Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Xiao Yun's Farewell meal/ KTV/ Hanging out

Hello readers! It has been awhile since i last update my blog again. After working for 2 years, my colleague has found a better prospect a new job elsewhere thus she is leaving and we decided to organise for her a farewell meal. I was really happy for her even though we work pretty close together and it would be sad to see her leave especially we have the rapport and already turned from colleagues to friends as we could share almost everything however nothing last forever, i won't even know what might happen in the next couple of year for myself too so when there is  a good opportunity i strongly support her to switch for the sake of her own career.

We decided to throw her a early birthday celebration together with her farewell too since she won't be in office since her birthday is next mth and her last day falls on this coming friday. We decided on dining at Pu tien since both xy and i didn't try the food here before.
Here's wishing her all the best in her new job! Irene was saying how she didnt have a cake for her birthday so we get her to share together with XY to take a birthday cake photo together. Hahaha

It has also been sometime since i last meet up with JY and JJ for dinner. As most of us stay around the north region so we decided to hang around yishun northpoint city so it's easier to get home later. Hahaha as we grow older, we get lazier to hang out further. Haha

This month is also gf michelle birthday! We went to Teo heng KTV but realised the sound system is really bad and so we arrange another meet up session to visit the Kstar located at orchard central.
It was the first time i went K star and the sound system, atmosphere is well worth the price you pay!

Ultimately, i always believe, what you pay is what you get. If you want cheap, the quality will be compromised. Even if the products/services you get is cheap initially, that is because they want to create awareness, getting more market share, eventually when their business are stable, they are going to increase the price definitely in order to sustain their business. So if you want to sing but quality doesn't mattars, teo heng is the way to go, but if you want awesome sound system, nice atmosphere, doesn't mind the pricing then you should try K star.
K star has lots of instagram worthy spots for you to take photos, and this include this Mr Brown bear sitting on the couch that Michelle and i decided to take a selfie together!
and a few couple of my own selfie shots. Haha

Shall end this post for now.
Till then!