Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Duffy. Our Baby

Hello readers!
its has been long since i updated my blog, but this post is about a new pet that we had in our house!
and she is named as Duffy!

This was the first photo that was shown to us from olm when she told mummy that she would like to have a dog after seeing her bf having a dog named truffle, which is also a poodle.
Initially i was not for the idea, because i don't really like dogs at a young age, i don't hate them, but  did not particularly love them as well, and my skin is sensitive and i was worried it might worsen my skin condition if a dog is in our house and i always thought dogs are quite smelly.
But in the end, mummy convince me to allow my sister to buy the dog as a birthday present, and my sister was quite lucky as she saw Duffy previous owner was selling her online and she was only 3 month old.
She was a mixed breed of poodle and maltese, i was actually working when duffy was brought back home happily by olm.
she was sending me the photo of her at our house when i was at work.
this was her eating her meal at our house, her new home.

I remembered when i first saw her upon reaching home, she did not approached me eagerly,maybe she know i don't really quite like her yet or she was still adapting in the new environment.
i was observing her before i head off to sleep, and the next morning, its was just me and her in the house as everyone has left for work, i still remember i hesitated for quite sometime before deciding to open my room door.
I only remember when i finally opened my door, i saw her pee in the living room, so i had to clear her urine, and somehow i started to play with her, she is a very playful dog!
The first time i find her super cute when she could stand on two legs only!
and she can stand very long walking around like a kid which was so amusing.
She give that pitiful look when she want you to hug her, so i didn't hesistate but to touch her for the first time!

HAHAHA, she was so small!
I guess there is some sort of affinity between her and our family because our family loves her!
Initially, my dad didn't know that we bought her as mum didn't know if dad was going to object if he know we bought her so we told dad that it was olm's friend dog and she went overseas so we was taking care of her for few days.
But, my dad loves her, so he wasn't against the idea of keeping duffy in the house because she is too adorable! She will get very excited whenever we reach home and wagging her little tail.
Then, we will need to calm her before she start to run around like a crazy dog.

We bought her some clothes and look at her, sleeping under the chair like a plush toy.

We had a hard time trying to toilet train her, as she was peeing everywhere and shitting everywhere.
My mum would try to get her out because she would be hiding under the chair when she know she is not suppose to pee or shit at anywhere except her pee tray.

When she came to our house, she don't really have any teeth yet, but after few months, her teeth started to appear one by one, as she was still teething, she have the tendency to bite people, especially my sister and my dad because they didn't scold her when she do.
But she doesn't dare to try it on my mum and me. haha

Her first walk!

She love Jeremy as well when he came to our house and she just couldn't stop jumping up to him because he was so tall.

She was so small when she first came to our house, and she has the privilege of eating alot of food because my mum cooks on a regular basis. Initially we feed her own dog food that costs $272 for 3 months, i feel like puking whenever i prepared that dog food for her because i find the smell is too strong!
Then, she saw the food that we eat and will display a pitiful look so we would try to give her some of our human food now and then, since then, she doesn't really want to eat her own dog food already!
Whenever mummy cooks in the kitchen, she would go to the kitchen and sit quietly waiting for mummy to give her some food.
We placed her inside a trolley with lm's bf dog, truffle.

She is
when she is naughty, we would put her at high area and her legs will start trembling and stay at the position itself.
and she is actually quite timid! HAHAH i always tease her by making some sound when she is approaching a particular object thn she will retreat or run away. HAHA

love to pretend dog barking to catch her attention. HAHA

this photo of her looks like she is wearing a watch! but she is biting her waffle stick!

this was taken just recently send from my sister as they are taking her for sterilisation!
all of us was worried when my sister and her bf brought duffy to the vet last saturday morning!
my mum called my sister umpteen times to ask what time her operation.
mum even ask olm to buy her a bed so that she can rest on the bed when she came back!
cos previously stupid olm bought a mini tent but she so timid, she wouldnt go in at all!

i guess the first night she was really in pain,
olm was too tired that she sleep very early,
when i came back from at midnight, she saw me and wanted to get up!
but she was wearing the cone to prevent her from licking her own wound that may cause infection.
see look so pitiful and like she is really in pain.

sayang her for awhile before mum decide to let her sleep w her for the first night because its just so pitiful for her to sleep alone at the kitchen!

her new bed, cute right! my mum and i choose one! HAHAH and that doraemon was mine but mum give it to her to play now

i bet she is thinking, what is this thing beside me? i cant even move it away now, le sighs.
talking about toilet train, we was quite frustrated because we need to clean up her mess everytime, until one day when she was keeping watch on me as i exercise and i went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water when she walk to her own pee tray and start to pee on the correct place!
i was so amazed and shocked!
i didnt even expect her to pee at the correct place!!
was happily telling oh li mei but its not consistent because she will pee wrongly again afterthat,
and then i noticed a pattern that whenever she start to smell her own ass,
high chance that she is going to pee, thus i would bring her to the pee tray and she really pee!
so nowsadays we dont have to keep cleaning up her mess so often as she finally know how to pee at the correct place! still need to train her because she is still so small!

nevertheless i have to admit that duffy was the one who changed me from a person who doesnt really like dogs to someone who can really play w a dog now, i am not sure whether i will still touch other animals except duffy but she is so cute that it make me melt!!!!
couldnt stop praising her and tweeting about her! now since i am not working a full time job, i get to spend more time w her until i start my school! so welcome duffy to my family!
she practically just like a member of us because everyone was so uptight after her operation and tried to minimise her movement by not letting her jump around too much, today is the 3rd day but she seems to recovered already!
but still she need to wear her 'cone of shame' hahaha for 2 weeks and no bringing her out for walks!
i wanted to blog about other stuff together with this post, but i guess its too long, so i shall stop now
will update soon!!
till then! :)