Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Random Update

Hello readers! This will be a compilation of backlog posts because i haven't had the time to blog as often as i used to. Jeremy and i attended his colleague's baby full month celebration, i thought it was special because they book the void deck area and engaged vendors for the bouncy castle for kids to play as well as the balloon makers for the kids as well as playing their video montage. 

I would love to attend events because i would have some idea of how i can organise my own event in future. 
Before we went for the celebration, Duffy is also due for her grooming, i love how she look so pretty after each grooming!

Doesn't she look like a teddy bear? Hahahaha

Selfie time when Jeremy is driving~

On another separate occasion, we celebrate both Junjie and Jieying birthday as they fall on the same month. Cake cutting session!
We visited the new playnation since they have move to a new location further inside the prinsep street. The place look more refreshing and able to accommodate more pax compared to their previous space. Playnation was one of the frequent place we used to hangout when we had no idea where to go. In case you are not familiar with Playnation, it's basically a place where you have the choice to play board games or video games with your friends. Simply call in advance to make a reservation as they can get pretty crowded during peak hours. Instead of playing the usual video games like xbox, wii, we go for the board games package this time round. We choose this pirate barrel game
We had fun trying to see who is the one that will lose whenever you insert one knife inside the barrel praying that the pirate does not jump out!

and JJ had chicken chop
Playnation has various gaming package, most of them include free flow of drink and popcorn. 

We played the classic game : Monopoly

After the game, i decided to purchase my own set, so i was checking out the prices, carousell is a good app if you are looking to purchase some cheap thrills. Especially sometimes the items is brand new and selling at a lower price than retail store! So eventually we bought it at carousell at $30!

My new monopoly set (Singapore edition)

I started playing with Jeremy and we could played this for hours! 

On another separate day, i brought mummy to paradise dynasty for xiao long bao!
Another catching up with friends session with my uni clique, xavial, yuna,ivan and xueqi since we last met in Aug. Went for a movie session followed by korean cuisine

I realised i don't like this $20 rice wine after ordering. 

Before our movie session, i went to Taka to check out this Melissa shoes that i wanted to buy, it was a new collection and eventually i got this cinderella shoe from Melissa!

Guess i shall end for now.
Till then!