Friday, August 19, 2016

My experience with Browtisan for Eyebrow Embroidery

Hello readers! I am finally here to updating my blog again, the aboev photo is the finish look after my eyebrow embroidery procedure.I did my eyebrow embroidery somewhere in Aug, but i took so long to draft out this post that i had totally forgot the date that i went over! So i shall dated this post in Aug.
So, i realised how my eyebrow was so ugly without any makeup during my previous post when i went to Onsen with Jieying, and decided i need to do something about it! Afterall, i am getting married next year so its time to invest my money into good use to make myself look good!
Whenever i scroll through my Instagram and saw pretty girls, their eyebrow has got to be one of the main features that i really take notice of! I think i read before somewhere in an article that eyebrow tattoo was the only method they used in the past so if you don't like how your eyebrow look after the procedure, it will be forever! But i do not know how true it is since i have not done it on my face before, but for eyebrow embroidery, it is the latest technique that a semi permanent pigment is pushed into the skin surface using a fine blade that will look like filling up those empty space on your brows that create more natural looking brows.
I didn't really went to research and compare with different eyebrow embroidery out there but chose to try the eyebrow embroidery at Browtisan after looking at the Instagram of the girls having natural looking eyebrows after their session with Browtisan. 
So i went down when they was having a roadshow to sign a package with them to do my first eyebrow embroidery! Beside signing a package for the eyebrow embroidery that includes 2 complimentary touch up, i took up their cheap facial and eyelashes extension that cost only $32 (one-time) at that time. So far i had not done any of this two, will find sometime to go soon!
This cost me about $1.4k ++ , i can't really remember the exact price. 
After i make my appt, and Jieying went with me because she was interested to see how the entire procedure will look like.
The place is located in Delfi Orchard, so before we could start the procedure, numbing cream had to be applied for 45mins before they start the procedure, i was quite skeptical about this numbing cream because i had applied before when i was doing a medlite laser on my face and it was painful during the laser process, so i was asking the staff if it will be painful while she assured me that its going to be a painless procedure.
 I guess the lady boss love bling items like i do!
 We was being brought over here to rest after applying the numb cream, tea was served to us at the same time.
Me with my covered eyebrow waiting for the numbing cream to take effect.
A photo with Jieying!
While waiting the staff told me that it is recommended for me to get a after care kit after the procedure as the brows are not supposed to touch any water for a week, so this is additional charge at $90 if i don't remember wrongly. It comes with a week of tegaderm for you to cut into half to cover the brows after using the cleansing solution, and the ointment.
Before going to the room for the procedure, the staff help me to adjust and shape my eyebrow to the way that i want, but i think it was abit challenging because i had a scar on one of my eyebrow so the staff was worried the ink may not stay there so she ask me to go back after about 3 weeks for her to take a look to see if touch up is required. After she wipe off the cream and was doing quite long the shaping, i asked her if she is sure its not going to be painful because i was worried the effect might have gone off, but i was surprised when the procedure started because except the fact that i could hear the sound of her using a blade that sounds like she is trimming my eyebrows, its painless!
During the procedure she asked me if i feel any pain, but nope it was not painful! In fact i was going to fall asleep when she dong the brows for me.
She told me the ink will be dark in the first few days but that was normal as it will fade off as time passes. I don't know what she did and when i thought it was completed and i get up and saw the mirror and i got a shock because i got la pi xiao xin eyebrow now! HAHAHA, this was not completed, she was letting the ink to sink in first but i thought it was amusing so i get Jieying to come in and take a photo of me.

I think overall procedure took about 1.5hour.
When it was completed, i was quite satisfied because i can have nice eyebrows now!
The shape is there so i don't even have to draw my eyebrows at least for one week.

 There were some blood even though the procedure was painless, i only had that stinging feel in the first few days when i was using the cleansing solution to clean the brows as it was fresh wound afterall. Tadah! After i was done with my eyebrow, we went to meet JJ for dinner!

I think this was supposed to be my belated birthday dinner treat, but we couldn't think of anywhere better to dine in so i choose this Tony Roma for our dinner!
 It could be a good time for us to discuss our upcoming bangkok trip, but we always sidetrack! haha.
I was playing the snow app with Jieying before getting Junjie to join us for some funny effects in Snow app.

 This is quite funny!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Hello readers! I am here to blog my first visit to Yunomori Onsen & Spa!
Apparently, before they started promoting and publicise ever since their official opening, JY told me if i would like to go with her as she got 1 free pair of ticket for entry to their onsen!
So we went during the weekends, and i really think its too short a time for us.We could relax inside for the entire day without any restriction!
We went on a saturday, probably because its newly opened as there were not much crowd.
It took us awhile to find the place as it is located in Kallang Wave mall but the mall structure to find Yunomori Onsen is quite confusing. As it doesn't seem like they are connected and you need to make sure you are walking the right direction to find this place!

When you first enter, you will need to place your shoes inside one of this locker. You can choose any available locker.

After that, you can approach the counter, for massage, i think you will need to call to make an appointment first. It feel very comfortable when you first step inside the place.

Photo courtesy taken from Yunomori Onsen Facebook page. Even though this photo look highly filtered, but in real life, the atmosphere will makes you feel safe and comfortable upon check in.
We hand over our shoe locker key to the staff before they proceed to get us two locker key each for us to store our belonging in their locker room.
Photo source from Here
They have a basket of beautifully designed Yukata for us to choose,there will be staff stationed there it was a counter before you enter their dressing room which is also the locker room. They will also pass you one small and one big towel. Usually when you went to an onsen, you have to be fully naked and be comfortable, however understanding Asian consumers, not many of us are comfortable to be naked especially with strangers, so they do provide black disposable bra and panties. So you will look like as though you are not fully naked.
Our selected Yukata that we will only use after our onsen session.
As they expected majority of the guests are naked, there is no changing room, so if you are really uncomfortable, you can go to their toilet to change, otherwise just change while you are outside the locker room. All their locker comes with the RFID tag, thus its very easy and convenient to just tap to lock and unlock your locker. However don't forget to take out your tag if not once you close the locker, there is no way for you to access unless you approach the staff for assistance!

Photo source from Here
Before you can use their onsen, you will need to shower first. Unfortunately, i couldn't really take a photo because by then, everyone are naked and no photo-taking are allowed, thus i went to find photos that were taken by other blogger to provide a clearer illustration.
So what you have to do is to sit in any of this cubicle, using their stool to shower. I do love their shampoo, shower because it smell good! So after the showering, you are ready to explore the 5 different type of bath they provide!
Do take note towels are not allowed so you may be stop by the staff if they saw you using towels during the showering time. Because we was stopped when was drying ourselves up after we was leaving. HAHA.
Photo source from Here
No photo-taking once again so a photo taken from other source, this is roughly what you would be expecting inside, there are 5 different kind of bath, each bath has some signage that will explain to you the benefits of soaking inside, There are also instructions listed before you enter, to guide you on the proper steps to use the onsen. My body was able to adapt to hot and the super cold bath! JY and i was soaking ourselves inside the onsen, chatting until its time for us to get out because we are getting giddy before entering the cold bath. HAHA she is so funny because she cant get herself fully inside the water as she say its too cold, but i could! It feel like the ice bucket challenge that was trending previously, just that this time round, you are soaking yourself inside.
After that, we decided to explore their cafe! Yes, there is a cafe inside the Yunomori Onsen & Spa that you don't even need to step outside if you are hungry after dipping inside the pool.
This was our first time putting on our Yukata so we was helping each other because we had no idea how to correctly put it on! haha.
This was the dressing table for ladies to do their makeup or to use their hairdryer after you are done with the onsen. By right no photo-taking allowed, but i tried to make sure no one is around before taking the photo! haha

A selfie taken in the cafe, pardon my funny eyebrows, i didnt had my eyebrows fixed yet!
By the way, for comfortable sake, i don't recommend anyone to put in make up when they are here, i mean all those steam that will get to your face, so if you really mei lian jian ren, just use snow app! It will beautify you even when you are not wearing makeup!

 It was recommended that after your onsen, to order a cup of hokaiddo milk.
It taste not to my liking though. Thankfully we ordered another mango smoothie!
Me looking so happy as though i never pour milk out before. hurhurhur. I can't recall what i was laughing at, but definitely not because of the milk though!

This was my preferred drink after the onsen, they do provide green tea free of charge at the counter, we didn't order any food as we had our lunch before coming in. But the next time, i will just order and try their food here! You do not need to make any payment at the cafe, payment will all be settled upon check out at their counter.

When you enter the cafe, you will be able to notice there is another area which i called it the relaxaion area. We went to check it out after having our drink and it was so cosy and quiet that you are not supposed to talk loudly as there were others that was actually falling asleep!
 Thats JY long leg popping up in this below photo of mine. haha
Since we couldn't talk, we decided to play the Snow app to take photos. See! Don't need makeup, just use beautify app will do!

Overall, i think its worth a try for anyone who has not been to an onsen, now you can experience in Singapore! It cost only $41 after GST. But you just need to make sure you are able to get someone who is comfortable to be naked to go in the onsen if you ever need company!
So till then, I shall end this blog post of mine! Next upcoming post, my eyebrow embroidery!