Thursday, July 19, 2012

My 21st Birthday Party @Treehouse villa, PART 2

Hello readers! So here goes, my 21st birthday party celebration post part 2.
This purple banner was given to me by Kraven on the day of my party, i wanted a backdrop to take photos but i was lazy during all the preparation until Kraven was being totally random and called me when i was doing my hair at the salon one day and ask if i would like to get one as she can help me to do the banner which i was more than happy to say 'Yes i want!' So i send her a few favourite photos of myself before she get her staff to print it on the banner as her family run the printing business.
Thanks for giving this to me for free too!

As mentioned in my previous post, we checked in to Treehouse villa on friday and the party was on saturday, so mummy and olm woke up early morning to start preparing some of the foods required for the BBQ, my cousins came over to stay too and everyone was helping to blow all the balloons for the decor. Especially, Qianci, Elliott and his gf.

I was getting busy by afternoon as most of my friends was trying to check with me the exact location as they was reaching the place but couldn't find the exact location. 

 This was my guestbook for my friends to sign at the party
My first few guests was Michelle and her bf, Jeant, Zaiwei, Brant & Yong seng. It was still early before everyone turned up at the party, so Michelle and i went to the garden area to take some photos! Before that we took some polaroid shots photo to hang at one of the corner. 

My makeup was done by Kai. Thank god he managed to reached on time!

 Michelle's bf help to take photos for us as our photographer. Haha

 Some candid shots.

It was not long before i went back to our unit as my mum called me to inform me that the catering is here for the set up, I ordered for 30 pax as i was not sure the actual number of turn-outs as i was afraid most of my friends might not turned up so i thought 30 pax was a safe number since we had tons of BBQ foods as well. 
Buffet setup done!

I ordered Neo Garden catering as they was well known for their quality of the good. The actual turnout was higher than what i had expected, foods was running out fast when my guests start arriving, i didn't even had much time to eat because i was busy running around, checking on my friend and ensuring everyone don't feel too awkward during the party. As i had many different small clique of friends attending my party but there's only me.

I was feeling apologetic to Jean and Zaiwei as i couldn't entertain everyone during the party especially when all my friends came at different timing.

Sammie, Keeteng,Kraven,Karin and Jiayee attended my party.
they was so funny when i saw them standing outside the unit but they didn't enter because they was not sure if they got the correct unit as it was really very crowded at that time.

 Posing for a group photo! 

i hope everyone enjoy themselves during the party and i am just so sorry if i have not been a good host. i rent the carrom and mahjong in advance just in case anyone want to play.

with Jean, luckily managed to take some photos with her during the party.

this was the polaroid section which i bought 100 polaroid films to give out to everyone who wish to take home one of these polaroid film photos during the party!

Each guest who take photo with me will get one while and i will keep the other one!They can paste the polaroid shots on my guestbook and for them to write any well-wishes etc.
just for memories purpose!
balloons shot

theme was purple and thus most of the balloons are purple too!

and more

them being goofy when it was their turn for me to take photo with them,
Many of them was excited to check out my birthday cake that was delivered to the villa, and this was my birthday cake!

It actually a key shape and i had special customisation which is to add chocolate with fudge,

we also ordered the fruit tarts that was also delivered together with the cake,

The fruit tarts was nice as well!

We brought all the sparkling juice, wine etc

it was something like this!
its a bit blur.

I love how colourful and appealing the fruit tarts look when they have different fruits topping,
i had mango pudding and beancurd for my guests that was make by olm and mum!
like i say, there is simply too many food!

everyone snatched up the beancurd and pudding fast, many of them love the texture of the beancurd and comparing the quality is almost the same like lao ban beancurd.

So finally we had the cake cutting session after my dad came back from work on that day,
our family photo before the cake cutting!

We had the jello shots as well even though they say the vodka was not that strong.

We had cocktails served at the other table after we was distributing the cake to everyone, the cocktail was really good that i help myself a few cup afterthat. haha

the area they prepared the cocktails. HAHA

Photo taking with my little cousin after most of my friends left, my eye was kinda red which i think because i was exhausted. haha

and i was laughing as i scroll through the photos that kraven and the clique was taking when i didn't have the time to use the camera,

HAHAHA apparently they already posed before my cake cutting session, which was damm hilarious!
but they are quite good at posing too!

so funny and cute one!
I had to gather everyone down at the table for my cake cutting session as many of them was scattered either at level 1 or level 2, and that awkward moment when your friends starts to sing the birthday song for you and you don't know what to do? hahaha.
so i force some of my friends to stand beside me so that i won't feel so paiseh, you know standing alone at the table. hahaha

group by group of phototaking!
my smile was stiff already. HAHAHA
thanks for coming!

blur shot :(


the grandeur group which got neglected by me probably the most because i left them playing mahjong while i was busy entertaining the others and its just so funny when i had eye contact with john and he was eyeing me like he wanted to kill me which i immediately ask them "hey lets take a photo!" 
Hahaha and that was when he say" just now we sit here from 6pm to 9pm and you finally noticed us!
It was in a joking kind of tone but i try to entertain then later on. Haha
These babes arrived later as usual (late ftw)
But it was ok because i wouldnt be able to entertain them earlier anyway.

They cane with amin,iqbal, erdie and ziwei.
They can only eat the BBQ foods which i think they dont mind because it was like nearing midnight already when they came!

This was us taking photo with Amin and the girls,didnt take with the guys as they was helping to BBQ the foods. Its free and easy!

I had lots of mutual friends even though they belong to different clique.
Yong seng was telling me that i had alot of poly friends who turned up for the party, this was because i really met lots of new friends during poly compared to secondary schools. I was able to get along wih them compared to the girls in sec sch , sometimes there are certain people you cannot click no mattar how you tried to,but i guess students who study the hospitality course are generally quite friendly and sociable so i was able to meet new people and make lots of friends during poly! and there were so many pretty ladies in my party! haha 

Besides that i have some colleagues,gaming friends who turned up at the party as well

my uncle who asked his followers to bring alot of wines,drinks snacks to the villa when we check in. 
Chanel and kiwi came to the party as well even though they came much later in the party. Really appreciate the effort to travel all the way down to changi just to attend my party!  

My cousins who came to attend the party as well.

I was still hanging out with amin,iqbal, erdie , aizat and the girls but i was very tired already,the party lasted all the way till 2am, and i went to shower etc, but my gang of E35E was still around chit chatting, i think they enjoying staying at this chalet compared to those that we have stayed previously, i got very sleepy afterthat so i thought i shall go back to the room to rest awhile before i head down to the living room, but i think i fall asleep once i hit the bed and i think they only left in the morning which was 7am because amin came up to the room to wake me up to lock the door for them.
I was still in my dream land that i thought he was cracking a joke on me when its already morning! 

Some of the polaroid shots that i had collected at the party!

For those who was not able to attend my party like PC as she had POP on saturday came on sunday just to wish me happy birthday and a gift for me,which i feel its the sincerity that counts and i really appreciate it!
Some of my colleague from hotel came and attend the party as they managed to get early shift instead and i received a birthday card from the hotel colleagues even though they cannot attend on the day itself.

Some gifts that i received from my friends!

this was given to me from michelle. So cute the birthday card!

Chanel Perfume!

Received this from sufi, jj and jy
And its actually a giorgio armani perfume!
I love the scent!

and this was given to me from zolene!

All the presents + angbaos that i received from everyone!
So the next day,we had BBQ session which was just a relaxing session with my parents, uncle and some close friends who wants to come again or have stay over at the unit.
Pc who came on sunday night wanted to stay for awhile before leaving even though i asked if she want to stay over because most of the things was shifted back to our house and no one is staying at the villa on sunday night except qianci and me,but i think she was so tired she fall asleep at the sofa because it was quite cosy!
So she ended up spending one night with us as it was late already and she decided not to go home! Haha.

Us taking photo in the bedroom.
The entire villa only had 3 of us which was quite empty and it was that moment i realised its the people that mattars no mattar how good you love the place, if there is no one to share it with you, it is meaningless.

We sleep in this bed while qianci had another room to herself for the night, we was chatting and she told me of her encounters and experience in NS after she signed on as a regular!
It was fun to listen to her story before we both fall back to sleep after that.

Before that we went to play in the sunken bath too!

she had to leave early morning the next day so qianci and i packed our stuff before checking out and that pretty summarised my 4D3N at treehouse villa.
till then!