Friday, April 17, 2015

Exams is finally over! Date out with MichelleTLW

Yay! exams are finally over! If everything goes well, i should be able to graduate!
I managed to meet up with Michelle after her work, we went to buy ticket for the movie 'Two thumbs up' The last time we watched a movie, i can't even recall already.

 I will be hosting my graduation party at the chalet, Seaview resort. Kinda looking forward to it too. 
We had our dinner at  JJ thai cuisine because the food is good and value for money too!

We ordered tom yum soup, kangkong with sambal and stir fried chicken w cashew nuts, unknowingly, it was all the spicy dishes.

Meanwhile for the past one week, i have been sending my resume and going for interviews and hopefully i receive good news soon!

Posting a few of my selfies before ending this post.
Till then!