Thursday, May 26, 2016

Old School Delights, Udders Ice-cream, Todai Buffet at Marina Bay Sands

Hello readers!
It has been awhile since i am here to update my blog again!
Here's a photo of my recent meet-up with JJ and JY!
We arranged for a meet up last saturday to discuss our upcoming trip which is happening in nov, even though it is still early,but i thought we can go through the itinerary that i had planned because i will be quite busy in the next couple of months at least.
I love how we can sit in the cafe and chat for hours, most of the time we was catching up and we was side tracking most of the time
Time has pass so fast and this year marks our 8 years of friendship together!

This was taken while we decided to have some udders ice-cream since they have a larger space compared to salted caramel for us to sit down and chit chat again.
We ordered a waffle with ice-cream for sharing!
We choose the earl grey and dark chocolate flavor but i prefer the chocolate over the earl grey flavor though.
Before that we was trying out this cafe named, 'old school delights'
All these cafes are located at upper Thomson road.
this was the menu that was given to us which looks like exercise book that we used to had when we was still studying in primary school.
their selection of dishes is quite standard, i ordered a chicken cutlet with rice while JY had curry chicken which i forgot to take a photo of it. 
Ordered my dessert, but they had put too much coconut and milk and it was so sweet that i only had like two spoonful, don't waste my calories! haha
we went to yishun that day wanting to have nakhon thai but as usual, the queue was so long, we went there quite late so no point waiting for so long if it means we are only going to have our dinner at 9pm.
So we went to a nearby tze char at yishun to settle our dinner,
and it was so funny when JJ was mentioning that we had downgraded from chatting at cafe to kopitiam.
we was talking so much crap most of the time, 
But so far i think our itinerary is slightly fixed according to what i planned, we discuss on having a pool fund for our food during our trip.
This is going to be so exciting as it will be the first time 3 of us are travelling overseas together!
Last week, we meet up again to have buffet dinner together at Todai, in Marina Bay Sands
JY went ahead to book the reservation for four of us including Jeremy.
It has been so long since i had buffet, but it should also be my last buffet of the year as i really need to watch my diet to be a beautiful bride next year! haha, we went to take different food items to the table as sharing, this is also the first time i am having buffet with them as well! haha
The oyster is so fresh that i had quite a few! whenever the chef place the oyster at the ice tray, it will be gone within seconds.

our first presentation of the dish that we placed it on our table, subsequently we continued many rounds of oysters,prawns, seafood etc.
Actually, by the time we was almost finishing our 1st round of food, i was quite full already. haha
so i went to take dessert even though they was asking, 'wa you so fast eat dessert already?!'
HAHA, i don't follow the sequence, dessert section is one of my favourite when it comes to buffet.
Todai has macaroons as well!
We had quite alot of the blueberry macaroons even though JY mentioned last time they used to place it on a pyramid tower but this time round it only placed at one mini section.

This was the crab leg, it was so big that it was worthy to take a photo of it! haha
Initially they only had blueberry macaroons, when it was nearing about 9pm, we saw they had these pink macaroons! and this was bigger than the blueberry macaroons that we had,
so we took everything, it was left with about 3 pieces at that time, JY wanted to ask if we can have more but she was shy ,we went together and i went to ask this female chef whether they still have the pink macaroons and she was so kind by going to the fridge and taking out 5 more macaroons for us!
we bring it back to the table aftertat to share with JJ.
photo taking while at Todai.
with our pink macaroons!

After our buffet dinner, we was so full!
I was having a long weekend as i applied for my off day in lieu the next day, 
so we went to take a walk around before going to the Helix bridge.
To be honest, it was still the first time since i went to the Helix bridge,
the light was so beautiful, and we decided to take some photos there!

after this photo was taken, i was telling JY that she has such long and slim legs eh!
haha envious even though she was complaining that she hate her height.
a photo with le bf!
 i bought my selfie stick that will goes in handy when i go overseas for more photo-taking with them soon.

Shall end for now,
next coming post, my Marina Bay Sands Staycation with love!