Sunday, March 23, 2014

Duffy Simple 1st Birthday

Hello readers! It was Duffy's birthday, so i went to buy her a cake after i ended work that day. Happy 1st birthday Duffy!

By right, she is not supposed to eat this, but i think it won't hurt to let her enjoy this since it's her birthday!

Look at her standing and licking the cake, i removed the minon toy after that as i was worried she might eat the minion toy as well. Mum told me that she has not eaten anything for the whole day and she is probably upset no one celebrate her birthday.
So when i show her the birthday cake, she eat it hungrily!
This was one of her funny moment when we buy the watermelon at the supermarket and place it on the floor, and she was trying to drag the watermelon!
Guess i shall end now, till then!