Sunday, September 25, 2016

Storytelling Time!

Hello readers! I am here to update my blog again! This post has no photo except a selfie plus lengthy texts so you may want to skip if you do not like to read. This post took me sometime to craft it out because i was very busy and i had no time to blog until recently. I find the need to express the truth on my blog even though the person probably think they have the last win. 

Before i start my storytelling time, i need to introduce the two main lead characters name so its easy for me to refer, so there's D for Dick and F for Fake.

I am really glad that my sister, her friend, A and JY is no longer working in that clinic anymore and because of this incident, i have seen F true colors. It's not a bad thing afterall, because after this post, we no longer had anything to do with each other. I feel apologetic to JY for referring her to this job because the last thing i expect was Dick hurtling verbal attack to her and she couldn't retaliate because she was stunned because the doc talks like a porcupine to her. (Full of prick) if you can't sense the sarcasm. Haha

Previously, my sister and A was working in this clinic that was co-owned by Dick and other shareholder until the politics was so bad. I used to be close with the admin staff, F so when i heard that she was looking to hire more staff at the new clinic, i referred JY in, she did approach me before they even officially started the clinic when i was looking for a full time job after graduation whether i want to go over and help them out. But i never had a good impression of Dick because we have worked together previously when he was doing just locum. His character can be seen from his actions when i used to work with him. He was on very good terms with my sister so we had different view on him because she find him good but i find him terrible.  This proves that i was right all along, i don't even have to do much, because 日久见人心。(我看人的眼光是不会错的.)

Don't ever think all doctors are saint. There are terrible ones that i encountered before, snobbish, punctuality issue, mood swings, not being professional, want to choose the kind of patient they want to see, giving attitude to clinic assistant, looking down on some C.A because they think they are some big fuck. Of course, there are nice doctors around that i worked with and they give me zero trouble,but i am just naming some traits that i deemed as bad doctors.

 After his clinic has been running smoothly for quite awhile, F was hiring more people to join and she approach me again if i would like to join them, even offering to check with Dick to see if she could get me a better rate since i had years of experience already.

After serious consideration, i realised money is not an issue to me, 老娘不缺钱. To ask me to earn my keep from someone i don't like, no way! I rather spend my free time with my dog than facing that Dick. My cute duffy!

JY started working there without any experience so she had to undergo some training, and while they claimed that she has two weeks of training. It's not even 8 hours of training everyday and you claim that she had 2 weeks of training, and even if she did received 8 hours of training everyday, she wouldn't know how to deal with different situation unless she encounter that particular situation during training and what are the probability?

There were only 1 staff working each time because Dick is so cheapskate, asking a new girl to work solo when she barely even had adequate training, you should expect that she might not be experienced enough or she need time to learn how to talk to the patient, how to respond when patient ask certain medicine that she might not be even sure so she need to go and check with you and instead of being patient, you show her fucking attitude!

Its not like she could ask her partner because there were no one working together with her at the same time. Don't compare to those who can work solo because we are talking about Experienced VS Inexperienced over here.  And if you think that going through training (that so called 2 weeks training when she is not even working every single day) is enough to equip her the necessary knowledge, i would strongly question your intelligence level.

Of course, i am not trying to be bias at the same time towards my friend by siding her because there are times when she was pouring her woes to me and i told her that she could use another method to tackle the problem or to ask F or other colleagues if she is unsure because sometimes she might not need to ask the doctor if its a very straightforward question or that the person may really get fed up because you are asking too many questions if he may have already told you before. But she feel bad that she had to disturb others when they are not working but i think she don't really have a choice because Dick is not approachable what. She added on, whenever she did something that was not right, Dick will claim that he is going out to buy something but is actually calling F to complain about her because F will check with her later on the same issue and she get quite frustrated because he was like a complain king. I try to advise her to approach him and talk to him directly, face to face that if he is unhappy with her, he should talk to her directly instead of getting a messenger to pass message because this act make her uncomfortable.

I think this is very important to everyone out there if you are reading this, you do have a choice to speak out and question when you feel that you did nothing wrong to deserve such treatment. 

Besides, talking directly to each other will clear any misunderstanding both parties may have towards each other because you never know how the messenger may twisted the words and facts or misinterpret what is the real message that you are trying to bring across. But JY does not wish to talk to him and choose to avoid and that probably makes Dick getting more and more outrageous. There were few occasions she told me she wanted to quit whenever she feel she had a bad day working with Dick.

Most of the times the frequency of her complaining to me about him is more than i even heard her complaining about patient giving her hell when she is working. As much as I try to encourage her to stay positive because there will always be people like him existing in this world to portray the ugly side of humans, but if she think that quitting would solve the problem, every time she encounter such person, doesn't that means she will need to change job very often next time? Running away from the problem will not solve the problem, but learning how to adapt or to do something about it, is an important soft skill set to acquire so that you can stand up for yourself and not get bullied so frequently.

But at the end of the day, i like to emphasize, it also depends. You need to set your own line to make sure no one goes beyond your limits because there was one incident i find he was too overboard. Using verbal insults on her by telling her 'not to sit down there like a vase if not he just need to pay her $2 can already.' I was really mad when JY told me this, i told JY whether she did responded like ' then you go find someone that want to earn your $2 to man this counter la if not you diam diam.' Or if you can find, i pay you $2 for good job well done. But knowing her personality, she won't say such things. Just because you see her sit down when there is no patients and you start
to become a real DICK because your eye is too sore? Find someone that take the job and earn $2 only then.

 I was fuming as i was complaining to F because he has gone way overboard and i told her if she don't do something about it, it would be a mattar of time before she quit and she can't really blame JY because she had enough of this crap if not for the fact that i had been trying to get her to stay. She could have quit even earlier.

I used to tell F jokingly before the fall out that i am so glad that i am not working with him because the next thing when he show attitude to me, he will have a hell time, because i don't exactly have a good temper to start with. But I don't have PMS like he do as I am just better at managing my anger even though i don't display it often.

But this was not just about JY, my sister and her friend got into this entire tussle with him that was the bomb. He wanted my sister friend, A to quit her full time job and help him out as a full time as he was looking to expand and open another clinic soon and A has told him directly not to wait for her and to hire someone else, but he insisted to wait for her before accusing her that she was cheating him all this while when she really told him that she is not going to quit her full time job to help him. He think his clinic is a highly sought after place that everyone gian to work over there. Oh please. When she rejected him, he was not being professional by not turning up on his duty slot. Childish seriously. That was also the night when A simply tender since they are not bounded by any contract so serving notice was not even required but she did give F a 5 day notice.

For my sister, she went to have a talk to Dick ,like i suggested earlier for JY to communicate with him directly, however it seems that i forgot to mention it has to be a two way channel, the receiving party must be willing to listen and accept it as constructive feedback and not cajoling the person on the surface but revealing his true color at the back.

Talk about rules of management, don't make me laugh. You do not automatically have the management skills just because you read a book. Looking at how you have high turnover rates while managing just a clinic shows alot of your management skills. Management do not include gossiping with their bosses or twisting facts. There are two sides, Good Management and Poor management. So now we know which side you are learning. Good management will maintain professionalism and discretion to whatever that was told to them.

My sister has no intention to work there anymore not because of A leaving the clinic, she probably has observe how cheapskate you are, when she did the artwork for you, claiming that you will pay which you never did, thank god she didn't complete the artwork for you eventually because that how you take people for granted by expecting people to do work for you while you take your bloody sweet time to complete the medical report that my sister required for the insurance claims.

But lm was super nonchalant about this entire big issue when she got removed from the group chat by F. She can't be bothered but i was quite pissed and i only get to know because JY told me. I was pissed not because she lose the job, that was my least concern but the treatment both JY and she got back in return by being kind to F.

Both she and JY informed F earlier to find other replacement and lm telling her she couldn't commit soon in the following month while giving her time to hire new girls. I still remember F telling me Dick wanted to craft out a contract and the notice of serving period will be 3 months. I am not sure if this was eventually implemented, but thumbs up! You have very good management skills! Absolute stupidity. The most ridiculous that i heard from F was Dick suspected that my sister gave him this sudden change of attitude because i had brainwash her and influence her that she behave in such manner towards him. I know i am amazing, but please la, don't think too highly of yourself please. You do not really deserve me to put in any effort to influence others because actions speak louder than words. From your action, i really do not need to do much before everyone come and tell me what a horrible person you are.

If i wanted to brainwash her, i will stop her right at the start when she wanted to work at his clinic, i won't even refer my friend to work at the clinic. As much as i dislike someone, you are so insignificant that i do not find the need to stop anyone that i know from working under him unless they come telling me this kind of nonsense he is doing. Knowing F will probably go back and tell him what i say, it was on purpose that i told her that if he want to see my power of influence, i can show him my influence by getting all of them to quit at the same time! But seriously, i really had better things to do la. So i just decided to make things a little more exciting because i know F love all this gossips and politics because this is what she is good at anyway.

All this while, JY can be considered the most innocent victim because she was not involved in this entire drama. I was just so disappointed with F at how ungrateful she was because both of them was giving her time to find new replacement, they could have just left without serving any further notice because they was not bounded by contract. Management takes a bit longer to craft out contract because they prefer gossip, back stab than doing official work. Oops.

On account of not putting her in a difficult position, they promise to stay until their stated period of time and this was what they got back in return as shown in the screenshot below. I regretted not getting them to leave because i had not expect that it was just an act of pretense to get those sympathy just to stall for time so that they could hire new girls before writing sugarcoated message below as though Dick was the one firing them and not them resigning instead to get back his face. WTF.

Please don't think highly of yourself now just because i dedicate a post to you, i still find you very insignificant but i find the need to remind you that while you tried to think that you have the last laugh, this post serve to remind you to wake up from your dream. Stop dreaming.

So let me decipher this message below sending from Dick after the group was created with F, my sister and JY inside, this message was send out by him. I receive this not long ago just to make sure every single text that he type and i asked JY to forward me this chunk of message so the timing that you see is inaccurate. Just in case someone decided to dig out the screenshot and call me a liar. yawns*

I think he probably get too sensitive after there was one occasion JY texted me that she was not feeling well, so she inform F, and F was not exactly kind to her in the tone, this is what happen when he is too cheapskate, only want to have one person to work in the clinic at one point of time that if one person is sick, no one is going to be there. I believe that JY wouldn't go and pretend that she is sick just to avoid going to work, but she managed to get out of her bed and turn up for work eventually. I had tried to dissuade her from doing so because no one is going to appreciate that, but she decided to go ahead and i respect her decision. But the next thing that she least expect was Dick accusing her that she was just pretending to be sick. So i was proven right that it doesn't pay to be kind. So moving forward, the screenshot below of the entire message,

So, what he wrote, Dick: 'noted that you guys are unable to work this Saturday. In honesty it hurts me greatly to note that theres this general feeling of unhappiness ever since amelia left the clinic abruptly after ending session at 11pm'

How hurt are you? 猫哭耗子假慈悲. Still insisting that the fault does not lies with him, that he is not in the wrong while conveniently pushing the blame to A because he insisted that it was her that started this entire drama. claps* continue living in denial please, everyone know who exactly is in the fault please. This has nothing to do with her resigning from the clinic, stop finding excuses. To clarify the last sentence, A did not left at 11pm, the doctor on duty wanted to leave early, she has managed to ask the dr to stay till 1130pm so they left at 1130pm but this idiot called her and ask her where is the doctor, the doctor was with her and was sending her back because Dick say she was not being fair to him when they are suppose to close at 12am so eventually the relief dr and her u-turn back to open back the clinic when she was already back in woodlands. After that, he decided to twist the fact and say she was a liar.  Well done,come i give you a clap, good job for making a girl cry, having to turn back to open back the clinic. Search for your conscience if you do even have one to start with, if i am her seriously, fuck you i wouldn't u-turn back. That was also the night she decide to quit and he simply blue tick her after that.

Continuing, Dick:  'I want to say that both of you have helped at the clinic and i appreciate your work. (I wonder who has told F that, you better utilise lm well, because she is worth $50 outside at the counter) The real motive comes in,  Dick: 'However sometimes all good things must come to an end ; as i had explained before, if you find that you are unhappy at the clinic, let me know and i will replace you.' (See? this is what, when someone refused to accept the fact that people are quitting on you but you are living in self-denial and think that no, they are not resigning on me but i am replacing them. Joker) 

Dick :'I am unable to operate if my CAs are not consistent and punctual: xx was an example of someone who i cannot afford having around.' (I think you are the one that has punctuality issue to start with, and not being consistent, closing as and when you like and punctuality issue, do you know that the person in that group chat that has punctuality issue is actually F, are you saying that to hint her as well? Have you thought of using a punch card system? Implement it and tell me when she is punctual before you start to accuse others.
But oh well, they wont be there or be bothered to see it anymore.)

Dick :'Pls do not be mistaken that you are not cherished. When lm approached me, i had promised a revision of rates and shift sessions (which has happened we stop at 12am now) at one year mark.' Yes you adjusted your operating hours but did you increase their rate? No. this is a misleading statement. The shift hours has happened but not the revision of rate, skin too thick, omg.

Dick :'Also, you were paid during all extra hours even when doctor is not around and when we close early, with full claimable transport costs.' (Trying to hint that you guys should appreciate that he did not cut your earnings even when he is closing early so you should be grateful! But.. did they ask to close early? No what, if you want to go back early, it should be the right thing to do that you paid them their working hours accordingly, don't make it sound like its an entitlement for them being paid for free. You can stay throughout until the end of the official closing hours what, but you didn't want to. As for the 'full claimable transport costs' there is a capping of $10 so if the total cab exceed more than $10, you are only going to reimburse only $10. So, don't make it sounds like you are generous please. 

Dick :'I hope you understand that this is because i did not wish to make you guys leave at 2pm and come back at 6pm. I felt this would be unfair to you.' (Conveniently missing out the revision of rate part while emphasising how the readjustment of opening hours was for their best interest at heart. aww, so sweet yeah right.)

Dick :'How this ever became negatively viewed from your standpoint i completely do not understand.' It is basically free money.' (I don't really get it where this shit is coming from as i had NEVER heard anyone of them complaining about the readjustment of working hours, an excuse to portray that the fault lies with them and not his fault probably or to confuse them. ) 

Dick:'Nonetheless, i sense that this has not achieved an acceptable compromise at your end.' (This is what we say, if you had nothing better to say, stop trying a meaningless topic to say, keep your mouth shut.) 

Dick:'I therefore do not want any unhappy workers as mine and F personality and culture is that we want to work happily'  (Oh come on la, F personality and culture is that both of you want to work happily. the two of you was the one who stir all this shit out, keep going around the bushes, just be direct la like i can't accept the fact that you guys are resigning on me so i am telling you that i  am firing you before you got the chance to tell me i quit! so that i can save my big big ego. Do you know what is the most disgusting that i ever seen from you two? That the two of them can say totally different things without realizing that lm and A was sharing the earpieces when the two of them was talking to each person at one point of time. If a story is true, repeating and saying it over and over again will be the same. However if a person want to fabricate lies, each time the version will be so different or the version they spoke to different person will be different as well. This was what they was practically doing, eew.)

Dick :'I hope that you guys actually come to appreciate that you were given employment during both of your job search periods, and i believe it has been a mutually beneficial arrangement.' (Look at this conceited fella, still insisting that they really need to be grateful because he is giving them a job when they are so called jobless because they was looking for their full time jobs. Hello, they are not beggar, even if they don't work for you, they won't starve please. You don't pay them to sit down there do nothing right? I believe they do register patient, dispense medicines, assisting dr with procedures, doing claims when it should be the admin job in the first place since you are paying so much for an admin. So please don't act like as though you are doing charity work that the money is free for them and they are ungrateful. You mentioned that they were given employment. So you should fully understand the term 'Employment'. 'Employment is a relationship between two parties, usually based on a contract where work is paid for.'  You pay them for the work they do. Please wake up. Stop dreaming.  

Dick :'Since you no longer view it as beneficial, i will stop your slots so that i do not lose you as a friend, I will add $50 to each of your payouts for the month of September, as a sign of appreciation. My door is always open should you wish to discuss or speak about this or other matters. Thanks. ' (Before Dick left the group after thinking he got the final upper hand for making it sound like he is firing them instead of them resigning first. but the truth was before this, my sister was already going to leave the group chat but F bitch was telling her not to do so first, but right after this entire message was send out to both of them. She remove them from the other two groupchat instead. No explanation was needed from her action, and when i was merely testing by texting her that i want to get some medicine from her, she did not reply so i don't see a need in holding myself by considering our past close friendship ties.It was really not a big deal to replace them because it was just a part time job for them, i do believe no one is indispensable in this world so don't get it wrong that i think the clinic will not survive without them and are feeling sore if the clinic is still doing good, but for F, its different for you. No jobs is there forever. You better make sure you do survive well over there and we shall see who have the last laugh by then.

Shall end this lengthy post.
Till then.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Catching up sessions with my friends!

Hello readers! I am going to just write a post on my several occasions where i finally meet up with my different group of friends! Sep month has proved to be a month that i met friends that i haven't met for years at least!
Follow up review of me after my eyebrow embroidery.
This was me, back for my first official touch up at Browtisan, apparently i am not sure if the ink wore off super fast because my skin type belong to the oily type so i think by end of 2 week when i first did my eyebrow embroidery, my eyebrows became normal. I was puzzled because i thought i do not need to draw my eyebrows but i need to because the ink don't stay! The pigment has all drop off too.
So on my second trip back, the staff notice that the ink has all drop off so she was suggesting to me that she will do another type of eyebrow and the ink will be darker to see if the ink do last on my eyebrows.
This was the finish look! I think she took quite awhile than the first time because she was adjusting the ink color. So the next few days my brows was super thick and dark.
But, i think it lose the arch and color after about 2 weeks again, so i have to draw my eyebrows myself. le sighs. So i think maybe for girls that has oily skin like me may not be suitable to do eyebrow embroidery since the eyebrows don't really last. Or maybe i should change to another shop to do..
But nevertheless, it still got the shape, and i am learning how to draw my eyebrow properly because the other time my makeup artist who was doing my trial makeup draw my eyebrows back and she was complimenting how it was easy for her to draw and it looks natural. Of course la, that is because i did eyebrow embroidery before that, shape is there but ink and the arch of the eyebrow is all gone unless i draw back myself, but i still can't get the shape she did for me! She draw my eyebrows just that it was less darker and more natural looking. I just need to trim and maintain the shape regularly for now. I still got one more touch-up next year so i will go back and ask them again.
Back at home! I went to get a pair of computer glasses at OWNSDAYS for $60 without lens because i tend to stare into the computer for long hour at works and sometimes i would get a headache or i would feel giddy after that so when i went to see the dr, he recommended me to get a pair of this glasses, it will help to eliminate reflections of light from the front and back surfaces of your lenses that can cause eye strain. Just that when you put it on, the color is more yellowish so some may not get used to it, but so far it works well for me. Less strain and headache for me now,

On another separate day, Jieying, Junjie & I arranged to go inside JB since it was the first time we are going in as a trio because i have went in before with JY several times already. He had to work on that saturday so we was waiting for him before we meet just outside the woodlands checkpoint busstop.
JB is nearer than me going to East side and i even have a direct bus! 
We went to KSL by taking the bus, it was very convenient and cheap, cost only SGD 50cent!
Its not true if you think there are no seats since the bus usually drove off only when it is full, you can always wait for the next bus, we was lucky because we was waiting for the bus and we was among the first few to board and we had our seats!
We went into this Japanese restaurant for our late lunch that has very good dining atmosphere. Looking at how the currency rate is 1 SGD TO 3 Ringgit now, everything become so cheap to us!
Me taking a selfie because of my obvious thick eyebrows while waiting for my food. haha

The interior of the restaurant, sadly i have forgot the name of the restauarnt, it seems to be located at lvl 2, if i am not wrong.

 There is only two photos of the food as JJ and i order the same dishes.

It was a very relaxing afternoon as we didn't have any particular places to go, just walking around so after our late lunch, we got attracted to a big crowd of people gathering at the claw machine watching some uncles playing the claw machines and they are so good at it that it seems easy to catch all those toys!
So we changed some tokens and we start playing but this is kinda of addictive because you will want to try again when you can't get the toy or because you was so close enough!
I went to ask the uncle if he can help us catch, and he told me, its very easy to catch one. zz
i didn't even catch one! Eventually JY did catch one but she didnt manage to catch the one she wanted. So we say we shall go in again next time to try since its quite cheap to play compared to in SG. We spent like at least 1 hour plus over there before we decided to stop before we spend all our money on those machines. 
So we went to have some blackball dessert! I am selective when it comes to eating the blackball dessert as i may only eat the yam, ice but not all those beans.
This was me taking a selfie as both of them went to place the order.

I only discover the feature of me using a wide selfie so that it can capture all three of us inside!

We went around buying some snacks before we went for our dinner! We went back to Citysquare and JY recommend this place because she is a member and there are some discount, she can be a half malaysian as she has lots of member cards. We ordered our drinks and food quickly because they was actually closing soon. Surprised that their drinks is in this size!
We couldn't finish this at all, they had this GIANT size of milk tea that JY say we shall go back in nov to redeem this giant milk tea since it will be her birthday!

We tried to finish everything..This was good! cheese sausages i guess?

 I ordered this, some stir fried tang hoon but this is good!

We was taking some photos outside the restaurant as they was closing and there were pretty cute wallpapers!

On another separate day, when i brought my mum out for lunch, went back to JJ Thai Cuisine opp Sembawang shopping centre, quite disappointed they have mark up their price now. :( 
Mango salad, Tom yum soup, Thai fish cake and chicken with cashew nuts and chicken wrapped in pandan leaves! 

Finally met up with Jeant as we haven't met for months! We decided on a nearer place so that i can reach earlier which was at upper thomson road.
We went for some dimsum follow by traditional dessert, i only like the beancurd :( 
Before choosing udders icecream to sit down and chill! It was so funny because the crowd was getting more and more and i didnt even realised that we were literally raising voice at each other so that we can hear what we were talking and i didnt even realise it was so tiring because my voice was coarse after we came out! HAHA.
 Yummy dark chocolate ice-cream and thai milk tea flavour!
A photo of us at the udders store.

Finally met up with Chanel together with PC & Kr especially i think it has been a few years since they actually met up with each other because i do still met up with Kr separately but it really took quite long to us to have a meet-up where everyone are present. I didnt ask kiwi along because we wanted to avoid the awkward moment but Chanel was pretty chill and they are perfectly fine when i am going to place them on the same table on my wedding so thank god if not i dont really know how to seat them because they know each other and it would be weird to spilt them too! We met up and chatted for few hours and it was really rare that Chanel finally can meet us because she is busy flying around and she just got promoted recently as well, Congrats! So our next meet up would either be during xmas month or on my wedding day liao. HAHA.
On that day, i dragged Kr and PC to go with me to the mass mini trampoline workout held outside Paya Lebar Square! 
It was their first time trying the trampoline workout and Kr was exhausted when we was just going halfway but i think PC was enjoying herself. It was quite an intense one because there were different instructors taking over each different track, so some hardcore instructors will make you feel super drained off especially at the start. When my usual instructors take over, it was so much better. 
I was trying to teach them how to do the spilt while in the air! They didnt manage to do spilt at the same time but both had their feet hanging in the mid air.

So here's one PC doing a spilt.
Before the workout, we got someone to take a photo of our tee. HAHA

We was quite exhausted after the workout, in fact we didnt had dinner but it was worth it! Haha collected our certificate after that.

It has also been long since i posted a photo of Duffy on my blog, she was so cute when she was just standing outside the toilet door looking at me!

 That day i decided to bring her out to meet Sammie which i havent meet for years as well!
This funny new effect i tried while in the car.
Trying to get duffy take photo with me by calling her and she happen to be looking at my direction!

Sammie was bringing her dog, Astro and we arranged to meet at Wild Oats @ Punggol Park.Look at how happy she is posing for the camera when we are on our way. Pardon my ugly face without makeup haha.

She always get bio by other huge size dogs whenever i brought her out. They will look at her like she is a prey as we saw a big golden retriever while walking over to Wild Oats, first time meeting Astro and he is so big and powerful! Surprisingly despite his face that give off a fierce look, but he don't even bark! He is as playful as Duffy but that probably scared Duffy as she has never see another dog that is so much bigger than her so she was damm funny when she don't even want to move forward that Jeremy had to carry her like a baby.
 Sammie mentioned that he doesn't like to take photo, so it was not easy for me to take a full photo of him! He is a handsome husky!

He is so cute! Especially when sammie is trying to feed him some popcorn chicken. When i feed him, he eat the same way as Duffy so gentle that i wont be afraid he is going to bite my hand off!
This is my Duffy, most of the times she is sitting on Jeremy lap because she is so timid. Still try to scared Astro and when Astro stand up and she quickly hide back.
She really do love the truffles fries at Wild Oat, gave her popcorn chicken and she don't want!

 This is so funny when Astro is looking at her and she is looking elsewhere.
 This funny expression that i capture of Astro!

Timid Duffy, she would shiver when there are thunder and lightnings and her heartbeat would beat super fast too, she would try to hide under the sofa chair and refused to come out no matter how much we comfort her. Its weird how she was behaving like this when she used to be able to stand up at the door enjoying the breeze of the wind when she was younger.

 Shall end for now. Till then!