Friday, February 26, 2016

The Proposal @ Carlton Hotel

Hello readers! I am here to update my blog again. This time round, it's great news!
He proposed!

It was definitely not a sudden decision, we have been dating for 3 years but we feel like we known each other well enough to spend our remaining lifetime together.  
I would say this was the official proposal because he given me the proposal ring on one fine day, when he was picking me up and we was chatting while he was driving before he suddenly shoved a tiny box to me while waiting for the traffic light. I wasn't expecting anything so i open the box and it was a ring! As the photo shown below,

I was surprised at that moment because i wasn't expecting a proposal ring!
He was not even showing any early signs before that he was going to buy a ring for me too, but the ring size was too small so we had to send it back to alter the ring size. The price for this ring costs 8k! I was just curious about the price. Hurhur

The official proposal only came much later which was on 12 February, just 2 days before valentine's day. Prior to that day, i totally forgot about having this date with him as i was planning to have my friends coming over to my house for cny gathering but later rescheduling the date with them.

Initially he told me to apply for leave for this date, but i couldn't get away as i was busy with my work, i didn't even given any serious thought about it and i thought it was what he claimed to celebrate early for valentine's day.
He was so sweet to pick me up after work and i had no idea where he was bringing me, initially i thought we was going east coast park, but later realising we was going town instead.
I remember it was raining heavily that day he brought us to Carlton hotel. I thought he was bringing us to eat buffet. We went to the hotel lobby hotel and i was rather puzzled when he was dragging his feet and we was not heading the restaurant direction but going up the lift until i saw him taking a keycard up to tap the lift.

At that moment, i know.. Aha! He is up to something, definitely a proposal! My intuition has always been very strong. He was being sneaky and running in the room before me and i was kept waiting outside for awhile before he opened the door for me and it was so cute to see the two super cute standing hello kitty balloons!

He decorate the room for the proposal. I was impressed.

There was another Hello Kitty balloons on the wall!

He went to collect the roses that he ordered, preparing the balloons and booking the hotel. 
Thank you for putting the effort into making this proposal a memorable one!
I remember asking him whether we are staying here tonight and i didn't even prepared anything!

But he surprised me once again when he told me he has bring all my essential toiletries and my clothes.

The bedroom area and the bathroom

Carlton hotel used molten brown amenities as well, similar as Quincy hotel, but i still prefer the one provided by Quincy hotel.
Their molten brown series are different.

Beside the ring, he bought me this love bangle too, apparently i saw it sometime ago in his car and he didn't give it to me until now. It has a key to unlock this bangle so he was saying he want to lock me in this entire lifetime.

We went for our dinner and it was the first time we tried this Japanese fine dining restaurant called Han. I didn't know what to order when i look at the menu though. Even we did ordered something,
This was the appetiser,

The staff served us more than 10 different kind of sticks that they will put each stick in our plate, and telling us which stick to dip in which sauce.

matcha ice-cream!
After our meal, we went to stroll around since it was near Raffles city and that place was the first time we meet and getting to know each other before we went official bf-gf. I bought some macaroons too!

We went to Macdonald to buy some supper before returning to our room and i saw this cute toy that we order a happy meal instead. Our view the next day before checking out of the hotel.

I was having my friends at my house for the cny gathering with Jeremy's friends joining this year. We brought back all the stuffs such as my Hello Kitty standing balloons, roses and it was so funny when Duffy was scared of the hello kitty balloons just because they move due to the wind.

The flowers was withering, and i had no choice but to separate it according to olm's advice into dried flowers by hanging them separately outside my house corridor, it was not very successful because it was raining for the next few days and the flowers didn't survive. Haha, but it did capture my neighour's attention as everyone was looking at the flowers when they was walking pass our unit.

Check out duffy being kaypoh at our door!

Meanwhile, after the proposal, it means we will be starting with our wedding preparations soon!
We are pretty fast as we had secure our wedding banquet venue, i have asked my friends to become my sisters to help me out at my wedding.

We had also paid a deposit for the bridal package and we should be planning a meet up session with both our parents soon!
Till then!