Friday, February 27, 2015

Cny Openhouse 2015.

Hello readers! Annual affair of steamboat session gathering at my house!
Steamboat session part 1 with my cousins who haven't visited my house for many years due to my grandfather passing.
Duffy looking so restless but so hyper when our relatives visit us and she was playing too much that she was too tired to move so we carry her and place her on her bed.

She resume her energy the next day, we visited my uncle at his office bringing her along as well.

For this cny gathering, i invited my uni friends to my house for the steamboat session!
we went to watch a movie before heading to my house!
this is one of the many sessions that i had in my house already!
 A group photo before we tuck in!

After the dinner, we started our blackjack games! Jeremy's friend, Brian came over to our house and we were playing together when he suggest to play another game called 'In Between' This was one of the most scariest game that i ever played.

The rule of the game are, everyone will agree of a starting amount to contribute to the 'pot'  there will be one person flipping two card out, for eg, if its an Ace and a Queen, you can bet the amount that you want for eg $2, and if the third card is in between the Ace and Queen, you get the $2 from the pot. Sometimes the two card is too small that you can skip by saying 'Pass' . If the third card is the same value as one of the two cards that were first flipped out, you will have to pay double of what you initially wanted to take out, for eg $2 become $4 that you have to put inside the pot. So we started with a min of $2 to contribute to the pot. The money in the pot grew bigger and bigger, it was quite thrilling because if the person choose all in, which mean if the third card flipped is really in between the value of the first two card, the player get to take the entire money in the pot, and the game restart with a min sum put by everyone inside the pot again.

Brian managed to sweep away all the money when he opt for all in, there were 8 of us playing so the pot were really growing money and that's when Brian wanted to opt for all in again, this time, the third card has  the same value on one of the first two card. So he has to pay double which is about $168! The money was accumulating and i try to go for all in too and i ended up paying double for it. Haha
Thanks to Brian and my contribution to the pot, we were accumulating to one extent about $400 plus within an hour? I thought this is a spooky game because if you are greedy and think that you are going to win, the luck will go away from you. Haha Brian was trying to recoup his losses when he called for his third all in. Everyone was trying to discourage him because things don't usually go the way you hope it will. But he decided to go for all in, so there were $300 plus in the pot, card was flipped and the card displayed was one of the first two card! Hahaha. His face expressions changed and was looking shag by then. He has to pay double that amount to $700 plus! It was the first time he is visiting my house and he was losing so much money.

Everyone was pretty shocked and Ivan was quite generous when he offer to round the game by saying we don't count this game. Haha see how cute my friends are. But we are sure he might not have $700 with him right now too but i was thankful they are gracious because other players might insist to get him to fork out the money because it's a fact he lose so he has to pay the price because if he win, he will also take all the winning with him. But fortunately things didn't got to that ugly stage. Giving someone a stage to back down could be the right thing to do. We were playing for entertainment and not for a living, so there is no point making everyone so happy and having one person being unhappy becauase he lose so much money. We decided to end the game after that and distribute the money in the pot equally to all the players so each of us get about $52.

Nevertheless, it was a fun gathering, time flies and we are graduating soon, so let's hope we can keep in touch after we have graduated.
I am hosting a graduation party after the exams. So excited.
Shall end for now. Till then!