Saturday, July 14, 2012

My 21st Birthday Party Celebration @Treehouse Villa PART 1.

Hello readers, this post will be on my 21st birthday party celebration held last week at Treehouse Villa @ Changi! We was assigned the Elok unit upon check in. I was doing some research online on suitable venue to host my party when i chanced upon other blogger booking this place. This resort is not open for public to book and cater only for SAF/NS regulars. Due to the overwhelming responses ever since this area was just newly renovated, it was not easy to get one of those unit and balloting is needed to see if you are lucky to get it!

Thanks to my cousin, i was able to use the treehouse villa as my venue for my birthday party! We was staying for 4D3N, check in on friday and checking out on monday, the party was held on a saturday. So once the venue has been settled, i went on to do the remaining planning such as ordering catering, sending invitations out to my friends, preparing more food for my guests on the actual day, ordering my birthday cake etc. Most of the expenses is solely paid for by myself and i am proud of it! Since i had already started working and getting a steady income monthly, my colleague was so sweet to pass me a birthday cake after knowing that i was having a party and he couldn't attend so he asked his wife to bake a cake for me!

So on friday when we was due to check in, Elliott and his gf came over to my house to help out with moving all the stuffs required to move to treehouse villa. It was so funny because we had 3 to 4 cars coming inside the designated carpark to unload the stuff and we had to inform the guard they was not staying for long before they open the gantry as each unit is only allocated a parking lot. Everyone was helping out for the party! My aunt and my mum's friends was being so helpful as they help my mum with the preparation of all the BBQ foods and making sure it's sufficient for the party the next day. It was a heartwarming scene when you get to see your family gathering around to help out. The unit that we check in was a 2 bedroom unit.

Instead of key, they given us keycard that you can tap at the sensor to unlock the door.
BBQ Pit area outside the unit.

I was greeted by the familiar scent of lemongrass when we entered, the aircon was already turned on for us and it looks simply fantastic inside!

The place is huge! It was 2 storey, they had a open concept kitchen, and complimentary snacks and drinks + 1 bag of ice cube for us upon check in. We were given one pack of charcoal as and the unit provide us the essential items such as the grill, fire starter etc.

 Next, we went to check out the level 1 bathroom! Their bathroom is spacious as well!

Beside the bathroom, there was another door that will lead you to the 'sunken bath'

The sunken bath was kid's favourite as they get to play with the waters and it was quite popular with my friends when they turned up for my party as the whole place get crowded and this was another area they could sit down and chit chat etc.
There was even a backyard!
They have more stools and more chairs as well as an indoor BBQ pit area if it do rains, that area is more for guests who would like to smoke because the entire unit prohibit smoking 
Before i forgot, they have mahjong tables available in their utility room, and more chairs so it has everything that you need for a gathering. You just need to bring your own mahjong tiles or you can rent it at their office, beside mahjong there were others games available for rent too.
 Next, we went to check out the lvl 2 which was the bedroom area!

One of the bedrooms, by now if you do realised, the whole unit has a purple theme, and it happen to be my favorite color too! Even the lampshade cover comes in purple. Haha, so at level 2, there were TV mounted at the wall so that you can also sit on the bed and watch tv if you are lazy to head down.

I forgot to take the other bedroom photo, the other room has a queen size and a single sized bed, as well as the foldable mattress so more than enough to accommodate more than 4 people i guess?
Both bedroom have a common balcony and this is so cool!

 Our scenary view of the entire treehouse villa.

This was the level 2 bathroom which is equally spacious, would be perfect if they had bathtub too! Since they had so much space! I was falling in love with this place. 

While in the unit, they had many channels that you can simply nua at the sofa to watch movies/shows without stepping out of the villa. Maybe it was due to the fact that they had just newly renovated the whole place but this place was so comfortable during our stay!

Qianci came to find us in the afternoon bringing this two standing balloons as my birthday gift. Haha, it was the elephant and little terrier!

Me playing with little terrier because at some point of time, everyone almost see it as a real dog because it looks too real. 

We was just playing around with all the balloons etc. Didn't even realised it's all blurry shots!

I guess i shall end for now, next post will be more details of my party! 
Till then.