Monday, December 31, 2018

Celebrating New Year in Bangkok - Klub Hotel

Hello readers! I am here to update my blog again. This will be the first time we are going overseas to celebrate new year! We decided to fly on the eve staying one night at Bangkok before travelling to Khao Yai. 

We took Cathay Pacific and it was at Changi Airport terminal 4, it was also the first time we check out our new T4, and i am impressed! 

As we were early, we went to Blossom SATS lounge to have some refreshments before our flight.
 HAHAHA, when i ask him to share the sandwich with me.

Our flight were delayed so we stay longer at the lounge until we could finally board at 3pm and take off at 3.30pm. Usually i would give some buffer for our first day of holiday so our schedule for that day were pretty free. We took the airport rail link and was surprised that it was free due to the eve of new year! The staff handed out ticket so we could use this to exit the station later on.
As usual, i like to stay at pratunam area so from the BTS station, ratchathewi, it was about 10min walking distance to our hotel.

Our hotel this time was Klub hotel! I choose them as it is within Pratunam area and its a new hotel! It was dark by the time we arrived at our hotel, thus only a night photo of the hotel frontage.

We were given a ticket x2 to redeem a glass of cocktail at their lobby, however we were rushing out for our dinner with Jenny so we didn't had a chance to try their cocktail.

 Corridor for their guest rooms. This hotel look modern and nice for a 3 star hotel.

When my friends asked why we got a twin size bed instead of king size, it's not because we quarrelled but the hotel was overbooked so they had to give us twin size, we were fine with it since we are staying for only one night.

 The bathroom looks clean.

We went to level two to check out the other facilities they have such as the pool table, soccer table, they even have a mini theater, laundry room. They have a notice of their movie screening time. For a 3 star hotel, i would think this is pretty impressive as they have activity for their guests to do while in the hotel.
We went to bangkok chinatown to meet Jenny for dinner, decided to try the Lhong tou cafe because of it's unique dining setting! It was an impromptu meetup dinner because it was a coincidence she is in BKK with her bf too but we were going our separate ways as we are going to Khao Yai  as she heads to Hua Hin.

Initially we thought it's going to be a long wait as she told us there was a long queue and we were stucked in the traffic jam. However when we arrived, it was about 2-3 customers ahead of us.
Tadah! The unique dining setting that i was referring, you got to climb up to have your meals upstairs. maximising the shop space. Hahaha.

 I love the durian bun and would go back to try again next time!
After the dinner, they went back to rest while our night is still young! So we went to Neon night market, the last time i came, it was mainly food and apparels, but this time i noticed they have bars at the back end of the market, and this!
It was a rare sight to see all this animals at neon night market. It's not for sale but you can feed them for a small charge.

Yay my favourite dish, the big fish. This is so good so we bought one back to our hotel to eat after that. It was pretty crowded everywhere and the road that link to central world was closed and i didnt really want to squeeze with anyone so we decided to head back early before the clock strikes 12.
By the time we walked back, it was almost 12, we heard the sound of fireworks, and was surprised we could see a small part of it from our hotel ground floor.
Happy New Year !

Shall end this post with the big fish. 
Upcoming post will be our first visit to Khao Yai!
Till then!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Foodie Post

Hello readers! This will be just a consolidated post of all the foods i had with my family and friends~