Monday, October 7, 2013

Sneak Peek of Duffy

Hello readers!
Showing you guys my Duffy that is still our adorable baby in the house!
 photo IMG-20131005-WA0004_zpsb3e772b4.jpg
We tried to bring her to the grooming salon whenever her fur get longers, Mummy was saying she look like some siao char bor as the fur has covered her eyes,
and her nails was getting so long that its time to cut!
So i love how nice and beautiful she look after her grooming whenever she came back from the salon!
 photo IMG-20131005-WA0011_zps2d615234.jpg
This photo after her grooming,
she look really cute!
she is ever so friendly, playful and love to play with strangers that she scared some kids sometimes.

 photo IMG-20131005-WA0008_zpse94b2592.jpg

Sometimes i like to tease her whenever she saw me eating, she would come to me, giving me her more cutest expression because she wants me to give her some.
And she has become a fussy eater, eating only foods she know would taste good and does not want to eat her own dog food!

We was chilling in my room one fine day, and she decided to join us, and when i tried to call her, she ignore me, until i ask her like 'gai-gai'?
She shift her attention on me immediately!
and it was so funny that i decided to take a photo of her!
 photo IMG-20131006-WA0004_zps6edb8c24.jpg
she is just so cute!
 look at her big fat ass, she knows how to pose as i have been training her! hahaha.
till then. Will post more photos of her soon!