Friday, May 8, 2015

Staycation at Seaview Resort

Hello! I am here to review my stay at seaview resort last month!
i was not feeling well since last week, in fact on the day of check in to the seaview resort, i could feel that i was having a sore throat when initially it started with my throat feeling dry while i was driving up to Changi where the resort is located at.
I was very happy to book the seaview resort because its not easy to book this compared to treehouse villa which i guess it has got to do with the seaview that you will be able to see when you wake up every morning during your stay here. 
But, honestly, i prefer Treehouse villa over Seaview Resort. Both are equally nice and comfortable. fully air-conditioned with all the necessary item during your stay, but probably because Treehouse villa is generally bigger than Seaview. I remember the first unit that i stayed was Elok 12A which was a few years ago when they had just renovated the entire place, so their furniture, painting etc looks very new and in good condition.
For Seaview resort, the space was smaller compared to treehouse so i was glad i had my 21st party at Treehouse because it was very crowded at that time and it would have got worse if i held it at Seaview resort.
But, the seaview resort unit that we stayed had install 2 new aircon and a very big fridge that was adequate to place alot of our BBQ stuffs.
Besides fully air conditioned for the entire unit, they actually provide fans as well, so its impossible you will feel hot during your stay in the unit, unless you switch off everything.
We had to switch off most of the aircon because it was getting so cold at night.
We was allocated to D11 unit.
In case one might get confused when they check in, this is their front door in this photo shown below which actually look like their backyard. Most people tend to enter the unit in front, which is entering through the balcony sliding door.
All their unit comes with the same layout, so most of them will enter in front, when i first arrived at the unit after receiving our keycard etc. i was finding the correct door to enter, because when we first check in, the balcony door will be locked, so you have to enter by their main entrance door.
Our unit was the second last unit, so we really had to walk to the end before finding our door to enter.
This was the living room when we entered through the main entrance.
I know its quite blur, couldn't find a clear one when i was organising the photos
You might feel its quite humid when you first enter the unit as everything was not turned on, but it gets better after you turn on all the air-cons.
They don't have a door beside the balcony sliding door, so unless no one is in the unit, you will had to go by their front entrance door.
the kitchenette area
 they provide everything from the induction cooker, rice cooker, microwave oven, fridge,
all the utensils, hotpot kettle etc.
fitting the bill of any serviced apartments.
this is the view when you pull the curtain, most of my friends who came for my chill hangout party came by the balcony area, it might be abit difficult for anyone to find the unit because the unit does not label it as D11 but just 11. My personal view that they could consider to add a door alongside the balcony sliding door like tree house villa design layout because most of the people will enter by the front instead from the back.
They had the same spiral staircase that treehouse villa that lead you up to the second level, two bathroom, one at the second level and the other one at the living room. Basically they provide 6 bath towels, and other similar like hotel amenities.
this was the ground floor bathroom, they don't have any bathtub, just the normal standing shower for this unit.
This was the second level bathroom
The bedroom are located at the second level, and this was one of the rooms! they had two bedroom and three bedroom seaview unit, ours was the two bedroom unit.
It was quite clean and comfortable to stay in! This was my room that i had stayed for the remaining nights.
The second bedroom, it was a queen size bed and a single bed.
When the bf helped me to book this unit, it was a clash with his work schedule as he had to work for that weekend. So i went to check in with my mum and sister who applied leave and we carried all the stuffs for the party 
i kinda of chose the wrong date to stay as bf got to work for that weekend, so i was the one who went to check in with my mum and my sister who got the day off as we transport all the stuffs for the party  from our house to the unit.
As the party was held on saturday and we went to check in on friday, so friday was a peaceful night for us, just relaxing while in the unit.
This was actually a small gathering with my relatives and close friends.
I ordered buffet catering so that it would be hassle-free without the need to prepare alot of the BBQ stuff.
A photo taken with my mum!
when i asked her to open her eye bigger when we was taking photo but she told me she already open her eye super big already! hahaha.

photo taking with my sis  and mum
 Many of my friends, colleagues told me that my sister and i looked super alike whenever they saw me posting photos of us online. But both of us don't think so leh, maybe only some photos after we had taken, i could see the resemblance of my sister's expression, exactly how both of us smile the same way etc.

This was taken when i was already having a sore throat. I guess my body had been eating too much heaty foods after following a clean diet for so long. haha

Later on, limei went to pick up dad as we borrow his car in the morning but they didn't came back because dad had to work the next morning and he is not exactly a fan of staying out anywhere except home.
It was quite near for us to walk from Seaview to Changi Village to get our breakfast, its about 5 to 10 minutes walk.
Located beside the Changi village, there was a new civil service club @ changi.
It is a new place for civil servants to book chalets as well, they had some facilities like bar,bowling etc. If we produce our check in permit, we are able to gain access to their facilities as well!
I was just telling bf we should try and stay there as well since it look very nice on the external and i saw the website, it looks quite nice, the room etc.
The bf came over and stay with us on the first night as he had to wake up the next day to work.
FYI, each unit is allocated to 1 carpark lot and the guard can be very strict if they don't see the car displaying the carpark label that was assigned to each unit.
So the bf's car had to put the carpark label but i had to go out with him to the carpark to take the carpark label before he drive out so that when dad's car come, i can give him the label in order to gain him the entry at the gantry.
So for visitors who are coming by car, either they have to park at the Changi village carpark or near the deserted changi hospital which is known to be haunted. haha
he was being so cute/sweet when he left as it was still quite dark at 6am in the morning so he walked with me back to our unit and he make sure to see me enter the unit back before he left because he say later his wife get kidnapped because it was very quiet and dark! its just those totally random moment but very sweet la!
but when i went back, i couldn't get myself to sleep, so it was not long that i looked through the window and i saw this pretty seaview early in the morning. 
I had to rest most of the time because i took some medicines, it was just terrible that i had to fall sick at this point of time. The catering came in the evening the next day and i was glad that the food was enough for everyone!
Most of the times, i choose what i love to eat since i am the one paying for it! haha

but i got to admit that the choice of my drink was a bad one, lime squash taste like detergent liquid! :(
ordered from this select catering, not too bad the food!
for anyone who are looking to book catering, they offered lesser pax as most of the catering require a min of 30pax, if you are planning to host a small party, they will have some party buffet which you can refer at their website, but if you want to order, you may need to call them as i had tried to order online but there seem to be some technical problem which i am not sure if they had rectify by now.
They happen to be offering free delivery in the month of april so i don't have to pay extra for the delivery charges!
some of my friends arrived shortly, and so we set up the mahjong table only to play monopoly. 
i couldn't join them as i was busy hosting my other friends so they actually came the next day since it was a free and easy gathering.
a group photo with them!
Michelle & Me.
all these photos was taken using Yuna's phone as she change to a Oppo N3 and this phone has got very good filter!

Michelle came with her bf but they couldn't find the way and she told me how the guard was being so irritating when they tried to ask the way but he was chasing them out by telling them they can't park inside. For those who is coming to the chalet for the first time, it might be a bit hard for you to find the parking, the easiest one is to park at Changi Village/Changi old hospital area.
The one at changi old hospital area don't require a coupon if i am not wrong, but its just that they don't have a proper lot for u to know how to park it neatly.
and its time for photo-taking!

Jaja came over with her husband and i was trying not to make her feel left out because i know how bad it is if you attended a party and no one is talking or entertaining you etc.

Jieying and JJ came but they left too early to take a photo! I was kept quite busy and they left before i had time to entertain them!

the next day i was still not feeling well, and i couldn't be bothered to put on makeup, so i was basically looking like a disaster and there was no additional new photos etc
I am very thankful for all of my friends that make the effort to come down and attend my casual party. especially changi can be quite deserted for those who does not stay in the east and most of them don't!
Jieying and JJ was being so sweet to bring me macaroons! Yummy.
 michelle got me two xbox games as she was asking me what i would want for my graduation gift and i was just mentioning that i want to get some xbox games and i got it!!
elliott also give me another one xbox game! which i didn't take photo of it because he passed it to me just few days ago.
I also receive a swarovski pen from Jaja and Shila!
 it was a very nice bling pen that i love it very much!
my yoga ball when Jieying and Junjie insist to buy something to give it to me during the party.

And not forgetting the one bottle of moscato rosa from twenyo and his gf, as well as elliott's bringing me one lao ban beancurd! HAHAHA.
thanks to all my friends who make the time to drop by even though they might have other stuffs to do!
I enjoyed my stay at the seaview resort with my family and friends and i hope those who attended feel the same way!
till then.