Friday, March 9, 2018

Amari Hotel Staycation - Consolidated activities in Mar

Hello readers! So, XY & I didn't join the rest of my colleague to the Bintan teambuilding retreat despite others persuasion because XY find it boring and nothing to do, and it was good that i didnt join because Jeremy return back to Singapore last week and he will probably be disaapointed if he come back for less than a week and i am going elsewhere without him. Hahaha, so we ended up trying this new board that XY recently purchase for our event usage and playing with the letterings when the others was complaining how hot it is at the beach on their first day of arrival. Haha.

This month is also my adorable duffy birthday! She is 5 years old this year! As usual, we would bought a birthday cake and celebrate with her at home.

olm bring her for grooming so she become so skinny suddenly. Hahaha
I had another staycation at Amari hotel JB, this time with Jeremy. Haha, i was pretty surprised there were welcome fruit amenities in my room. As i was pretty busy so we only stay for 1 night at Amari.

Upon our check in, we went to Paradigm mall as it was also his first time visiting the Paradigm mall. Had Japanese cuisine for our dinner!

Ever since he returned, i was pretty amazed he didn't use his phone so often, until he capture this shot of me, before he calmly tell me, he is going to write a caption.
And i asked him ' what caption?'
he say' my wife is using her phone during dinner time' before taking out his phone and show me this photo. Hahaha. Most of the times, it was him who use phone more often than me!
But i know, this habit of his won't stay long before his eyes will glued on his phone very soon again. Hahahaha
I remember we had a 50 MYR dining credit and we used it to order for our in room breakfast delivery, only need to top up rm15 for this set and i thought it was pretty worth it, after the conversion, it cost only S$5?
This was pretty full for two of us. We couldnt finish everything too.

After our check out, we went to have some dessert in the afternoon.
And i caught this at city square claw machine again. Hahaha, it seems everytime i went in JB for a staycation, i would get a toy back for my dog. Hahaha
It was totally random when Jeremy tell me we can trade our S8 and i thought we only change it recently, later when i checked, we use it for 8months only, but since S9 is out, and before the S8 value start dropping further, we trade in our S8 and with the vouchers given to him every year because of his mobile plan, we get to change to S9 without any extra cost. 
Initially i choose blue when i had S8, but since S9 has this purple color so i choose purple!
To me, i don't study too much on a phone, for me, i only require these basic features, can call, can sms, can whatsapp, can take photos, front & back , don't lag, can load fast plus surfing the net is sufficient enough. I don't even know all the other additional features that is in S8. Hahaha and usually Jeremy will help me port over the existing data to my new phone, so when he pass it to me, it was all nice and ready to use. Hahaha

On the same day that i receive my new S9, mum was telling me there was a delivery but i didn't order anything. Until i remember it was Jeremy's order. But when he came back, he told me it was for me. So i was pretty surprised when i unwrap the box!

It was this cute teddy bear made out of roses! Back then when he was overseas, i was just showing him this teddy bear was cute, i was asking him if i should buy. Not hinting him to buy it for me, it was actually a giveaway gift and not really for sale. So i didn't really think much of it. But i think Jeremy went to contact the seller and told the seller that he want to buy for his wife aka me, so the seller help him to buy and delivered together with his other gift that he bought for me!
Back then XY saw that this teddy bear was selling at her house nearby push cart and asking if i want she can help me to buy, and i was telling Jeremy that time and now i know why Jeremy tell me don't buy it. I still remember his response was 'Even if i want it, it should be him who will buy it for me.' Aiseh. But actually because he already bought one for me. just that the delivery was delayed because there were no stock. When i received it, i was very surprised and touched, actually i had forgotton about this teddy bear already. It also comes with a display box, it's really only for display purposes only. Haha

Shall end this post now.
Till then!