Thursday, March 8, 2012

End of mini graduation trip, Homebound Singapore

Disclaimer: This post has been revised, keeping the original post content but without photos due to technical issues and i couldn't retrieve the photos.
Travel period: 4-8 March 2012

Hello readers! We had our lunch at Macdonald to tap on the free wifi available before we visit the themepark! I am not really a fan of thrill rides so when there was this spaceshot ride that Kangrui was excited to try, i told them i will give them moral support by watching them from the ground. So PC was dragged to take the ride with her. Haha, most of the roller coaster rides were under maintenance so we didn't really have a chance to try out other rides. As i was waiting for them to take the ride fro mthe ground, Chanel and Kiwi came along and i went with them to play the pirate ship first. I didn't expect the pirate ship will trigger me to scream because i was so scared when there is this feeling of flying up high before going down again. They was finding me so funny as i was the only one screaming on the pirate ship.

PC had this after shock face expression after the spaceshot ride. She mentioned that she seems to sprain her neck during the ride. Hahaha. We went to play again the pirate ship with Kangrui and PC but this time round they were startled by my high pitch scream and she said she was going to be deaf after i have screamed throughout the entire ride. Haha.

As it started raining while we were in the themepark so we couldn't continue with the rest of the rides. We waited for the rain to stop, but it didn't so eventually we decided to leave the themepark first and check the coach ticket to purchase back to Singapore, it cost RM 40 per pax.

We decided to hang out at the cafe while Kangrui went to play by herself at the themepark, PC and I was not interested to visit the themepark. I find that overall Genting is kind of boring because there are nothing much to do, eventually we even went to play bowling! We play for 4-5games until we actually missed the time to meet Chanel and Kiwi at the designated area, Kangrui try to find them but couldn't find them so she came back to continue with the bowling session. Hahahaha. I really enjoyed the time spend with them, no restrictions and everyone has been so accommodating to each other that makes this entire trip a very memorable and enjoyable one! 

Eventually we meet up with Chanel and Kiwi for dinner and we walked over to the resort hotel for their coffeebean outlet, we ordered our drinks and sat there with more chit chatting session, sharing our thoughts about this trip and basically sharing all the memorable moments we had with each other for the past few days.

We agree to plan a overseas trip together again, probably after most of us have settled down by then as everyone seem to be busy with their own work after this trip. Chanel and Kangrui focusing on their dream job as an air stewardess, Kiwi and PC going NS, Kiwi serving NS while PC signing as a regular. As for me? Well, i will be starting my full time job as a housekeeping supervisor in the hotel. Nobody can predict the changes we have in the future but i hope we don't drift apart! Overall, i think it is important to have the right friends to travel together, everyone taking care of each other. We chatted till it was almost midnight and so we returned back to our hotel to rest. I guess i was really tired by then and i didn't even realised Chanel and Kiwi came to our room until they told me as PC went out with them for supper while Kangrui and I was sleeping by then. (Probably because we chatted till 3.30am the night before!) Haha

Time flies and we was coming to an end of our mini graduation trip. It was time to check out and returned back to Singapore, we had our lunch at Kenny Rogers before taking the bus bound for Singapore. There is a stopover for us to buy some food as the journey continued, i had only 5 ringgit left and it was just enough for me to buy myself a burger. Kang rui had only 3 ringgit so i gave her 1 ringgit so that she can buy a burger as well. We ended up buying two burger but shared among the three of us because PC don't have anymore ringgit. Haha initially, she feel embarrased and doesn't want to take a bite of our shared burger, she was saying we look so pitiful that we had to share a burger among three of us. Hahaha it was so funny the way she express it. But the moral of the story will be to plan a food budget daily so that we will not encounter such issue again. Haha, probably by then we would have earn enough to laugh off this incident that we had.

End of our graduation trip.

Let's work hard for our future!
Till then! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Departing KL to Genting Highlands

Disclaimer: This post has been revised, keeping the original post content but without photos due to technical issues and i couldn't retrieve the photos.
Travel period : 4 - 8 March 2012

Hello readers! We check out from the hostel as our next stop was the Genting Highlands!
I have never really travel to anywhere since young so it was the first time i am visiting Genting. We had Nando's for lunch, the weather was humid and hot as we walked to the place to purchase our ticket for the coach to Genting. It cost us RM $10.60 per pax to Genting, it was way cheaper compare to the cab driver who tried to quote us RM200 to bring us to Genting. RM 10.60 is even inclusive of the cable ride.

As we are travelling in odd numbers, there were 5 of us, so we encountered one guy who is trying to be funny when his seat was supposed to be in front but he saw Kangrui sitting alone so he pretended that his seat is beside Kangrui, when we tried to ask for his seat number, he couldn't tell produce us the ticket number, out of safety because we are not sure what is this guy real intentions, Kiwi asked Kangrui to swop seat with him. After the guy realised that he is not sitting with Kangrui, he decided to move back to sit with his friend instead. He is so silly. As we alight from the bus to proceed to take the cable ride, it was getting foggy but the weather was cooling. It was also the first time i took a cable car and i noticed that the cable car will not stop for you to board so we got to really enter the cable car in time before it will move off, i have got two luggage wit hme so i was trying to get in the cable car fast while ensuring i bring all my luggage with me at the same time but i guess it was quite heavy so the entire cable car was shaking vigorously and everyone was shocked!
Hahaha, that moment was so epic.

By the time we arrived at the hotel to check in, it was already 4.30pm, we was staying at first world hotel. Chanel went to the front desk to check in while we waited at the lobby. We had two rooms, Chanel and Kiwi sharing one while the three of us share the other room. We had some rest before meeting up in the evening to have our dinner together. As we are visiting the theme park the next day, our evening were pretty free so we decided to watch a movie. We watched Dance Dance Dragon, after the movie session, we went to arcade to play and receive lots of tokens. We had fun and it was a very memorable experience hanging out with them. 

After that, since it was still early, we decided to hang out at coffee bean and we chatted for hours, i really cherish the friendship fostered and we hope we can hang out more often next time! It was also the rare moment that i don't have any curfew, but we returned back to our room to rest at around 11pm. PC was tired and she was fast asleep when KR and I was chatting all the way until 3.30am! I had the habit of talking in my sleep and both of them told me that it's true because they saw how i would talk in my sleep during one of the nights.
Alright, i shall end this post for now.
Till then!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur. Berjaya Times Square. Mid Valley

Disclaimer: This post has been revised, keeping the original post content but without photos due to technical issues and i couldn't retrieve the photos.

Hello readers! Continuing from my previous post on my graduation trip, we had a few hour nap at the hostel before preparing to head out for lunch. We were staying for 1 night before checking out to Genting the next day. The hostel is conveniently located near the petaling street, their version of Chinatown so it save us on travelling time to visit one of their shopping street. We had A&W for lunch before taking the train to Berjaya Times square for shopping, Kangrui & PC are not into shopping so both of them including Kiwi was more of accompanying Chanel & I for window shopping instead. The mall is huge with many levels and a indoor theme park.

After some retail therapy session, we had sushi king for our early dinner before heading to Mid Valley, another shopping centre. Hahaha, We returned back to our hostel to drop our shopping stuffs to visit the night market near our hostel which starts from 4pm, i needed to buy another luggage bag because my existing bag couldn't store all my purchased items. When we first walked in, the seller was selling it for RM130, as we walked further down, there were RM100 and we tried to bargain to RM80 and eventually it was sold for RM72 which was still a reasonable price.

We went to have some drinks, chit chatting and it was comfortable travelling with them and i would like to keep this precious, good old memories as i am writing it down right now, should i forget it someday, i know this post will refresh my memory. :)

Till then!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur my first graduation trip

Disclaimer: This post has been revised, keeping the original post content but without photos due to technical issues and i couldn't retrieve the photos.
Travel period: 4-8 March 2012

Hello readers! I have just returned from my short graduation trip with my friends. It was a random decision as we was having house visiting during the CNY period that we suggested to go for a graduation trip that includes, Chanel, Kiwi, Kangrui, PC & me! Chanel volunteer to be the planner and we were on a budget after just graduating so she managed to work out the sums and each of us pay $90 for our entire trip to KL & Genting.

Everyone was having their own plans , PC was planning to sign on as a regular in the army, Chanel is trying her luck as a air stewardess with Scoot, KR as well going for interviews to all the airlines, i had accept the job offer after my internship so was due to start my full time job in the hotel upon graduation, Kiwi was going to be enlisted in the army soon so this was a very meaningful trip for us before we start on our goals. Everyone had very clear objective except me. I had not figured out what i want yet.

Anyway, the $90 per pax includes the accommodation cost, coach ticket 2 way as well as the outdoor themepark ticket in Genting! On the day itself, we arranged to meet at 7pm in the evening to take the night coach at Farrer Park. We had our dinner in city square mall at Saizeriya Italian restaurant. It was the first time i dine in this restaurant, no GST or service charge for their foods, in fact most of it cost below $10.

When we was about to board the bus, Chanel realised that she has forgot to bring the tickets out. I think we was panicking but fortunately, she found the auntie that she bought the ticket and we were issued new tickets to board the bus. The whole journey took about 6hour. Halfway the journey, Chanel has tried to ask the driver that we wanted to alight at this place called the central market but the driver does not understand english and there were some miscommunication, base on my understanding, i think he was trying to tell us this bus does not alight at the central market.

Eventually, we had to alight the bus at one of their stops. We couldn't even figure out where we are. Haha, after checking out the place that we alighted, we figure that we will need to take the train to reach our hostel in KL. I recalled walking over a bridge, it was dark and despite in a place that we are not even familiar with, in the middle of the night at 4am. It's heartwarming that we didn't have any squabble or complaints. As i am writing this down, i think we are pretty amazing. Hahaha.

The first train starts at 6am, so our plan was to wait for the first train while hanging around in this sheltered place, fortunately, kiwi's friend who stay in KL drove and found us. We didn't purchase any mobile data so i think it was a miracle he could find us and drove us to our hostel while using the aid of a GPS.

Chanel booked the 6 bedded dorm. so that we can have a room to ourselves. I thought it was a unique experience to stay in a hostel for the first time. As the hostel opens at 8am, we couldn't enter because it was only 6plus am when we arrived. We tried to ring the doorbell but no one answered the door so eventually we pull our luggage to the nearby kopitiam to have our early breakfast first. I was getting sleepy by then and wanted to rest. By 8am, we manage to enter the hostel. Chanel was talking with her colleagues and issuing to us each a set of clean bedlinen for our beds. Before we enter the room, we knock on the door but was pretty shocked there were two other person inside.

I think they were kind of pissed that we interrupt their sleep even though we didn't turn on the main light but using the mini lightbulb to make our bed while settling in. I remember one of them blurted out asking us 'do you guys really have to make the bed like right now?' We didn't really had a choice because we were tired by then. I think we were very brave to share a room with some strangers and for me, i think i fall asleep without even worrying that they might took our stuffs while we was asleep. We tried to be considerate despite us checking in early by not turning on the lights but they were not very considerate to us as they woke us up later when they turn on the main switch light to check out. The person complained to the counter upon their check out and questioning the staff their policy of allowing others to check in early and commenting that we were noisy. Hahaha, well but that is the most they could do i guess to express their frustration?

Generally, it's comfortable during our stay in the hostel. Shall update more on our activities in KL in next post. Till then!