Friday, November 13, 2015

A series of backdated posts

Hello readers! This will be a series of backdated posts that i have consolidate together in a post!
Throwback to one of the days when Mummy took leave to accompany me to do the ultrasound for the medical check up. We went to have some dessert after the checkup!

I am a fan of thai food, so Jeremy and I visited this Thai in town restaurant located at upper thomson road. The food is pretty average. However the staff were not very flexible when we wanted to change out a dish that has similar value to another one but they told us they can't change the dish for us. Even when we offered to pay any additional charges. So, this would be the first and last time that we will be visiting that restaurant again.

So, after settling down in my new job, i arrange a meet up session with Jeant to catch up, So we arranged to meet at Holland village and had mexican cuisine for dinner! It was a good catching up session and we were sharing so many ridiculous funny stories to each other.

The food was good! However, i think it should also be the time for me to watch out of my weight before i started gaining weight especially i have stopped exercising as frequent as i used to be even since i started a full time job.
After the dinner, we went to 'D Good cafe' for some coffee tea dessert session. I ordered tea hoping to detox my body after the heavy dinner.

Ended my day with Jean when the boyfriend came and pick me up back to home! On another separate occasion, we were on our way to one of Jeremy's relative house for gathering.
This year, we decided to engage external painters to paint our house. At the same time, lm loves buying furniture so when lm went to get her new bed frame, it happen there was a promotion going on so bf suggested to change the furniture in my room because i have been using it for more than 10years? Unlike olm, i maintain it pretty well. I like all my furniture to be matching color, but eventually we thought it was time to get new set of furniture so we ordered a new bed frame and new wardrobe. Because the old wardrobe seems like it is going to collapse anytime. On the day when the workers came to set up our furniture. Hahaha, i love this wardrobe because it was bigger than the one i had.

I also meet up with JY & JJ on another separate day. We met in Paradise dynasty in woodlands had xiao long baoss for dinner! That was before we went to watch the 我的少女時代 our times movie.

This was a pretty popular movie and many who has watched it told me that the concept is similar like the  那些年 movie. The movie is pretty good and as i watched it, it brings me back to many old memories. It may be childish thinking back now but it was part of my old memories. I was glad that i had many wonderful memories during my teenage years. The beauty of not having any smart phones and we would pass this small little book around the class asking everyone to fill up their data. It was easier to foster bond in the past but may be challenging now as everyone is focused on using their smartphones, using all the social media tools and checking out their friends out. Which could be a pretty sad case because no one communicate face to face as often as one would do anymore.

Anyway go watch this movie, it's good!
I shall end this post for now.
Till then