Monday, April 21, 2014

Negative Review on 10 Claymore Buffet at Pan Pacific Hotel

Hello readers!
So, bf and i was supposed to celebrate our 1st year anniversary tomorrow but he has a meeting to attend so we had a pre-anniversary dinner instead.
Initially he wanted to eat carousel buffet at royal plaza on scotts hote but i had it for few times already, so we decided to try a new buffet this time round.
He went on tripadvisor to check for some reviews of good buffets, so he was looking at this 10@ Claymore Buffet which is located in Pan Pacific Hotel.
Since both of us have never tried this buffet, so he went ahead to book the reservations.
However, it was such a disappointing dining experience that we would never visit again.

I don't think we are being a difficult customer but our dining experience at 10 Claymore was horrible.
When we first reached the restaurant, there were no host at the standee, we wait for awhile and no one actually attended to us, at least if you acknowledge our presence and asked us to wait for awhile, but nope, the staff who were inside was not coming out to attend to us, we went to the front office to spoke to the reception manager who saw us and tried to help us get seated inside the restaurant by finding the person in charge inside the restaurant, i think he couldn't even find the suitable person to get us seated.
So, this was just the starting of our dining experience, when we finally get seated, 
we was looking through at their menu because their buffet is quite unique in the sense that they also provide ala carte menu together with the buffet, which you can order from the waiter as it is not presented at the buffet counter.
This was the menu.
There are no extra charges even if we ordered multiple time on any dishes in this menu and i thought it was quite special compared to other buffet that i had tried.
The manager did not bother to ask what would we like to have for our beverages before he went off.
Since then, no staff came over to asked at all. I mean this is not the standard protocol?
At least the basic is to ask if we would like to have iced or warm water?
not even a single staff asked us even when we came back to our table with our food.
See the above photo, when we came back, and our glass is still empty.

In the end i had to signal to get the attention of a staff to order my ala carte dish while requesting them to pour us some iced water!
Before that i was feeling unwell and thought of not going for this dinner but i didn't want to disappoint the bf as he has already make the reservations, but if i know this is the kind of customer service they are providing, i should not even go for the dinner!
I always thought staff should be attentive enough to clear any empty plate once we finished our food, 
but no one actually cleared until we had to call them over to clear for us.
It was strange that there were no crowd at the buffet as well compared to other popular well known buffet like carousel. 
This was already night time at 8pm, but look at the area, so empty yet no staff is giving us good customer service that should be understandable if they are too busy, but look at this.
There were not much staff walking around to check if there is any clearing of plates needed for the customers.
Buffet is the most easiest way to operate because waiters don't even have to take order but just clearing plates and refilling the customer drinks etc.
I have to asked a few time for the staff to clear our plates because it was piling up.
Had to ask them to refill my water again and again that i was getting frustrated and mad.
And despite me asking the waitress to clear for few times, the plates was still not cleared after we came back to our table.
When i asked whether anyone is going to clear these plates because i have repeated myself so many time and she can still 'omg' at my face and there were so many plates piling and she couldn't cleared everything at one shot.
Stupid or what? if they clear whenever they see there are empty plates, you won't face such an awkward situation!
This was very bad customer service provided to us throughout our dining session.
There were other tables where the customers has already left and the plates was not cleared yet.
When i asked for my ice water to be refill, i ordered the ala carte dishes as well, but it was never served to me, i was so pissed because it was the 2nd time i am asking for my food.
This should never happen in a hotel buffet.
Bad customer service and we still have to pay for the service charge,
i was so angry and complaining to bf, i mean he can see for himself as well.
Later on, there was a caucasion that was seated beside us and i was telling bf that he is going to get so frustrated because we observed that no one actually served him too.
He got angry too because he has been waiting for so long and no one came over to his table and check his order.
I mean even if you are facing manpower shortage, this is not the right way to run your operations right?
He didn't take the buffet but was ordering ala carte menu, and when his order finally came, it was the wrong order, if i was the one who order ala carte, waited for so long and its the wrong order, i would have walked off without eating because they are wasting my time.
We couldn't tolerate this kind of shitty customer service so bf was very fedup as well so we called the waitress to complain and demand to speak to the manager after that.
It was unaccpetable that this kind of service is provided to us even when there were not much crowd!
I would have understand if i see there was a huge crowd in the restaurant and servers was busy attending to other customers, but this was not the case for this restaurant!

The manager came later and apologised to us as he mentioned they was facing manpower shortage, which the bf retorted that is not his business right? I mean we pay and we expect not excellent but at least decent customer service but we got this kind of service that we cannot take it lying down, it was also the first time we complained about a restaurant as well.
Based on my observation, the staff did came out a few time to replenish new plates, but other than that, i don't see them walking around to check if there were any clearing of plates to be done or to attend to the customers.
The waitress was giving me a facial expression like it was too much for me to ask when i ask her to refill my water. In the end i didn't had my char kway teow dish and i was tired of asking for 3 times.
Bf was very angry and scolding them, there were two managers who came and apologised, they did tried to do some service recovery by charging us for 1 pax instead of 2.
I think we will be even mad if they charge us $140 for 2 pax with this kind of service.
But still, we pay $70 for 2 person for this kind of service is still urgh.
The variety of their buffet is not much compared to other buffet that i went before.
Anyway, its a good thing they tried to do service recovery, but we won't be going it for the second time.
not worth for it!
Bf surprised me with this gift as an anniversary gift!
It was a bracelet!