Sunday, November 9, 2014

Trust Issue

Hello readers! Attend one of bf's event at work and this was taken accidentally and i find this photo nice so i decided to post it over here.
Some photo taking at his camp area which was opened to their family members for that day!
I am so happy that i was able to wear this dress because it couldn't fit me previously when i was so fat!

Initially i only told some of my close friends that i had BTO for a flat with Jeremy, and some of my friends were happy for me, but then, i realised not all friends feel the same way, maybe its jealousy. well i don't know. But i used to regard her as one of my close friends, which i didn't told her until she asked me, but after this incident, it proves that i should probably kept a distance from her.
As i am typing this right now, and if she is reading this, i think she will probably understand as i did not tell her right in the face.

So, on one day, i was doing some housework at home when i received a message from Surin, i met her during my secondary school, and we had tried to stay in contact, but i did not tell her that i BTO until she asked me first.
This was the screenshot of our whatsapp conversation.
Initially it started normal for a conversation who have not been texting each other,
All until, she asked me the part of BTO and i told her yes i had BTO for a flat with my bf.

As we continued the conversation, i assume she was asking out of concern because when i told some of my friends, they would asked me whether i am sure that Jeremy is the right guy for me, but none gone to such extent like her.
i was telling her that i had no intention of getting married yet but since BTO takes time, so things might changed in the next 3 to 4 years so we decided to go for BTO first.
This was the start of the drama, she started by texting this, you know in drama, it happens everytime, but i guess it do happen in real life too! Just that in real life, you can choose not to committ the same mistake in drama where you don't check with the guy and believe your friend instead, depending on both credibility.
She continued by telling me that she need to tell me something but wanted assurance that it won't affect our friendship. When she texted this, i knew she had some ulterior motive, and wanted to figure out what is she trying to say to me.

I had very strong intuition and i can roughly guess what the person is trying to do when they text something like this, 
she was trying to convince me into believing what she is going to say yet trying to hold back to make me curious.
Which i replied instantly if she doesn't want to say, its ok.
Trying to play mind game, but its so obvious because she replied 1 min later if you see the time, 
i think she was right by assuming that i won't believe what she say, because i don't believe her at all.
I was guessing what she want to say, probably had to do with my boyfriend but i decided to play along with her.

She started by telling me she does not have a good feeling about my boyfriend.
well, i have a good feeling towards him, isn't that mattars the most? HAHA.
she told me that my bf was giving her funny glances, and continued by explaining during brant's birthday party, Jeremy squeezed her butt when it was very crowded. 

I do remember the scene where she say it was very crowded, because everyone was gathering around the table when it was time to cut the birthday cake.
I just find it ridiculous she could come up with such excuse, squeezing her butt.
When she say this, i was not doubting Jeremy at all.
In fact, it looks more to me that she is trying to sow discord between us, she think i would go and confront Jeremy, probably had a tiff with him etc. 
I wanted to assume that she probably had some misunderstanding during the party like how it might be so common that you have brushed against each other but when she say squeezing, if i am the culprit, do you think i am not afraid someone will caught me in the act?
Especially when there were so many people around?
Who would be so stupid to do that, we are not in a club, bar setting leh.
Besides, the party was held in May and she told me in October and it was right after she know i BTO with my bf, isn't that sowing discord?
Why did you not catch the person on the spot if you think someone has molested you?
You might really get molested by others but it doesn't mean it is my bf who molested you if there are no other witness or you did not see that its his hands who touched your butt.
Its impossible you won't react if someone has touched you without any warning.
The part that she mentioned she cherish our friendship, oh please.
It disgust me, if i choose to believe you because of what you say and not trusting my bf, that only shows how fragile my relationship is with Jeremy.

One one hand she say she cherish the friendship, on the other hand she hope it won't affect our relationship until she knows i BTO with him.
I don't get the part of her asking me to take precaution.
Taking precaution so my bf won't squeeze my butt? or taking precaution that he might go around squeezing other people butt? haha.

This is not a case of you having a tryst with my boyfriend and i am being kept in the dark situation.
Or photos of both of you getting caught in bed, naked.
Even if you tried to show me some photos, with the modern technology, it is highly possible that anything can be photoshopped as well.
You should know that i am not dumb.
I was being sarcastic when i tell her that it won't affect our relationship just like how she assumed that its going to be fine after what she told me.
If you choose to sow discord between Jeremy and me, i am more than willing to drop this friendship anytime because its not worth it to fight with Jeremy just because of a make-up story.
I was telling her that she should react immediately, 

 When i tried to advise her the correct way to deal if the situation was 'real' she said that i don't believe her.
Still insisting that it was Jeremy, no doubt that i will side with Jeremy because i think she is fabricating all these by her imagination!

Telling me after the party has ended after 5 months, it was a sow discord act when i told my other close friends, no one choose to believe her side of story when they see these screenshot of the conversation.
Assuming if she think its my bf who molested her, why did she not try to ask my bf whether he molested her?
She probably sense that i was not going to believe her crap story and she reply after that it might be a misunderstanding and not minding what she had said to me.
Trying to meet again in next gathering, sorry, but there is no next time anymore.
I hope you don't mind what i say over here as well hor.
On that day, I even asked Jeremy to drop her at the nearest mrt station when we was leaving Brant's house, if you was being molested, and like she say, she was so shocked, will you even take a molester's car?
"Like he squeezed my butt, nvm la i just take his car since he can send me to nearest mrt station"
Got like that one uh?
Instead of being grateful, you are trying to sow discord because you probably are jealous that i had BTO with my bf as you did not BTO for a flat with your bf which you have been saying that you want to BTO whenever you had a bf?

In the first place, i was not showing off, she was the one who came and asked me, if you are jealous. don't ask because there is no way you are going to have a good boyfriend like mine because of your character.

When she told me this, i message bf and was joking to him that someone asked me to think twice before marrying you.

and he goes' who the shit is that someone?'
so i show him the ss, and he say he did not molest/squeeze her butt.
i mean its kinda of cute the way he say because i had no doubts towards him, it was just more of teasing him.
To be honest. previously before this saga, Jeremy told me he does not have a good impression towards surin because of the way she talks, money, drinking, liquor etc.
Something like a materialistic women, so i am not sure if surin mentioned the lustful glance he give her might actually be disgusted glances. HAHA
Of course, this was our topic between us and i won't go and tell her that my boyfriend do not like you.
so if he does not have a good impression to start with, why would he start to think of molesting her at all?

I was kidding with him that if he wanted to squeeze a butt, shouldn't he squeeze mine?
since my ass is bigger, it should be more bouncy right. haha
when we was talking in chinese
we was laughing together with this term,

It has also become a joke for me to crack with him when he was driving to airport to pick mummy and olm, initially he wanted me to wait in the car while he went to pick them because he say i am blur blur and might get lost in the airport terminals.
So i asked if he has my sister's hp no to contact her, to which he reply, 'no and why does he need her number for?'
and i reacted instantly, 'so that you can squeeze her pigu!'
HAHAHA super funny.
but in the end i decided to pick them up so he won't have a chance to ji my sister pigu. LOL. oops

We had dinner at our house the other day,
 All these dishes is cooked by my dad! But for two consecutive weeks,dad has been cooking up a feast whenever bf joins us for dinner!

This was last week, chili crabs somemore, sotong, fish! meats! When i told my parents, they find it ridiculous as well and they trusted bf's character that he would never do such a thing.
i will really be an idiot if i believe her words.
Besides if my parent's disapprove Jeremy, they would never approve of us getting together as well.
So, well i guess this should be the end of our friendship.
Don't blame me but your mouth or your jealousy for trying to sow discord.
Plan failed.
till then!