Sunday, September 23, 2018

Thailand Hat Yai 3D Magic Museum, Centara Grand for Massage, Containers Cafe Day 3 - 4

Hello readers! It's our 3rd day in Hat Yai, we was trying all the different type of foods for breakfast everyday at Kim Yong market.  I prefer the meat floss bread more though.

After our breakfast, we went to Hat Yai 3D Magic Museum! If i didn't remember wrongly the entrance fee is 200 baht and if you would like to watch the magic show it will be 400 baht per pax. 
So we opt for the magic show as well.

I manage to get my parents joining the fun to take photo in this 3D magic museum since we are waiting for the magic show to start anyway.

There were some exhibits as we entrance the magic show theatre entrance

As usual, no photo taking is allowed during showtime, so the only photo that i got was only the stage before the show starts, the magic show was generally ok, but it's the first time i attend a show that doesn't have much audience, there were only about two groups plus us 3 group of audience sitting in big theatre and we feel the awkward atmosphere if we don't clap because there is too little audience watching the magic show. Haha
It was early after the magic show, so we grab back to hotel to rest before heading for our massage that i had make an online booking previously before we came to Hat Yai, after all the googling, i decided to go Centara Grand for the massage! In fact they had the menu online so i was already browsing the type of massage that i would like to do and choose for my parents and Jeremy.

I didn't choose to stay here because i thought the room looks pretty old from other guests reviews, hahaha, but jeremy seem to like this place because of the strategic location as it is accessible to the market, foods stall etc.

The spa is located beside the swimming pool, initially i wanted to let my parents try their thai massage but the staff highlight that it is painful so eventually i change all to the aromatherapy massage, but i think my dad is too fat because he don't think the strength is good, so maybe next time i choose a super painful one for him. wahahaha. 

After choosing the type of massage that i want, we was given the lemongrass drink, Jeremy didnt warned me and tell me it's nice until i take the first sip and he laughed because i hate lemongrass drink. tsk. We was directed to the dressing room to change, personally i feel the aromatherapy massage is kinda of painful when the person massage at certain parts. I think maybe i have really low pain tolerance. It's not too painful for me to scream but it's not too comfortable that i want to fall asleep kind as i am tolerating the pain. Haha
After we finished our massage, we took grab transport to this containers cafe for afternoon tea break! 

The cafe was pretty crowded with students reserving it for study, almost similar like starbucks cafe. Haha, there were no seats inside, so we ended up finding one outside at level 2. It's also the first time i ordered coffee for mum and dad because they don't usually drink western coffee.

 I get myself a chocolate while Jeremy choose lime juice. eew. Hahaha

It was raining when we was at the cafe, so we waited awhile before decided to grab to the nearby greenway night market. Personally i think Greenway night market will be suitable for teenagers as the sellers tend to sell clothes,accessories more targeted towards young teens, i didn't find anything that i like or the seller don't allow trying.
Oh well.
Sunday crowd appear to be lesser than saturday, we bought similar dishes and have our last night dinner at the hotel again. Though this time i was more greedy and bought two big fish. Hahahaha

 After the dinner, Jeremy and I went out to explore since there is some mid autumn celebration going on, so we simply walked around and saw this big tentage with performances going on

 On the other side of the street, there is a long stretch of stalls set up selling all sort of different foods.

We bought burapha bird nest to try, best consume when chilled! It comes with hot ginseng tea too which was not our favourite. Hahaha

On the 4th day, which was our last morning as we are taking a night flight back, we went back to kim yong market again, my parents wanted to buy the soursop and custard apples which cost really cheap over here compare to purchasing it in Singapore.

Hahahaha, look at how happy they are posing at our hotel after our trip back from the market.
They bought lots of soursop, later i realised its cost $6 here but $30 plus in Singapore.

We took a tuktuk to Chok Dee dimsum, it was very crowded but generally the staff will guide you to empty seating area, give you a number and you can start to queue to choose your dim sum.
We ordered the medium bak kut teh too.

Coconut ice-cream!

Hahaha and the non so appealing  chicken rice that cost $2 when we bought it for lunch, it's actually taste quite good and the serving is unlike SG $2 chicken rice.
In summary, i think Hat Yai is a good place to visit if you are looking for a comfortable budget for your holiday trip. Foods are generally cheaper here compare to Bangkok. Entertainment wise, i can't comment much since there are still other parts of Hat Yai that i haven't explore yet, but it's a good stopover if you are planning to visit other parts of Thailand/Malaysia.

Shall end this post.
Till then!