Friday, July 20, 2012

Staycation at Fairmont Hotel & Resort

Hello readers! I am here to update my recent staycation at Fairmont hotel and resort with JJ & JY.
It was a random idea for us to book the hotel for a staycation especially i have been working in this hotel everyday, looking at the rooms everyday. JY works in the same hotel as me but she has been working at the front desk so she don't really get a chance to see how the rooms looks like so we decided to stay one night since we are able to book it at the staff rate!

I guess the occupancy was not full on our day of check in and we were able to stay at the high floor.

While it looks really beautiful especially at night for this view, but i have been seeing it everyday whenever i am on night shift so it became the norm for me.

 There are two tower in this hotel, the north and south, so we were staying at the north tower.
North tower room are generally bigger but the reno could be outdated compared to the south tower.
 Complimentary chocolates for us when we check in to our room.

We have also requested for an extra bed so that JJ could sleep on the extra bed instead on the carpet.
As i was working on the morning shift, so they check in first before i went up to the room to find them. We headed out to Marina square for dinner in the evening and went to this Mr Curry restaurant.

After our dinner, we wanted to watch a movie, but there weren't any good ones so we decided to play pool! Everyone became busy after we graduated so it was rare that we could hang out during our poly days.

We decided to buy some snacks back to the hotel in case we were hungry in the middle of the night. JY was going for the SIA recruitment of cabin crew the next day, previously she was lacking self confidence as she feel that she might not be able to get in the strict selection process of the crews but i was encouraging her because i feel that everyone should try at least once before they will know if they are able to succeed. Even if you didn't manage to get in, at least you have tried. What is the worst scenario if you didn't get in? You don't get to become a cabin crew loh. But that's not the end of the world. If one is passionate about it, they will try over and over again until they succeed, because success doesn't come easy.

So, she decided to go for it. I help to do her makeup the next day too! We was chatting throughout the night and they was up by 6.30am, i told them t The next day, i was lazing in the bed and told them to go ahead for their preparation and breakfast but both of them was trying to get me out of the bed to go down for breakfast. Die die insist i must go down with them to have breakfast. Tsk. But it was so funny when JY was telling JJ that 'she will scold us later at Twitter for getting her to wake up and go for breakfast with us'

So, i did went down for breakfast with them afterall. 

After our breakfast, we went back and JY was preparing for her interview and Poon, and Jieying two other colleague came over to our room as they were staying in the hotel to prepare for the SIA recruitment day. I wanted to accompany her but since she has their company so i didn't go ahead with her. I was helping her to match what she can wear, her hairdo and bought her some eyelashes to enhance her makeup.

After the interview, she send me a text message that she has passed the first round!
Hopefully she get a chance to pass the remaining rounds!

Shall end this post for now.
Till then.