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Wedding Planning : Tips before your wedding photoshoot & Our Actual Wedding Photoshoot

Hello readers! This post is written based on my own personal experience that i thought would be beneficial for any bride-to-be to take note before their wedding photo-shoot! The decision lies on you ultimately whether to take in all this advice. I try to put all the points in sequence so that its easier to follow what i am talking about since its going to be another long post.

#1. Select the locations that you would like to take the shoot. Recee it.
I only realized this step should be done way before you go down to the bridal studio to select your gowns so that you will have an idea whether the gown you have selected will be suitable for the photo shoot location that you want. 

We did some recee visit at the start of this year in my shortlisted list. First one was the bukit timah railway station and this venue is quite inconvenient to find a carpark lot and it was not near to another venue i had in mind. 

Time is very crucial during photo shoot day.

So i ditched that venue, then i had considered renting a white horse from bukit timah saddle club for our shoot, it used to be free but now, they charge a fee for it. We went to the place but i find it dirty and smelly, its quite difficult to walk as well especially i foresee myself wearing my pong pong gown with the heels. I am sure other bride can survive in that location if they want, its a mattar of choice. So i chose not to.

It cost $330 nett for 1 hour rental of the horse and they only had two timing, one in the morning and the other one start from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. Our photographer told us we will only go outdoor by 3.30pm so it was impossible to reach on time. It is important to consider the time required to travel from point A to point B, any convenient carpark lot when you select the shoot location.Usually even though package indicate 2-3 venue, but it also depend on the time constraint.Mich's friend only went to 2 venue and they was already very tired but we managed to walk through all 3 venue! Of course there is an overrun because there is an additional $200 for night shoot and i was worried the photographer will charge us so i get Jeremy to check first to avoid any misunderstanding later.

We went to Botanic Garden and we fix this as one of our shoot venue, the weather was super hot on that day and we was sweating as we walked inside to find the common landmarks couples did their wedding photoshoot. So i took some photos because it was quite a long walking distance to go in. I had to take something! We also went to ask the staff at the counter some popular spot wedding couple will take their shoot, took the map and we even asked them if there were other easier entrance to park the car and walk in with shorter distance, we had super kiasu spirit but the photographer told us how to park eventually because Jeremy turn the wrong way on actual day.

If i didn't choose Botanic Garden as one of my wedding shoot venue, i don't think i will come here to visit this place. Haha

 As we was approaching some waterfall area, we saw a couple doing their wedding shoot. The girl is so sexayy! Haha. She was wearing a seen through gown and bare back but she look good!
We paused awhile to see how they take their photo before we continue to explore the place.

The staff told us we was lucky because the orchids is blooming and it was a good time to take our shoot here! But when i saw the actual thing, i think it was so-so only leh. I seen more beautiful flowers blooming in Taiwan. But can't hiam since we are in Singapore and the weather is sunny throughout. Okay lor.

Thinking of all the different spot to use as our background for the shoot.

Next we went to National Museum, i love museum! We found out there is a public carpark behind the national museum and the carpark use coupon which was cheaper, even though we didn't use it eventually and decided to park inside National museuem so that we can save the walking time.
Fort Canning Park is very near to National Museum, but since i have choose Botanic Garden which is also another park so i didn't select Fort Canning.
Before that, i had wrote in to national museum to check if there is any charges if we would like to take our wedding shoot indoor. if i am not wrong, you have to pay $184 for 2 hour if you would like to take your shoot indoors. However, its absolutely free if you decided to take outside the museum. I find it quite ridiculous that its free for public to visit the museum unless you buy the ticket to enter their exhibition but it will cost $184 if you want to do a photoshoot.

Initially, i thought it was a good idea to take the shoot indoor because its air-conditioned so i won't be sweating like mad and i only need to tolerate the heat at one location only, but because of the charges. i opted to take the shoot outdoor which is free-of-charge.

In fact, i think there is nothing much to film unless you want to pose in front of these,

The lighting is not good and we only had our photographer without anyone holding the light reflector. I find the place is too dark.

The national museum had a specific changing room at the basement floor for bride to change their gown, touchup makeup or change their hairdo. In a way, it makes the MUA easier to change out my gown for me and to do my hairdo. But just that they are located in the basement so it was quite a distance for me to walk inside and take the lift when i am racing against time!
By the time, i changed my gown, hairstyle and touch up my makeup, it was almost 5plus going to 6, we finished everything by 630pm before i change my final gown to my last venue. By then, i was grabbing my gown and walking barefooted in the museum, my gown was long enough so no one probably notice i was not wearing any shoes. Hahaha.

We went to victoria theatre to recee as there were no charges for any indoors shoot. But it seem that they think musuem had all non-living objects except the staff and didn't bother to lower their aircon temperature because it was hot and humid when we entered!

Lighting is not too good too.
But we saw at least two couples doing their shoot in victoria theatre. One was wearing a red gown and the other one wearing a green gown.
Except for this big running area at level 1, there was nothing interesting to take inside victoria theatre though. Its pretty much the same concept in National museum but i think national museum is nicer.

As we walked outside, there were nothing much even though there were other museum infrastructure, but i can't remember the name of the museum over there.

 This was the Art House if i am not wrong.

The downside of these locations, Victoria theatre, Art house do not have a convenient parking lot, we couldn't figure out where to park after we finished our last recee site.
Another place that we only briefly mentioned to the photographer but did not recee was gardens by the bay, where you had to pay the entrance ticket to enter the dome or some forest but i didn't know they had theme until i checked with Yuna as her dad bought the annual pass, so she told me to look out for the theme and it was Africa. When i told my photographer, he told us we can strike this place from our list because Africa theme is ugly and the last time when he had the shoot with another couple, everything was so small and the couple had to bend so much and it was not really nice at all. So eventually, we choose Botanic Gardens, National Museum & the last venue was Singapore River with Fullerton hotel facing us and Marina Bay Sands. It was unexpected so we didn't recee that. I guess when you are nice to your photographer, they are less calculative to you because we finished the shoot by 8plus and he did not charge us. Hehe. I guess being nice helps!

#2 Get your face features fixed.
When i mentioned getting your face features fixed, i do not refer to just spamming botox, filler on your face, i mean some brides do use botox or filler, i have no objection if it will makes you look even better. Hahaha, what i mean was eg: if you had not trim your eyebrows, or you do not usually put on makeup, maybe its time to take good care of your face complexion so that you do not have any acne breakout, get your eyebrow fixed, for me i went to do my eyebrow embroidery in advance just to get the shape fixed on the face, even though makeup-artist will help you to trim before drawing, but it definitely help when you have nice and neat eyebrow so the makeup artist can save her time on enhancing the face instead of spending extra time to fix the eyebrows. Just like my makeup-artist was telling me it was so easy to draw my eyebrow and it look quite natural after she draw. That's because i did my eyebrow embroidery! Haha, getting your teeth fixed, if you have crooked teeth, its better to fix your teeth way earlier before your wedding preparation, if you had to do braces, do it! It will be worth the pain and money! I mean when the shoot ends or your wedding ends, you will still look good! For me, i had to do teeth whitening soon, but i only went for scaling & polishing before the photoshoot because i was running out of time.

#3. Prepare a series of different hairstyle that you like to show your makeup artist or hairdresser.
I managed to research a few slides with more than 10 over hairstyle that i prefer first, at the same time it allows me to decide what hair dye color i am looking out for that i can show to the hairdresser to tell me if i am suitable for the hair color before showing the hairdo to makeup artist who will be styling your hair. This will be applicable for brides who can dye their hair color to any color they want. I saw one of my friend who got married recently dye grey and it looks so good on her!

#4 Get your hair fixed.
Even though the makeup artist will help you to style your hair, however no bride will look good with the roots exposing that the hair color dye has faded and black is so boring, so i strongly recommended to go to the salon at least 1 week before the actual photoshoot/actual wedding day to dye your hair. Even though my makeup artist told me i do not need to do hair treatment because they prefer the hair to be frizzy so that it is easy for hairstyling, but when you dye hair, the hair is usually quite dry after that, so i usually do hair treatment as well as hair dye. The point that i mentioned earlier, you can show the hairdresser your selected gown to see if it fits the hair color that you want to dye. My hairdresser gave me some good advice and i trust him to adjust the hair color to suit my complexion and it turn out good. There were a few people asking me about this color after i dye, but i had no idea what it is called because the color is different from what i shown him.

During our conversation,he know i was very paronoid about the make up artist unable to style my hair well before i went down for trial, so he help me style my hair into big curls to show me roughly how i will look like. It was nice and i ask him jokingly if the curls will be gone after i wash my hair and he say of course! Hahaha. It has been quite long since i perm my hair as i kept straight hair for years because i find that it is easier to maintain. By the way, its important that the groom had a good haircut too. Initially the hairdresser told me my hair color is bright and if the groom can let him dye a color to match it will look good when we had our photoshoot, but unfortunately, Jeremy cannot dye his hair except boring black due to his job. Trying to take a couple selfie with Duffy after i was in the salon for few hours!

Look at Duffy  looking distressed when i was squeezing her to take photo with my new hairdo.

#5 Wear a white top during your trial makeup/hairdo
I read it in some article before that it was recommended to wear a white top when you go for your trial hairdo or makeup such that you can visualize how you look like with the hairdo wearing a white gown. This has proven to be quite effective i think, at least i mean on actual wedding day, you will definitely be wearing a white gown so it help you to judge whether you like the trial hairdo on your actual wedding day.

#6 Request for a trial hairdo
As mentioned in my previous post, a bridal studio package is more or less similar, so free trial makeup is very common that is usually inclusive in the package. Previously when i went down to my bridal studio, i told my wedding coordinator, weiting to find a good makeup artist for me and i request to do a trial hairdo as well. Trial hairdo usually comes with additional charges, but i am willing to pay as long as i will look good. 
Btw, the photo above is the makeup done by my makeup artist during my trial makeup and the hairdo was one of the trial hairdo as i request for large curls which is simple to them.
I would suggest bride-to-be to do a trial hairdo before your photoshoot and not scrimp on the cost of trial hairdo. I pay mine for $80, which i think it was totally worth it. Additional cost was $15 for 1 pair of eyelashes so i pay total $95. The make-up artist did a total of 4 different hairdo to show me. The decision to do a trial hairdo comes from an advice from my ex-colleague when her daughter-in-law did a trial hairdo for her wedding and was not satisfied with the one the bridal studio assigned to her and she ended up sourcing her own makeup artist to do her hairdo. Thus she told me trial hairdo is very important and i should request for one.

I do expect makeup artist to be skilled because if the makeup she did for me does not have any difference when i put on my makeup myself, this will be a serious problem! As i do not know the makeup artist that was assigned to me until the trial hairdo &makeup day, i was very paranoid and i start to msg mich whose friend is also using this bridal studio to help me ask about her overall photoshoot process, i don't really like the hairstyle that her friend did when she show me, mich agreed but apparently her friend was kinda of offended,because i think by the time she noticed, she has already finished her photoshoot so i really think some advice is good to listen but you must also assess the person who gave you the advice dress well or do have good taste, i mean if you get an advice from a friend that the taste is lousy, it will be worse if you listen to her. But i was even more paronoid after looking at her friend hairdo & makeup that i went to request for quotation from other makeup artist after studying their portfolio, just for standby in case if i decided not to use the one that the studio assigned to me. Even though Mich was reassuring me but i don't like to be in a vulnerable position so its always good to standby! 

The friend did not request for trial hairdo and frankly you do not have time to tell your makeup artist to change a hairdo just because you don't like how it turn out to be because time is ticking on actual day photoshoot. So, i strongly recommend to do a trial hairdo as well when you go for your trial makeup. Fortunately, i was very pleased with my makeup-artist when she did my trial hairdo & makeup. The makeup artist was curious and asked me on the day of my photoshoot, how come i got the idea to request for a trial hairdo because usually, its rare that bride will request for a trial hairdo. So i did told her i was worried the hairdo may not turn out nice so i decided to go ahead for a trial hairdo which she told me, whenever the bride had such requests, the coordinator will know the bride is very fussy, (i mean she didn't use this term but i put it in a more direct term) thus she will find a better makeup artist for me. So, please request a trial hairdo if you do not want to be ugly on your wedding day! I seen how other brides doesn't look better and worse after they had makeup on, so choosing your makeup artist is very important too.

The makeup artist asked my preference of the different hairstyle that i am looking to do before she do a trial of a high bun up hairdo as i told her i do not like those low bun hairdo which in my opinion it looks ugly UNLESS the bride is super slim and chio because you will need to see the face shape because not all bride is able to put on that hairdo well.. Some example of low bun hairdo that i am refering.

I opt for a high bun hairdo to see how i will look like. It may look weird now because it was just a trial.
The makeup artist putting the veil to show me roughly how it look like.
This was taken on the day of our photoshoot. The final look, more photos at the bottom~

 So the back of my hair looks like this instead of the low bun hairdo!
Another kind of hairdo that i have requested was the big curls after i show her angelababy this kind of hairstyle that i am looking at. I wanted to do a trial to see if i will look good and to consider using this hairstyle for my actual night 2nd march in.
 Hahaha, this was the result and many of my friends told me this hairdo suit me. Now i regret not taking more selfies! Love my hair color and no filter needed for this photo!
Another photo that i show her was this, another kind of curls but without the bangs since i have not cut my fringe to bangs for quite some time.

As my hair was not long enough, so she mentioned she had to add some extension for me and she thought of using the flower headband but she didn't bring during the trial so she ask me to imagine and ignore this white headband which i was initially, err.. But she assured me its not this headband but another kind of flower headband.

Thus i went back and start to search for another kind of hairdo, and i found this photo below so i texted her and ask her if it was something similar like this and whether the hairstyle can change to this instead. She say its possible and showing me other sample of the flower headband that she has did for other brides before.
The actual day of my photoshoot was something like this! Everything happen so fast that i only had time to take a few selfie before we was going for the outdoor shoot. I think i look much better than this selfie that i had take on that day.. Hurhur.

I have been snipping other people photo hurhur, i thought this lady hairdo was nice which i show to the makeup artist. 
My hair length couldn't achieve the effect as seen from above photo, though she promise to add the hair extension and it will look fine.
The actual hairdo on actual photoshoot, i look damm gong already because i try to take a selfie as i brought my makeup artist out and she was busy doing some stuffs to fix my hair so i quickly snap one before she continued! It's quite paiseh to do a selfie when someone else is with me so the facial expression is weird. Beside this was the 4th hairdo during the photoshoot day and i am already quite tired. Haha

I try a total of 4 different hairdo, actually all the hairdo that i requested is quite simple and easy coming from the makeup artist, not i say one! But being fickle-minded, when i go back and research on other hairdo, i send the photo of the sample to her and ask if she can do a similar hairdo for me and she say ok. So this is possible only when you do request for a trial hairdo if not i think most makeup artist can't be bothered with you because they would have listed in the package the total number of hairstyle you are entitled to, if you don't like, too bad cos you didn't request for a trial hairdo. I show her this photo because i thought this hairdo will look sweet and matching to my peach color gown. But i think i was wrong because when i want to take a selfie, it doesn't look good, maybe this hairdo don't quite suit me because this lady face is small but my face is quite big. I didn't do a trial on this because i found this later. But my makeup artist was still very accommodating and did something similar like this

This was how i actually look like after she style for me.
My makeup artist help me to take a photo after she was done with my makeup and hairdo, but its hard to take a selfie on your own with this hairdo. 
 After i went back, i notice it seem i have pull my gown too high. Because i look fat wearing this gown , fat arms or maybe my hairdo change my overall perception.

#7. Making sure you do not remove your makeup immediately after the trial.
After the makeup artist has completed the trial makeup for you, do not try to remove the makeup immediately, instead leave it on for more than a few hours as you continue your errand, just to see if your makeup can last because you will have to put your makeup for the entire day for photoshoot and on your wedding day.

#8. Do remember to take some selfie
Usually, you may not even remember the makeup or hairdo that you had requested as the photoshoot day and actual wedding day may be months apart, so taking photos is essential so that you can always refer to the photo and show your makeup artist in case she has forgotten what kind of hairdo you requested and the makeup she did for you.
Took several selfie while on my way back home from the bridal studio!

#9. Doing masks before the actual photoshoot day.
It is recommended to do masks that you have been using and not trying a new kind of mask just a day before your photoshoot especially if it has the whitening, brightening and moisturizing effect. This is to prevent any sudden acne breakout or allergy you might have when you tried a new mask before actual photoshoot day. I tried on one of the masks that i bought from Taiwan and it was so good and refreshing. When your face is clean, its easier for the makeup to be absorb nicely onto your face. Please ensure your groom do some masks too!

#10. Ensure you have plenty of rest, at least more than 8hour of sleep before photoshoot.
This is so important for photo shoot and for the night before actual wedding day! If you do not have enough sleep, you are going to look like a disaster the next morning, even though the makeup artist can still fix your face but i think its your own responsibility to ensure you do the minimum.
When i went for my trial makeup, i had less than 8 hours of sleep, my eye was different such that the eyelid area was not balanced, when i do not had enough of rest, my double eyelid turns into triple eyelid, the makeup artist spend quite some time rectifying my eye and had to use a double eyelid tape to fix the shape. Beside you will be wearing 2 pair of eyelashes on your eye, your eye is already heavy enough, without adequate sleep, your eye may not be able to open by then. Hahaha. luckily on my photo shoot day, the makeup artist commented that my eye is better and she don't have to spend too long rectifying my eye makeup.

#11. Don't drink too much water the night before photoshoot to avoid water retention.
Even though many always commented that its best to avoid drinking water at night so that your face won't look like you just got a beating from someone, i don't really care, but i avoid drinking water just the night before because its too huge a risk to take. 

#12. Groom Inner shirt, bowtie accessories, shoes, contact lens

During this entire preparation before the photoshoot, i have been focusing more on the bride that i think if your groom is not vain at all, like mine and can't be bothered preparing in advance, to warn him to prepare early if not he is going to pay a hefty price for it.

Our bridal package only include rental of 2 set of blazer & matching pants for the groom. Inner shirt & shoes are not provided. As he don't work in an office environment, he do not have standard working men shoes and we had to source super last minute, even though i think Taobao is a good website for you to start sourcing for men's item like bowtie, inner shirt, shoes and they cost relatively cheaper than if you buy in retail store. However, you may check with your bridal studio if they provide accessories like bow tie for the groom because after we have purchased, the studio do have a range of men bowtie for them to use for the shoot, its kinda of wasted because he spend $500 on bowtie, inner shirt, shoes which i think $200 on taobao can settled everything. Haha.

The bridal studio had someone to deliver fresh bouquet of flowers as props when we had our shoot in the studio, so you may also check with the studio in advance before deciding if you would like to purchase your own. They had lots of props for us to use too. To prevent any reflection, i think guys who wear specs like Jeremy had to remove the glass lens or you can opt to put on contact lens, the photographer reminded him but he totally forgot and he ended up not putting any glasses during the whole shoot. I manage to convince him to get some contact lens but some mentioned he look better with glasses and just weird without glasses, i was asking my friend whether because he has small eyes and suggesting maybe i shld get him enlarged lens which my friend say i have gone crazy and warn me against it. Hahaha

#13 Iced Water, Packet Drinks, Portable Fan, Snacks, Slippers

This idea came about when Jeremy & I was doing recee and we experienced ourselves how hot it is when we are not even wearing the suit or gown. So i thought its good to hydrate ourselves with iced water, we brought the cooler box with ice and put in his car on actual photoshoot day. We prepared extra flavored packet drinks for photographer as well and store inside the box and we brought some chips in case Jeremy is bored or if we had no time to eat (which we ended up quite late). Original plan was to buy 2 box of slice cake in case we are hungry during the shoot but we came back late during recee and the shop was closed. The chips was useful because we ended up having this while on our way back to the bridal studio. With 3 of us including the photographer eating before we had our late dinner after that.

We carried all the stuffs and place in his car and its funny because we look like we are going to picnic instead of taking photo shoot. I brought my slippers because i know my leg is going to break if i am wearing heels to walk around botanic garden. In fact during our recce, we tried to ask the staff if they had rental service to rent the buggy but they say no. So i expect the distance might be long if we didn't park at the correct entrance. So i was wearing my slipper and changing out into heels during the shoot. All this pays off! Because the weather was so crazy! The drinks came into handy after we get back into the car after the shoot at Botanic Gardens. 

Actual Day photoshoot
The schedule was to reach the studio at 9.30am but we reach at 9.15am so MUA help me to do my makeup first before changing into my peach gown.

Actual photoshoot timing takes place around 12plus.

By the time she was done i think it was close to 11am, so we had some free time while waiting for the photographer to reach the studio.

I spend that 1 hour free time taking selfie with Jeremy! Me playing with the filter.

He and his awkward smile. I don't know if the photos will turn out good as i think we was smiling too stiff because we smiled too much, smiled the entire day eh!

My eyes are really big. I like it that my complexion look flawless! No edit or filter at all. 

When the photographer came about 12pm, we get the makeup artist to help us dabao food for all of us including their share since we won't have time to buy back. The photographer is funny by guiding us some basic pose and what we should do when he give us the instructions. When he asked me to look at Jeremy lovingly, he tell me to stop glaring at him instead as though he owe me alot of money. 

Most of the time, its the smiling part that is very stiff and he will goes , '很假啊' . 
He show us in his camera when we was taking a break, but i can't see clearly because its always different when you see in the camera and the actual one on desktop. So when lunch is here, we take a break for our lunch before the MUA help me change to my white gown that was supposed to be my actual day 1st march in gown, but i replaced it and decided to wear the white outdoor gown instead. Fickle-minded me, yes i know. Haha.
The MUA asked me if i find it will be too much when she was thinking whether she should pair the look with necklace, but i tell her, i prefer leh because in real, its very bling and nice! Haha.
Earrings belongs to her as well.

I think i am amazing to had time for selfie while waiting for the photographer to change the backdrop! Haha
 Me and the indoor studio backdrop.

Now, i regret not taking more photos! Anyway i know most bride to be do not actually published what they are actually wearing until the actual day. But i think there's nothing to be secretive about. So i don't care! Anyway, no one will remember how i look, they will know when they see me on the actual day!
After this, the MUA spend quite long to re style my hair to this photo below, putting my flower headband properly, touch up my makeup before we finally can leave the studio. I think it was close to 4pm! I did not managed to take more photo with this hairdo because halfway i had to use GPS to help Jeremy to locate the place. tsk. Eventually it was the photographer who guide him where to park instead. This look was taken at Botanic Gardens.
I think when we went there which was a friday, there were many wedding couples at the garden taking wedding photoshoot as well! I think there were at least 4 to 5 pair, but i think my gown is the nicest even though they are all slimmer than me. Hahaha. Some of the bride outdoor gown that they are wearing looks ugly or yellowish. I didn't notice it until Jeremy told me discreetly. I was sweating like mad and thank god i make a wise decision to bring my MUA out as she help me to touch up the makeup during the shoot. I had requested to get her to stay for my 2nd march in to change my hairdo for 2nd march in. After that, we went to National Museum, and we was in the changing room that they allow bride to change the gown,

The flower headband was still on my head because i just finished changing into my grey gown and the MUA was heating up her curler that give me some time for selfie! As my hair is usually straight, the curl is almost gone by the time i am back to change hairdo!

Tadah! Transform again! This one no time because i had to rush back to take photo liao.
My MUA did asked if she can use my photos for her portfolio and i am okay with it, so she did take some photos using her phone when we was taking the shoot, I tried my luck after we went back to ask her if she can send me the photo but she say she can't.. Hurhur.
Its quite contradicting that i spend so much effort and money to look good but at the same time, i hope the photos don't turn out too good for each photo, if not i will be tempted to add $$ when we go back to select the photos.. which i am sure Jeremy will tell me, 'just take la' tsk.
This was my last hairdo and last red gown for the night shoot. I think i will consider getting a perm after my wedding! Since i had boring straight hair for years anyway.

We had the night shoot near Marina Bay which the MBS, Fullteron Hotel was our backdrop, i am not sure how the photos actually will look like! The last shot was the most funny one because i was supposed to bend backwards with Jeremy holding my waist and kissing me, but i think the photographer took abit longer and i was telling Jeremy 'Omg, my back want break already, is it done already?!' 要短了!I wanted to burst out laughing but Jeremy was sticking his lips onto me tightly so that i won't move away from him. This was the most funny moment and our last shot before it was a wrap!

We had to return back to the bridal studio to change out the gown while waiting for the photographer to transfer photos before we treated him dinner because he was supposed to end work at 7pm but he stay longer without charging us so the least thing we could do was to treat him dinner before sending him home. But it was already 9plus after we settled everything and eventually we settled for some simple tze char stall at Jalan Kayu. I am not a fan of supper so i do not know what is available to eat at that timing.

We was chatting and i noticed he was super energetic as he told us he could stay awake for super long, initially i was able to catch what he say when he was talking about how he used to be so good in basketball, its not that i am not interested, but i was really exhausted so i was trying to kept my eye wide without apppearing too rude. I think he was NOT tired at all after a day of photoshoot with us, but actually both of us are super super tired that we spend the next day just sleeping in the bed so i am super grateful for not being gei kiang to do both local and overseas photoshoot. Thank god. Hahaha.
Anyway, i think i will still be very fickle-minded when it comes to selection of photos. Will update again on my wedding preparation progress.
Till then.

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