Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dinner at Fullerton Hotel and Orchid Country Club

Hello readers! A selfie of me while on the way to mount faber for dinner!
The boyfriend aka the personal driver that send me for the dinner and picking me up after that!  i was quite satisfied with my makeup that i did for myself that day!

I think my hair needs a treatment and i was so tired after attending two wedding on the same day that i cancel my hair appt the next day and didn't went to get my hair fixed.

i was the first one to reach and they give us the wrong room name but luckily we managed to get the right room based on the table setting.
this year, we have a emcees which i find her retarded because she was in her kimono suit and she say we didn't fit the floral theme.
and the other 2 colleague reply directly straight to her face like
'you are the one that does not fit the theme'
oops. paiseh max. overall i think she belongs to the cmi type of emcees, and when she say she has 10 over years of experience. rolls eyes*
cos we was busy taking photos and she did not display any sense of sensitivity of letting us take photo in peace but was talking and interrupting when we was just taking photos.
basic courtesy. 
and we cannot ignore her because we are courteous enough.
but i think i might have roll my eyes at her at least few times.

The others commented that i have lose even more weight, which is not true because i have not been working out, the weight is stagnant now and i guess it probably have to do with the way i dress myself!

Last week, i attended two wedding on the same day,
actually i was more interested to go for the night one because the venue was orchid country club which was my ideal wedding venue that i am lookig at!
The other one was held at fullerton hotel, its the same ballroom that i had for my graduation ceremony, which i don't really like that ballroom setting, i find that it is too overrated, i find that it was kind of boring and i had to watch like 5 min of photo montage that shows the bride and groom baby photo to adulthood.
I am not doing that for my wedding, super bo liao eh!
i wanted something more unique, i have some idea, but have not set on going how to do about it yet.
maybe everyone have their own preferences in having their own wedding decorations, but i just prefer the one at OCC so much!
It really looks like alot of money was spend for the wedding! the menu at fullerton hotel.
i didn't had the dessert because i was rushing off and i feel that the brothers and sisters didn't exactly do a good job in coordinating, because when they came to our table, they merely ask if everyone was here, and when we was not sure where is the other half of the guests that share the table, they say they come back later and our table become like the last few table to take photo. zz
I only managed to take the first dish served.
and subsequently i don't really bother because all the dishes are being served to each of us, there is no full presentation of the dish.
this was the fullerton hotel ballroom.
and this was the orchid country club grand ballroom! look at the difference even though one is a 5 star hotel and the other one is a countryclub!
 i specifically want this grandballroom for my wedding banquet if i want to host at orchid country club because of the high ceiling, but this venue will require a min of 40 tables.
We took a photo of the entire ballroom layout.

and i love the live bands that they have invited to sing when we was eating, spare the brothers and sisters from doing those speech.
managed to do a short video recording!

Hope to engage live band for my wedding next time as well!

ok, i shall end this post abruptly since its bedtime for me! till then! :)