Monday, March 5, 2012

Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur. Berjaya Times Square. Mid Valley

Disclaimer: This post has been revised, keeping the original post content but without photos due to technical issues and i couldn't retrieve the photos.

Hello readers! Continuing from my previous post on my graduation trip, we had a few hour nap at the hostel before preparing to head out for lunch. We were staying for 1 night before checking out to Genting the next day. The hostel is conveniently located near the petaling street, their version of Chinatown so it save us on travelling time to visit one of their shopping street. We had A&W for lunch before taking the train to Berjaya Times square for shopping, Kangrui & PC are not into shopping so both of them including Kiwi was more of accompanying Chanel & I for window shopping instead. The mall is huge with many levels and a indoor theme park.

After some retail therapy session, we had sushi king for our early dinner before heading to Mid Valley, another shopping centre. Hahaha, We returned back to our hostel to drop our shopping stuffs to visit the night market near our hostel which starts from 4pm, i needed to buy another luggage bag because my existing bag couldn't store all my purchased items. When we first walked in, the seller was selling it for RM130, as we walked further down, there were RM100 and we tried to bargain to RM80 and eventually it was sold for RM72 which was still a reasonable price.

We went to have some drinks, chit chatting and it was comfortable travelling with them and i would like to keep this precious, good old memories as i am writing it down right now, should i forget it someday, i know this post will refresh my memory. :)

Till then!