Thursday, April 23, 2015

Capri by Fraser Changi City Singapore, Staycation

Hey guys! i am here to blog about my recent stay in capri hotel at changi!
the first time i saw the hotel was during a cafe hop for table manners cafe at changi city point,
the other time bf and i was driving round and round trying to find the way to the table manners cafe, and i think it was kinda of interesting that the mall is situated just next to the hotel.
which makes it quite convenient for any hotel guests to be able to walk to the mall for their meals or their grocery shopping!
so in celebrating our 2 years anniversary which was yesterday,
bf secretly booked the capri hotel as i was just telling him before the anniversary it has been quite long since we had a staycation, a place where no one can disturb us and having some alone time for each other and not using phone 24/7 even when we are sitting next to each other, technology has caused many to actually find it okay to use phone for a long period of time in the presence of probably your friend's or ur loved ones without realising how it is ruining the communication essential for human to interact with each other.
at least i was not mad with bf because he did not use his phone too much during our stay this time round! haha.
but we sort of checked in one hr later because some idiots does not know he is on leave and he got to finish his work before we can leave the house. goddam idiot. yes.
but i was still keeping my cool because i know its not his fault. but procrastinators who only want to get work done at the last time. 
so while waiting for him to get his work done, i took several selfies!
pretty much not pissed as i managed to take satisfied selfies!
 HAHA, i was just lazy and decided to take selfies while lying down, but it give off another kind of selfies that i never be able to pull it off because i was too fat last time.

it was not the first staycation in Singapore that we had, readers can read my other posts regarding my other hotel stays in Singapore, that includes, Fairmont Hotel, Changi Village Hotel, Lloyd's Inn, Amara Sanctuary Resort and lastly Capri Hotel in the list!
as i used to worked in hospitality industry, in the housekeeping department, thus i do make particular observations in checking a room that i am going to stay in and i had to say, i was very satisfied with the hotel stay at capri!
so bf booked the studio premier, which was quite a big room for two. i really love the decor of the entire room, i would strongly recommend for those who are planning long stays in Singapore to stay in this hotel. 
 surprise gift from the boyfriend as he handed me the box when i was just getting in the car!

le handsome boy. haha
we only realised we got the corner room after walking in straight all the way, and i was really glad we got a good room! this was when we was just coming into the room
the coffee making machine, that comes with induction cooking as well as a sink, this is why i recommend for long staying guests because it is equiped with kitchenettes so if there are days you don't feel like eating out, just whip your own meal, and its quite convenient because they have utensils provided for you too! 

pots, plates, cups, wine glasses.. you want it, they have it!
but since we was only staying for one night, we don't have much uses for all these,
haha was too lazy to cook a meal anyway, but it gives off the feeling and imagination of having our own house! 
complimentary coffee available

 as you walk in further, its the so called living room, it was very comfortable! despite the view of the room was actually facing a construction site.
bf relaxing while i goes around the room going weet, wow. and taking all the photos. HAHA
this was the bedroom area, the parquet floor type is the type that i want for our future house! haha.
okay maybe i will change my mind again. fickle minded me!
they had a partion where u can pull it down to separate the bedroom and living room, thus for eg, if you have guests, but don't wish to let them see your bedroom section area, just pull the screen down and it will partition the bedroom and living room! 
 this is the walk in wardrobe! yes! if u turn left upon entering, its the walk in wardrobe, though they have wardrobes that had the safe, bathrobes, slippers, all the standard amenities

one thing i was amazed was the pail that they had in the wardrobe inside. i was just thinking if its for indian guests who does not know how to bath in the bathtub and prefer to use the pail. but so far all the hotels i went before does not have this pail before, so this was quite interesting, or for any guests who want to do their laundry by themselves?
even though they had this room located just outside the lift along the corridor where it was labelled, spin and play,
when you tapped ur room card into that room, it gives u access into the room, we was curious so we tapped and went it,it has washing machines, dryer machines, tv and xbox that probably allows u to watch tv or play xbox games while u are waiting for your laundry! and i think that room is available in each of their level.
 and here is the bathroom! yes bathtubs! i love bathtubs where i can soak myself in the tub for a super long time, its like a must for me to have bathtub if i had staycation in any hotel!
and these bathtubs is clean and looks new! and the heavenly shower. i love how they got that small chair i guess probably for guests to put the clothes so that its easier for them to take as they are coming out from the bathtub?

interesting amenities. their shampoo is peppermint flavoured, while body wash is rum. HAHA
oh before i forget, this hotel allow dvd loan at their concierge counter, as the room is equiped with a dvd player, actually the tv is a smart tv, where it can allow u to surf the net, but too bad we don't have keyboard, and the room is not equiped with one, otherwise i think it would be able to make up for the flaws of their channels that they have on the tv.
was quite disappointed they does not have chinese channels such as taiwan variety shows, or those comedy chinese movies channels, they had mostly news channels from different countries etc.
as there was not much shows nice to watch, we rent a dvd from the concierge, it was a first come first serve basis, and i watched the inception during the night until 2am! HAHA

this was taken after i wanted to soak myself before check out today! HAHA
we went for a swim at their swimming pool! YAY TO non crowded pools!
i hate public pools where there are alot of kids kicking and splashing water at your face cos they are kicking the water and you had to swim in the same pool as them, i mean, i don't kick the water and splash water at other face just because i am using my legs to swim! so i don't know why are kids swimming in such way! 
 initially i thought this pool was quite small, but not really when you really get down and swim laps. HAHA, able to swim the pool as though we owned it! they had a threadmill in this pool, but we are not sure of how to get it started thus didn't try it.

yes i know, some people say they couldn't stand girls having to swim and put on makeup. 
i had my makeup on. SO, WHAT?
usually i don't put on makeup when i exercise, but i was lazy to remove it as i thought i could make use of this chance to take photo with bf! i keep laughing whenever i see bf face looking like the SGAG meme that face shape! HAHA 

after the swim, we returned to our hotel room, btw i didn't take photo of the swimming pool changing room, but i think that was one of the nicest changing room that i had ever seen so far, i mean, usually we all know hotel pools do provide towels at the side for usage, but they even provide towels in the changing room too as well as shampoo and shower foam etc and even lockers!
so if you are worried your belongings is not safe to put somewhere around the pool especially if the pool get crowded, the lockers will be useful!
i didn't have to use because we went on a non peak day, so there wasn't anyone at the pool. haha

after the swim, bf was tired and dozed off on the sofa, and we only go out for our dinner ard 7pm! haha, we had a casual meal as i was famished!
 i don't usually eat this, but this restaurant chawanmushi is really nice!
 we was looking at the menu, and ordered this looking like bento set, and it taste super good though sinful! mine was charcoal grilled chicken, while bf ordered the pork set, finished everything as it was really nice!

after our dinner, as the changi city mall had mainly only restaurants etc, random enough, bf drive us to serangoon gardens for the famous dessert shop! δΈ€η’—η”œε“!it is a must try for their durian mousse! most popular selling dessert!
i love these moments when we does not need to head home, and it feel like us spending our time, just both of us overseas during the taiwan trip even though we are in sg, we dine, had fun and having funny moments between us!

time flies and its already 2 year for us!
Happy 2 year anniversary baby!
frankly, we have never emphasize on the months that we have got together, 
or even count oh, today is the 3rd month, oh its half a year for now and so on. 
so funny that when we first got together, jeremy ask if he got posted overseas, whether i want to follow him and that means getting married to him. 
yes the first month, he already know i am the one for him. coughs* HAHA
when i was still the bui bui weighing at 81kg girl after being so blissfully in love.
to me, even a long term relationship could end anytime, and really, time is not the main factor to measure two person in a relationship.
yes, time might be one of the ingredient, but there are others factors such as love, understanding, patience and so on, i still remember the first time my friends was so shocked when i suddenly announce that i am in a relationship with jeremy, and barely within the first month that we are together, we had our first overseas trip together to taiwan! 
 everyone was worried for me initially because they didn't met or know him, but sometimes its the trust, the intuition and the security that i found in him that time is not in my consideration!
and i was glad i didn't met a jerk. HAHA, not everyone is as lucky as me!
despite being together for 2 years, he never stopped pampering me. 
not only with physical gifts, but small little gesture of picking me up from work everytime even when he was too tired or not disturbing me when i was still fast asleep and he had to get up for work,( sound already like a married couple with a lazy wife in bed while the hushband is going out for work) or coming near to me and telling me he is sorry for neglecting me at times. these are all sweet efforts in sustaining the relationship. 
of course sometimes when i asked myself, what have i done for him, it seems, i am constantly complaining about him, i get pissed off, irritated when he is always changing his words, and he never once complain about me, or probably because he is a guy and its very different how girls can vent their frustration out to anyone while guys keep it all to themselves.
and despite all these,he still want to take me as his wife ley. 
i guess i do have some good traits in me la. HAHA
he don't usually read my blog but its okay, just wanna say, i am thankful to met you, to love you for the past two years and i would continue to, thankful for showering me with your love, i use the word 'thankful' is because i does not take all these for granted. 
i cherish the times spent with you even though you are irritating at times, even though i had not give u the answer, but you know i do! i just need more time to hit my desired weight! HAHA
shall end for now!
till then!
next post coming up would be the staycation at seaview resort at changi!
stay tuned!
ps: we was checking out this morning and i saw this cute irobot vaccum loitering outside the hotel corridor, it was so cute as it was cleaning up the carpet! filmed it using meipai! too cute to resist!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Exams is finally over! Date out with MichelleTLW

Yay! exams are finally over! If everything goes well, i should be able to graduate!
I managed to meet up with Michelle after her work, we went to buy ticket for the movie 'Two thumbs up' The last time we watched a movie, i can't even recall already.

 I will be hosting my graduation party at the chalet, Seaview resort. Kinda looking forward to it too. 
We had our dinner at  JJ thai cuisine because the food is good and value for money too!

We ordered tom yum soup, kangkong with sambal and stir fried chicken w cashew nuts, unknowingly, it was all the spicy dishes.

Meanwhile for the past one week, i have been sending my resume and going for interviews and hopefully i receive good news soon!

Posting a few of my selfies before ending this post.
Till then!