours since we were not exactly going anywhere except suntec city and we could just walk which is better than driving to suntec.
Me with my selfie moments as bf was driving us to our hotel to check in!

Sometimes i get quite confused with the shopping mall layout in MBS, just like the other day we spend quite some time trying to figure out how to get to Todai as it was located at the corner.
This was us taking a photo again as we was waiting for our turn to approach the counter to collect our hotel keycards.
we took quite awhile to walk to the hotel front desk as they had three tower and there were quite a long queue, but luckily JY's friend has help us to prepare our room in advance already, before that she asked me the no of pax coming so that she can arrange for the keycard as one keycard will gain one entry to the infinity pool.
The infinity pool is strictly only for hotel guests.
So when its our turn, i gave the staff our confirmation code before they did the pre-authorisation and we collected our keys!
JY's friend help us to get a higher floor, our room number was 4384! level 43!
This was the entrance of our room.

Upon entering, on the right side is the bathroom,
I love the bathroom!

I love this bathtub! the room and bathroom were very clean!

Using olm's camera, waiting for next week IT show to see if i can find any good camera! Aiming to change to a new phone by next week, my current note 3 is dying, or rather the battery is faulty.
The phone battery runs out super fast, probably within hours and i had to charge it most of the time.

They have two separate section for toilet bowl and standing shower.

the shower room

moving on to the bedroom area, i was quite impressed because there are so many rooms in MBS and its not easy making all the room well-maintained despite it has already been few years since its opening!

they have splendid view! initially JY's friend was asking if i want cityview, but i didnt get that because it cost slightly more, but this is like seaview which is equally awesome!
I still remember telling love when we was taking the plane back from KL 2 months ago that those ships was parked so orderly, and little did i know i was going to see those ships again right in front of our hotel room!

This was our view when we was at the balcony,
The daybed!
Working desk area,

me posing with this awesome bed that we are sleeping for the night.
i was going to buy the brand that the hotel uses for their bed for my own house next time!
photo-taking moment before we headed off for our lunch,
we checked in around 2pm because i had too much things to pack.
asking love to take photo with me and he was resting on the daybed instead.
a proper photo of us!

i was telling love that we need to practise some poses together before we take the official wedding photoshoot, if not it is going to be awkward on the day of our photoshoot.
so we was trying this kind of arms over my head pose. haha!
kay-siao look at me and i look elsewhere pose~
not bad i guess, need to do more practising ourselves for those poses. haha

afterthat, we went to had our late lunch because by the time we settle everything it was already close to 3pm, we took a walk from helix bridge to marina square.
We had manhatten for lunch!
it was a friday afternoon so there were not much crowd.
while waiting for our food..take 1

and take 2.

him and his game.

we had this scallop, fish and chicken set! not sure if its because we were hungry but it was quite nice!
It happen they had 1 for 1, so 2 set of this actually cost only $18.95++!

After our late lunch, we make our way to suntec city, i wanted to buy a selfie stick because the one that Jeremy sis gave it to me was spoiled while on our way to the hotel, so i needed a new one,
it was the CEE show and not the IT fair show, help my friend to buy some powerbank and spent some time choosing all the different colour of the powerbank. haha.
i managed to buy my selfie stick which cost only $8!
but i went back the next day after we checked out to buy another 2 selfie stick, the guy who recognised me was asking if i was buying to resell, i was buying one to keep as a spare and the other one was buying on behalf of JY.
bf also bought this smart tv box during the CEE which allow us to watch all the different kind of shows such as Taiwan, HK, English, korean drama, movies etc. It also stores some KTV songs, it cost only $169! and so far we are still trying out the smart tv box, but it has been quite useful that we may consider bringing it out now whenever we had staycation or going on holiday! haha.
It was around evening before we decided to buy back some food to had our dinner in the room, else no point booking a room without us staying in most of the time right? haha

we bought some food, and we were careful not to touch the minibar items because the minibar comes with the sensor and it will auto charged to the account if we tried to remove any of the items.
we went back to our room with our shopping stuffs before le bf tried to test the smart tv box while i am taking more selfie by myself! haha.

later on, i asked le bf to join me, haha he was lazy but i forced him thus the stupid look on his face. haha

after that, we went to check out the infinity pool which is located at level 57.
while waiting for our lift, this was the view at the lift corridor.
beautiful view from our level!

got to say the window glass is so clean that it doesn't look like there is any glass blocking us from taking such beautiful view.

All these photo is taken from olm's casio camera.
a smartphone can never beat the camera in taking beautiful photos.

As i mentioned earlier, each keycard grant one guests inside the infinity pool.
we was surprised because there were quite alot of people hanging out at the pool, and this is so far the biggest infinity pool that i had been compared to other hotels. probably because they are linked together from tower 1 to tower 3.

a photo of the infinity pool as our background view!

I didn't know the infinity pool is so big as they have several bars and restaurant inside the area itself.
as it was too crowded so i told bf we will come up later at around 10plus hoping the crowd will be lesser.
As there were too many people chilling and hanging out at the pool.

Most of them with camera taking photos! which also includes us.

some photos is of poor quality as i took those using my handphone instead.

We went back to our room afterthat, watched some movies before we went up again to the pool.
decided to bun up my hair before going back to the pool.
the pool starts from 6am to 11pm.

I was asking le bf to come and take photo with me, but he was irritated cos i kept asking him to take photo. so he got all these silly faces. haha

It was nice swimming in the pool having such beautiful city view, even though the photos that i took using my phone doesn't justify that, but i think its a must try to come here to admire the view from the pool.
the view from marina bay sands is much more spectacular compared to other hotels view that i had stayed in town.

The next morning, i told le bf we are going to get up at 6am to go to the pool, but i couldn't really wake up so i only managed to swim again at around 9am instead which there were lesser people compared to night time.
After we went back to our room, we was able to admire the view from our room, especially  garden by the bay that kept the colour and there were music coming from the garden by the bay.
we wanted to go there but i got lazy. haha
This was us the next morning, dipping in the pool again.

we checked out at around 11am, overall it was a simple and enjoyable staycation with love after he has recently ended his paper! so it was sort of a celebration that he is free at least for a few months!
On sunday, we drove to Sentosa to participate this funfest event, a pop up beach with those water slides. i bought the tickets online so it was much cheaper, but i regretted after we was there as i feel the event is more targeted towards family and those who have kids!
Most of the slides are open to let kids play instead.
we get changed to our swimsuit but i think we didnt really get ourselves wet as there were not much water involved.
I love my new swimsuit that i got it online, it don't really look like a swimsuit but more of a dress instead! Bun up my hair and was telling bf its the first time he saw me tying my hair like this as this was what i used to tie up my hair due to my course while studying at RP.

the sun was too strong so i couldn't kept my eyes open most of the time. haha
in fact the sun was too harsh that i had a headache after returning home and had to take some medicine to relieve the pain.

we stayed for about 1hour or so before we went to get changed, it kinda sucks that they had portable toielts but they had no shower room, we play some foam and it was sticky for us after that and we couldnt get ourself bath. tsk.

shall end for now.
till then.