Thursday, March 8, 2012

End of mini graduation trip, Homebound Singapore

Disclaimer: This post has been revised, keeping the original post content but without photos due to technical issues and i couldn't retrieve the photos.
Travel period: 4-8 March 2012

Hello readers! We had our lunch at Macdonald to tap on the free wifi available before we visit the themepark! I am not really a fan of thrill rides so when there was this spaceshot ride that Kangrui was excited to try, i told them i will give them moral support by watching them from the ground. So PC was dragged to take the ride with her. Haha, most of the roller coaster rides were under maintenance so we didn't really have a chance to try out other rides. As i was waiting for them to take the ride fro mthe ground, Chanel and Kiwi came along and i went with them to play the pirate ship first. I didn't expect the pirate ship will trigger me to scream because i was so scared when there is this feeling of flying up high before going down again. They was finding me so funny as i was the only one screaming on the pirate ship.

PC had this after shock face expression after the spaceshot ride. She mentioned that she seems to sprain her neck during the ride. Hahaha. We went to play again the pirate ship with Kangrui and PC but this time round they were startled by my high pitch scream and she said she was going to be deaf after i have screamed throughout the entire ride. Haha.

As it started raining while we were in the themepark so we couldn't continue with the rest of the rides. We waited for the rain to stop, but it didn't so eventually we decided to leave the themepark first and check the coach ticket to purchase back to Singapore, it cost RM 40 per pax.

We decided to hang out at the cafe while Kangrui went to play by herself at the themepark, PC and I was not interested to visit the themepark. I find that overall Genting is kind of boring because there are nothing much to do, eventually we even went to play bowling! We play for 4-5games until we actually missed the time to meet Chanel and Kiwi at the designated area, Kangrui try to find them but couldn't find them so she came back to continue with the bowling session. Hahahaha. I really enjoyed the time spend with them, no restrictions and everyone has been so accommodating to each other that makes this entire trip a very memorable and enjoyable one! 

Eventually we meet up with Chanel and Kiwi for dinner and we walked over to the resort hotel for their coffeebean outlet, we ordered our drinks and sat there with more chit chatting session, sharing our thoughts about this trip and basically sharing all the memorable moments we had with each other for the past few days.

We agree to plan a overseas trip together again, probably after most of us have settled down by then as everyone seem to be busy with their own work after this trip. Chanel and Kangrui focusing on their dream job as an air stewardess, Kiwi and PC going NS, Kiwi serving NS while PC signing as a regular. As for me? Well, i will be starting my full time job as a housekeeping supervisor in the hotel. Nobody can predict the changes we have in the future but i hope we don't drift apart! Overall, i think it is important to have the right friends to travel together, everyone taking care of each other. We chatted till it was almost midnight and so we returned back to our hotel to rest. I guess i was really tired by then and i didn't even realised Chanel and Kiwi came to our room until they told me as PC went out with them for supper while Kangrui and I was sleeping by then. (Probably because we chatted till 3.30am the night before!) Haha

Time flies and we was coming to an end of our mini graduation trip. It was time to check out and returned back to Singapore, we had our lunch at Kenny Rogers before taking the bus bound for Singapore. There is a stopover for us to buy some food as the journey continued, i had only 5 ringgit left and it was just enough for me to buy myself a burger. Kang rui had only 3 ringgit so i gave her 1 ringgit so that she can buy a burger as well. We ended up buying two burger but shared among the three of us because PC don't have anymore ringgit. Haha initially, she feel embarrased and doesn't want to take a bite of our shared burger, she was saying we look so pitiful that we had to share a burger among three of us. Hahaha it was so funny the way she express it. But the moral of the story will be to plan a food budget daily so that we will not encounter such issue again. Haha, probably by then we would have earn enough to laugh off this incident that we had.

End of our graduation trip.

Let's work hard for our future!
Till then!