Thursday, April 14, 2016

Trampoline Workout/ Waterway point mall

Hello readers! I went for a trial session of trampoline workout sometime ago, activesg was celebrating their annual sports day, so they had piloxing,zumba and trampoline workout,
so i paid $18 for the one session of trampoline!
This was one of the shot that was taken when we was working out on the trampoline.
This was the first time i tried working out on a trampoline, previously i only went to the trampoline park and was just jumping around on the trampoline,
and i find this is quite good as the impact on the knees is lesser, and even though your legs will feel wobbly when we are working out on the trampoline,
i don't really feel too much leg aching the next day.

They had open more classes at different locations and i had sign up for 10 sessions starting in June!
so i am quite excited to work out on my leg starting in June!
a selfie before i went out with Jeremy to waterway point the other day!
anyway, waterway point mall looks more like a food heaven to me as i realised every level in the mall has restaurants even though the carpark and directional signs look confusing like vivocity.
We went outside the mall and took some photos, olm suggested to us that we can reccee this place as one of my wedding photoshoot locations, but i don't really find it is suitable for us to do our wedding photoshoot here so this is out! But take some couple selfie here is still ok la.

This was one of the bridge that is located outside the waterway point.
The background are those shops that is located inside the waterway point, they are still building those houses on top of the mall, so there were some pending construction.

We had Din Tai Fung after walking around, exploring each level,
before we heads to serangoon gardens for dessert!
In the end we settle for Wimbly Lu as this was the first time we tried it out, i love the chocolate and the waffles!
shall end now.
till then.