Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day. XBOX 360!

Hello readers! Recently i went for a new haircut! Jeremy came to pick us so we can accompany my mum to the Fassler gourmet located at 46 woodlands terrace! They are the factory outlet that you can buy their products at a cheaper price, we spend about $90++ for the salmon and sashimi to prepare for celebration of the chinese new year. Chinese new year is one of the most important festival in my family. So we will buy lots of goodies to host our relatives and friends that we invited to our house during cny gathering.

I love my new hairstyle so i was taking as much selfie as i can while we were on our way to pick Jeremy's dad
When we reached his house carpark and his dad has gone up first. He give me a surprise by taking out this beautiful bouquet of roses from his car boot!

I wasn't expecting that i will receive anything on this valentine day. 
We went to shop for a xbox 360 that Jeremy is buying for me because he knows i wanted to buy it for quite sometime. 

Beside roses, it comes as a set with these flowery scent of chocolates!


We went to catch a night movie at amk hub after purchasing my xbox 360! 
All these for $467!

I shall end this post for now.
Till then!