Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa Singapore

Hello readers! I am here to review my recent stay at Amara Sanctuary Resort
It was a 3d2n trip at Amara Sanctuary Resort.

Bf managed to book at a cheaper rate which was about $400plus for 3D2N.
In order to get there, you have to take the train inside vivocity which is another train station to enter sentosa, alternatively, you can take a bus to get in sentosa.
If you are taking the train, u will have to alight at imbiah station before walking to Amara Sanctuary Resort.
It is located near the Capella as well but i think this is better than Capella, at least its not too deserted.
If not, you can walk from Palawan Beach, there is a small route for you to walk inside to reach the entrance of the resort.

As we was going to check in at their Villa unit, it was located at a different building from their hotel lobby.
The person did ask bf if we require a buggy to drive us in, but we thought it would be quite near so we rejected the offer.
But it was a wrong decision because we took quite awhile to found our unit.
This was our unit!

 Working Desk

Our bed

We was greeted with a plate of welcome amenities upon check in!
Moving on, i went to check out the bathroom area and the suntanning bed!
 This will be the back door of our unit,

When you open the door, there is this huge bathtub and suntanning bed for you to suntan.

When you open the second door, it lead you directly to the jacuzzi and swimming pool!
This is only accessible to guests who stay in larkhill terrance, which belong to the whole stretch unit that we are staying only!
Our unit was the first unit, so the jacuzzi was located just in front of our unit. Awesome.

We stayed during the weekdays and it was not crowded so the entire pool looks like a private pool instead.  Each of those door are individual units. 

 Our unit.

After our swimming session, we went out for our dinner!
We bought tickets to watch the songs of the seas.
They had two timing daily, its either 740 or 840pm.
It cost us $15 per pax.
We went back to our room after strolling around,
i would recommend everyone to read the directory whenever you stayed in a hotel,
as i remember we could request for complimentary ice. But when we tried to call their guest services, the phone was faulty and we had to use our own handphone to call instead.

We spend the night competing with each other in this game that was available in both of our S4. 
Before that, we bought some drinks and it was so funny that le bf sprain his neck when he was trying to open the glass bottle as there was no wine opener provided in the room.
He didn't tell me initially until i asked him because he was behaving so strangely.
This got me laughing out loud though. haha
In the end, he had to go and buy the plaster because he say it was hurting quite badly.
There was a convenience store, 7-11 located near the resort, about 5 min walk to palawan beach, but it was already very dark by then.
I was actually quite sleepy, but i decided to accompanied him along.
ps: it was also quite scary to be alone in the unit. haha
The next day, we went to adventure cove!

Personally, i feel its quite overrated, we pay $29 because of bf creditcard promotion.
If not, original price was $34.
But i find that it is quite expensive and not value for money because the q are quite long for each ride.
We tried the first ride, which was called the dueling racer which you are supposed to get the blue floating board and climb up to their entry point before sliding down.
We had to wait quite long for each of the rides and it was so hot.
I enjoyed the wave pool though, which is commonly found in wild wild wet as well.
We had some fun time though while inside adventure cove.
As we spend quite some time inside, when we was leaving, i realised we was badly sun burnt. hurhur.
Which i guess it would take months for my skin to recover the original skin colour.
After that, we went to watch a movie, Percy Jackson.
which was quite a good movie!
overall i do enjoy my staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort with le bf, looking forward to more staycations! yay!
till then!