Friday, June 15, 2018

Father's Day Dinner

Happy Father's Day to all daddies in this world! It is often the most neglected compare to mother's day, and it happen this time round we had a good feast in celebration for father's day so here i am writing a post on it! Now that i had two father, it means celebration is two time! It happened that Hari Raya PH falls on a friday, so we went back to Jeremy side for father's day dinner.

They suggest to eat at the bedok Chin Lee restaurant, google for the address, i have been there a few time, we had our first meet both parents session at this restaurant while preparing for our wedding the other time too. 

It has become a habit that Papa Tan tend to pay the bills for the meals every single time, now that he has retired, i told Jeremy to pick up the tab asap even though he told me Papa Tan will not accept and tend to pay first or pass him the cash after he used his card to swipe. 

So that day, i saw him bringing $500 and i was asking how come he brought $500 which i thought it was too much, to be honest, i don't pay for meals whenever i am with his family and i thought the max we would eat or order dishes won't hit beyond $300. But that day papa Tan has invited Jeremy aunts and uncle along so there were about 11 of us and reservations has to been made. 
I did a compilation of the dishes that Papa Tan ordered, there were also the fried kway teow and the dessert was the Yam paste which i didn't took a photo of it.

Braised Shark Fin Soup

I still didn't realised the total cost of the dinner even though i know there's shark fins, abalone etc. Until the bill came and it was $1007.40! Almost like eating for a wedding banquet dinner liao. I was very shocked and Jeremy told me the moment he saw the sharks fin, he know it will definitely exceed $500. That braised shark fins itself was already $400. Omg.
To me, i never believe in spending so much money on food. It's just like how others doesn't seem the need to go for staycation, the preferences are different but i believe spending so much on food is simply so wasted.. $400 on a shark fin soup, i think $400 can use it for other purposes. But then, as long as it's not paid by me. Haha, on sunday, it was another feasting, ok this one not so exp $1k, this one about $140. Hahaha still acceptable. But its time to cut down the remaining of my food intake for that week after eating so many calories!

Shall end this post for now.
Till then!