Friday, August 2, 2013

Taiwan Trip Day 1 .Cosmos Hotel. Wufenpu, Raohe Night Market

Hello readers! This will be my first visit to Taiwan! We took the morning flight and it took about 4hour to reach Taiwan. We reached Taoyuan airport around 12 plus and we decided to take a cab to our hotel first. For this trip, i didn't do the planning, Jeremy did, so he booked this cosmo hotel, 天成大饭店, which is located near the Taipei main station, about 5min. 

As the check in time is 3pm and there were no available rooms by the time we reached, so we placed our luggage first before heading out for our lunch! Taipei main station is one of the interchange that has all forms of public transport available, for eg their cabs,high speed rail, trains,buses, so i prefer to stay nearby this station so i do not have to change train if i want to go places that require us to take high speed rail to other parts of Taiwan or take the train to remote places.

After our lunch, we went back to the hotel, but the room was not ready yet, so the manager offered us to rest in their executive lounge first, no one was at the lounge except us.

We was being restless after waiting till 3.30pm because we wanted to check in first before heading to tam shui to watch the sunset but was worried we might not reach in time so Jeremy was about to go down to check with the front desk before their staff attended to us when we was going down and sending us to our room personally.

Our room number was 917.
They give us a corner room so the staff was guiding us how to use the control panel, keycard slot etc, I would say their service is pretty good. 

This was the bedroom area, just realised the photo is not of the high quality.

They provided all the basic amenities for the guests. Cute couple mug is available for purchase too. 
The bathroom area

The room is clean and it was interesting to check out the automated functions for the toilet bowl as it can even warm the seat for you too! 

By the time we settled down, it was already 4pm so we decided to go wufenpu and Raohe night market instead of tamshui. We went to take their metro and bought this taipei 5 day pass for NT700 per pax. However, we feel it was not worth the value because we don't really use it often during this trip as we tend to take a cab back to the hotel. This card can be used for their bus and train, almost the same like our Singapore ezlink card. We board the metro to Wufenpu nearest station which is the Houshanpi 后山埤, before walking to Wufenpu area. The area looks similar like the bugis street in Singapore, mainly wholesale, which mean you need to purchase in bulk but the price is not cheap, overall i feel its too touristy and there wasn't much to shop for.

So the next stop was Raohe night market!
This market has the popular pepper bun that you got to try! It's easy to spot as it's right in front of the entrance of the night market. However don't leave it too cold before you eat it because it would become hard after that. (That was what happened to us when we bring one of the bun back to the hotel because we was so full while eating at the night market)

We boughts the dumpling and it was so good! Together with other foods, we decided to buy back to eat in the hotel instead.

Bought some nougats from the night market too.
 This was my purchases from shopping around today!

Before i forget to introduce this special cup noodles that you should definitely try if you are in Taiwan, this is the pork cup noodles! Jeremy was telling me that i should try it when we bought one because it contains real meat inside! It's easily available at all 7-11 store or family mart in Taiwan, so do get one if you are planning to visit Taiwan.

Till then.