Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Departing KL to Genting Highlands

Disclaimer: This post has been revised, keeping the original post content but without photos due to technical issues and i couldn't retrieve the photos.
Travel period : 4 - 8 March 2012

Hello readers! We check out from the hostel as our next stop was the Genting Highlands!
I have never really travel to anywhere since young so it was the first time i am visiting Genting. We had Nando's for lunch, the weather was humid and hot as we walked to the place to purchase our ticket for the coach to Genting. It cost us RM $10.60 per pax to Genting, it was way cheaper compare to the cab driver who tried to quote us RM200 to bring us to Genting. RM 10.60 is even inclusive of the cable ride.

As we are travelling in odd numbers, there were 5 of us, so we encountered one guy who is trying to be funny when his seat was supposed to be in front but he saw Kangrui sitting alone so he pretended that his seat is beside Kangrui, when we tried to ask for his seat number, he couldn't tell produce us the ticket number, out of safety because we are not sure what is this guy real intentions, Kiwi asked Kangrui to swop seat with him. After the guy realised that he is not sitting with Kangrui, he decided to move back to sit with his friend instead. He is so silly. As we alight from the bus to proceed to take the cable ride, it was getting foggy but the weather was cooling. It was also the first time i took a cable car and i noticed that the cable car will not stop for you to board so we got to really enter the cable car in time before it will move off, i have got two luggage wit hme so i was trying to get in the cable car fast while ensuring i bring all my luggage with me at the same time but i guess it was quite heavy so the entire cable car was shaking vigorously and everyone was shocked!
Hahaha, that moment was so epic.

By the time we arrived at the hotel to check in, it was already 4.30pm, we was staying at first world hotel. Chanel went to the front desk to check in while we waited at the lobby. We had two rooms, Chanel and Kiwi sharing one while the three of us share the other room. We had some rest before meeting up in the evening to have our dinner together. As we are visiting the theme park the next day, our evening were pretty free so we decided to watch a movie. We watched Dance Dance Dragon, after the movie session, we went to arcade to play and receive lots of tokens. We had fun and it was a very memorable experience hanging out with them. 

After that, since it was still early, we decided to hang out at coffee bean and we chatted for hours, i really cherish the friendship fostered and we hope we can hang out more often next time! It was also the rare moment that i don't have any curfew, but we returned back to our room to rest at around 11pm. PC was tired and she was fast asleep when KR and I was chatting all the way until 3.30am! I had the habit of talking in my sleep and both of them told me that it's true because they saw how i would talk in my sleep during one of the nights.
Alright, i shall end this post for now.
Till then!