Saturday, October 29, 2016

Staycation @ Marina Bay Sands (Sands Suite)

Hello readers! It was a super impromptu decision when Jean asked me if i was available on saturday as she got a suite room to stay at MBS and there were free cocktails! Yes i do! Haha,I stayed in the normal room type before but not the suite room, so i was excited to check out the room! I told her to invite me along next time when she is going to stay in the presidential suite next time. That room looks even awesome! 
They had VIP check in counter that is separated from the usual check in front desk.
After we collected the keys, we went up to check out the suite!
A must for a selfie! Hahaha. I was super excited the moment i step inside the room!
This was the entrance, there was a toilet near the entrance before you walk to the dining area.
This was the dining area plus living room.

Later, i realised they had different variety of tea selections from TWG! They even had this chinese tea set with another 3 different type of tea selection, it looks interesting but we didn't use it at all.

The living room area, everything looks so new and so comfortable!
Mini bar counter & Fiji Water!! Hahaha i think we took more Fiji water when we was having our cocktails at club 55 as jean mentioned they will take quite long to deliver the water so its easier for her to take herself.
I was surprised they had a pool table within the living room area as well!
This was awesome. Unfortunately jean don't like to play pool so i only managed to convince her to play with me a few rounds.
I didn't know i was so good when i play pool in private. Hahaha, later on i invent this silly game to compete who can pocket the most balls and the person will be the winner.

Photo-taking time as i continue to explore the suite!

Moving to the bedroom area,
 Look at that full length mirror! That was my favorite corner in the bedroom area!

They had a dressing corner but i just find it weird that they only provide the small stand mirror instead of the big mirror that could have fill up the wall since its empty anyway..
 The bathroom is so big! I mean generally all the bathroom in MBS room are big, but this is much bigger!
Zoom in on their clean and big bathtub!
 Went to check out their toiletries provided in the standing shower.

 Walk in wardrobe~
 After i had explore the entire suite, we went for our cocktail session as jean say it will get super crowded if we don't go early, which was true when we was leaving, there were a huge crowd forming outside club 55 already.
Ordered myself a glass of champagne which was good and Jeant order her gin & tonic which taste horrible to me. Hahaha. We went on to take some of the foods, i am hungry as i look at these food photos again. :( The charcoal pork burger is good!
The sashimi or salmon can't remember which is which, is so good that i take 2nd round serving! Hahaha. The dessert was not so nice though.
After our cocktail session, we went to check out the gym, previously my colleague told me i should go their gym because they have a hot pool inside! Before that, we have left our stuff in the locker room so we went back and changed into our swimwear!
Their locker room is quite awesome! I saw the hot pool, but we only went in after our swim because we had to go back to our room as jean was going back to take some stuffs. The hot pool is awesome! we stayed for quite awhile before showering.

 This was me when we was taking the vip lift that you can bypass other floor without stopping at other floor.

When we went back, i was surprised there were chocolates served on the table, i remember there were no chocolates when we check in but jean mentioned it was there when we checked in, so it was a good thing to take photos because i think they serve the chocolates and fill up the ice bucket in the evening after we came back. On the other hand, i think i had a good memory because they didn't serve the chocolates when we checked in! Hahaha.
 I do remember fruits platter was there when we check in.
Everything is complimentary inside the mini bar except liquors.

Time for some selfie!

I was showing jean my chio heels that i will be planning to wear it for my wedding day. I bought exactly the same but another new pair as i had wore this during my wedding photoshoot. Super bling and i like! Hahahaha, i am too lazy to go out and shop so i saw this on taobao and it only cost $10!
Hahaha, i bought another color, which is red equally bling that i will be wearing when i return from groom side to my own house!

 I was just telling jean that she should try to soak in the bathtub because the tub is clean and big that its enough to fit 2! So i was doing the demonstration when she took the photo of me.
 Later i told her, breakfast on the bed is too mainstream, can try breakfast in the tub!

 'I wan my breakfast to be served here' caption but i wasn't aware she was spamming taking photo of me. Haha
 Demonstrating to her how to enjoy soaking in the bathtub. I love bathtubs! But i don't dream of owning one in my own house because its hard to clean.

After some fooling around, we play some rounds of pool, i told her she could organised a party here the next time she has suite room again and i can provide the foods & drinks, so she just need to provide the venue. Hahaha
 After that, we went to the infinity pool!
Jean told me there was a section that only allows 21year old and above to enter that section and she was once questioned of her age when she came with her other friends. Make her so happy! Hahahaha. But anyway i am so glad they draw this line of 21years old and above to enter this section, there were lesser people compared to the previous time that i came. I managed to swim a few lap without anyone blocking me! I am not one of those that goes inside just to take photos! I do swim!

 Love the night scenary view so much! It is so much beautiful in real compare to the photos that i take!
 Take 1, photo is blur.
 Take 2, slightly better!
 It was a gloomy night as i thought i saw some lightning flashing but Jean told me it was some light show. Hahaha i think i was right because it was raining so heavily later that night!

 Trying to take a selfie but it was blur!
 Us playing with snow app again, i think we try to take some video but i look kinda of stupid here. Hahaha.

Anyway thanks to Jean that i got the privilege to enjoy the facilities in MBS again! love the room and the cocktail session not forgetting to remind her to remember me again when she get to stay the presidential suite again.
Hahahaha. shall end now. Till then!