Friday, July 8, 2016

Taiwan Day 2 - Q Square Shopping Mall - Ximending

Hello readers! My original itinerary was screwed up due to the typhoon so the new improvised day 2 itinerary was a simple one because we thought we couldn't leave the hotel for the entire day, despite me sleeping like 1-2am but i managed to woke up at around 6plus in the morning, auto bodyclock. i was using my phone and snuggling myself in the bed.

Love those days where you don't have to get up to work or rush to do anything.
I turned on the tv and was watching crayon shin chan as bf was still sleeping. HAHA, later on i asked him to check the wind direction of the typhoon. Apparently, the typhoon has a change of direction and it hit Tai Tung the worst as i saw the aftermath of the typhoon destroying almost everything in Tai Tung in the news, the residents were forced to evacuate, heavy rain that cause flooding and the residents had their power cut off as well, its quite shattering to see their homes being destroyed by the typhoon. Taipei was not really affected except it was still windy and was raining for the entire day but there were no physical damage to any of their properties.
We stayed the whole entire morning in our room watching crayon shin chan as well as one of the interesting taiwan show before i decide we should probably get out and take a look since taipei is not affected and maybe we could just explore taipei main station, its better than staying whole day in the hotel. I saw the commercial for the movie 'The Secret Life of Pets' is screening in Taiwan cinema, so we decided to check the timing and watch a movie at the nearby cinema.
 So, we got prepared and went out after bf checked the movie timing which was around 2plus in this Q square shopping mall, only to discovered..
The shops were not opened! It was dark everywhere, i was kinda of disappointed as i thought since Taipei is not affected, maybe we would be able to shop around as well. But it seems there were nowhere we can go since most of the shops was not opened.

Not a common sight at Taipei Main Station. 

Suggested to bf to take a we-fie in front of this Taipei Main station signage because it was too rare a sight. HAHA.

Behind us should be the counter for people to purchase the train tickets, never bought any tickets here before but they have the self vending machine beside the counter for you to purchase the ticket if you would like to take the train to Rui Fang station to Jiufen.However all high speed rails, bus, train were all cancelled as it was a stop school and work order on friday due to the typhoon.
 We saw an old man pushing a trolley only to discover it was a dog inside the trolley and he was bringing his dog out for a walk.

Since it was not crowded, i think it was easier for us to walk around taipei main station, saw this area with some very good recommendation of tourist attractions and pose with this umm, i duno if this should be called a goat, or lion, but anyway its very cute so i told bf to take a photo with me inside! HAHA.

Found this cute Cony, which i believe should be the backdoor of the Line Store but it was closed.
 Attempted a we-fie again! Nothing to do, so we was going around to take photos.

As we will be checking out tomorrow from Cityinn 3 hotel to Tai Chung, we went to check out the timing and bought the high speed rail ticket in advance so that we don't have to rush to buy the ticket and proceed to wait at the platform tomorrow. We choose the route that has only one stopover at Banqiao station before reaching Taichung directly so the duration is shorter. It cost NT700 (SGD$30) per pax from Taipei to Taichung. Duration is about 45mins. After that, we went back Q square mall that is interlinked with Taipei Main station, it was very crowded as there were many people queuing in front of the lifts and escalator.  Security guards was blocking to prevent anyone going up by the escalator as i think the shop owners were preparing to open their store and wanted to allow access to the public after the stores is ready to visit.
We was due to watch the movie at around 2.30pm and i thought we was going to miss the movie because it seems we have no choice but to wait behind the long queue to go up to the cinema level.We was walking around until we spotted one particular lift has lesser people queuing up, in fact one group of people has entered the lift and we was the second group to enter the lift to access to other floor which greatly shorten our waiting time to reach level 5! Quickly went to join the queue to purchase the movie tickets and saw this cute popcorn set for the movie 'The secret life of Pets'
The staff asked if we are watching the english version which we say yes, and he was asking me if i had 花旗卡 (not sure if the chinese word is correct) i thought he was asking if i was a member of this cinema etc so i say no, only to realised he was refering to Citibank credit card! tsk.
I didn't even know citibank or other bank name in chinese.There was some discount if you use the creditcard but anyway we didn't bring our creditcard out anyway. The movie ticket is not cheap and i was not sure if its because its a day to rip everyone off cos there were alot of people coming to the cinema to watch movie, i think we pay close about NT980 for the ticket and the popcorn set. 
The popcorn set comes with 2 set of drink, one of the cup has this cute figurine that i brought back to Singapore, and 1 soft toy. I got no idea what is this soft toy, brought it back for Duffy to play.

a glimpse into their cinema theatre. i only remember everyone was taking their own rubbish to throw outside after the movie has ended and it seems no one actually make the place messy or dirty!
It was still very crowded after we have finished our movie.
After our movie, we decided to shop around since most of the shops resume their daily operations.

I saw this in one of the store in Q square mall.
After that, we decide to head to Ximending to explore, while trying to take their MRT, i spotted this neoprint machine and since its only NT100, (SGD $4) we went to take a quick shot!

To get to Ximending, you can take the MRT blue line, and alight at Ximen, it is just a stop away from Taipei Main station. It was raining when we reached, shopping continue and we bought more stuffs.

We went in to this shop called Sophisca if i didn't get the name wrongly. I think they have one shop in Singapore, in Ion orchard but can't remember if the shop still exist in Singapore,
bf arrange this chocolate in the basket in this sequence. haha.
Each colour of this mini box is a different chocolate flavour which i bought quite alot to give to my friends and colleagues after i came back.
In Taiwan, there are many places which you can see many people will bring their dog out, its not so strict in Singapore whereby they cannot take the MRT, bus, or bringing them to restaurant, however there are some places that don't allow customers to bring pets to the restaurant but its a common sight to see everyone bringing their dog out.
I saw so many poodle and sausage dog with their short leg on the street, and there were some who will follow their owner to run a stall at the roadside and they are so obedient as they won't run away with any strangers! Unlike my Duffy which is too friendly to everyone and completely forget us if she is playing with any strangers whenever we bring her out for gaigai.
I was attracted when i first saw this dog that is inside this shop standing outside the store. 

This shop is named after him which is called Ah Mao Clay pot rice if i didn't translate it wrongly. haha, his fur is so beautiful! We was passing by and he was just standing outside this shop until several passer-by noticed he is so cute and start to pet him and was trying to take photo with him and he seems to be fedup as he started to walk away from his store and its so funny when he walked probably a few store away and sit at the roadside. He seem to be showing his displeasure but those stupid tourists, followed him and pet him again trying to take photo with him.
The staff brought him back and was comforting him before keeping him inside the store with the leash,
He was barking at the direction the passerby last came into contact with him, probably scolding them that he has to wear a leash and stay inside the store because of them.HAHA.

After some shopping, we went to this HK restaurant to have our dinner!
Dumpling soup, bf love the soup.
carrot cake? haha it looks something like we should eat in the morning but we had some food while walking the street earlier like the HAO DA chicken cutlet and other food that i couldnt eat anymore.
I ordered har gao because i wanted to dip them with vinegar as i love to put anything that is suitable to pair with vinegar inside the saucier and let it swim around before eating it. Which means its a lot of vinegar, and i thought no one eat in this way until i realised MTLW love to eat the same way as i am too! hahaha. But i realised their vinegar is damm weird and not the same as the one i had in Singapore, when i asked for the vinegar, they would ask if i want the white and black, and i didn't even know white exist, so i choose the black, but its not the right taste that i am looking for!
We couldn't finish this spring roll while the table beside us has been expressing his frustration to his partner as the spring roll he ordered was not served to him after multiple reminders..
I remember how i used to be so crazy over shopping for clothes when i was in Taiwan, but this time round it was different for me as i didn't even buy a single piece of clothes during my trip in Taiwan.
My legs was aching after walking around for the whole day and we decided to take a break and saw this Oyami Cafe which is located at level 2. with staircase again.
Taiwan love to have shops at 2nd level and providing staircase only. hurhur.
We went to this cafe because we saw the poster was promoting their dessert especially their waffles.
I remember ordering waffles but i had no idea why it turned out to be pancake, and i only realised after eat it halfway. Their pancake is good and i love the fruit tea that i ordered too!

The fruit tea was refreshing yet not too sweet, it was a big jar so it was enough to be shared with the bf! When i took this photo of photo, i was like, why you look so young over here huh! tsk.
So i told him, close your arms, but not much difference. HAHA
So i told him to take a photo of me! look at the interior design of the cafe, its nice and it was not crowded, ideal place for couples or for friends to just hang out and chit chat.

Oh and before i forget, we ordered their cheese fries as well! Love this so much that i think i would want to try it again next time, their cheese sauce don't taste like the normal artifical kind, its taste like real cheese and the fries is so crispy as it was so good! Highly recommended this and the fruit tea in this oyami cafe.

This was their counter where they would prepare the drinks.

they have this huge white horse the moment you enter the cafe and it was so cool though i find the gown beside it wore by the mannequin is abit too creepy and its time for them to change the gown because it has turned yellowish. I remember they mentioned that if you touch the white horse chin, you would be able to find your Prince Charming! So lets see if he is my Prince Charming or there is another one hor. hahahaha.

Attempted a we-fie again, after that we decided to return back to the hotel as we was carrying lots of stuffs and we need to pack before checking out the hotel tomorrow. I would recommend buying the pork floss in Hsin Tung Yung that seems to be located everywhere, easily found in Ximending or Taoyuan Airport. i bought the red box and the fish floss, but the pork floss is so good!

This was the stuffs we bought in two days! Not too bad i guess. hahahaha.
Its true that Taiwan has cheaper cosmetics, was buying more of this fat girl eyeliner and it cost only $10! told bf to help me buy more by showing him to remember this fat girl design on the eyeliner when he is going to Taiwan in sep again!

Till then.

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